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  • Jazza

    Your support is MIND BLOWING already! - FYI the website is struggling under the pressure right now, please be patient! I'll be making sure to do everything possible things run smoothly - just check back in an hour or so! Thanks for your patience! www.jazzyauction.com/

  • Karen Wade

    Karen Wade

    20 napja

    Jazza, My son loves all your hard work and he ordered one of your prints but he entered the wrong address. He doesn't have a lot of money but he works very hard and I told him to order the print but I'm afraid he won't receive it. Please reply back.

  • MEL_0


    28 napja

    JAZZA--Can you sell a few signed prints of LOT 152 (Coffee Art A4)? I know I won't be able to get any originals (sadly I wish I could) or any of the other works of art that I wish, but I'd snatch a print of this coffee art!

  • Raider Rules

    Raider Rules

    29 napja

    You should keep a display cause of all of your favorite art pieces or statues

  • Jamie Horner

    Jamie Horner


    @Jazza I'll buy lot #118 right now for the starting bid price and let you keep it!

  • OnlySea



    I just ordered a signed print for my girlfriend and honestly I'm so hype for it, will it just be your signature or can we request a message I'm a little bit of a dumb dumb either way I know it's gonna make her birthday. Love yah man 😊😊❤❤

  • Jackel Bae
    Jackel BaeNapja

    Please draw BT from Titanfall 2!!!!!

  • Stephen Moore
    Stephen Moore5 napja

    I hope the 3mil subscriber picture gets to stay with jazza...

  • Gamer MikeoxlonG
    Gamer MikeoxlonG6 napja

    Love you jazza ur a beast keep doin u x

  • Ca Mo
    Ca Mo7 napja

    Ffs I am like... months late 😔

  • Riley
    Riley10 napja

    11:27 kfp? Dude did kiara take kfp from you holy crap

    GOLD GUARD YT12 napja

    #80 is personally my favorite. Something about it just felt so special...

  • Tea-geographea
    Tea-geographea15 napja

    This is sad why yu do it

  • Warning Shot Designs
    Warning Shot Designs15 napja

    You were one of the original people who got me back into art. I'm nowhere where I want to be yet, but I'm going back to school now to try to get an art degree and push forward to do something with my life that I love.

  • • 羲天 •Random Adventurer X
    • 羲天 •Random Adventurer X16 napja

    I shared the struggle with you, so please allow me to share the resolution; Hi I'm Molly Porkshanks, And I not only unraveled the mystery of racism and sexism... I SOLVED racism and sexism*: The correct path to becoming xx female is to get u.v. to plant reclaim silica/sand, until it breaks down into water and electricity. what would be better for desert culture darkers AND farming communities... than turning sand into spring water and free electrons that can help sustain other molecules??? That's how we can respond to the division of our race by skin color... Solving the root problem, without hating either side. . * (Obviously the LIGHT knew this millions of years ago, but your culture doesn't acknowledge LIGHT having awareness, so I'll have to take credit for now) 😉 . Breaking sand into water and electrons is not a veiled attempt to attack black people. It's very likely that sand sounds like something OTHER than desert people.

  • lywo
    lywo17 napja

    i wish i could buy the curious george drawing just to give it back to you. please don’t sell it jazza. that drawing should stay with you and eventually your son. ever since that video came out, there’s been plenty of random times where i’ve thought of that drawing for no reason other than it makes me happy because of how sweet it is.

  • Jo Bassett
    Jo Bassett17 napja

    The Curious George one should have been framed and put in MJ's room. He did the scribble after all and you finished it. Would have been a good piece to keep in the family.

  • Roko i Borna Vrgoč
    Roko i Borna Vrgoč18 napja

    idk why but jazza sounds like he is getting old

  • The world of art
    The world of art18 napja

    I am the mother of a son who paid a lot of money for a signed print nearly a month ago. We're based in the UK and we still haven't received our print. We have sent numerous emails and not a single reply.

  • Akuto5an
    Akuto5an19 napja

    You'd be an OG fan if you know all these. Incredible progress! But I honestly thought you should've kept some of them

  • Eva Jekewitz
    Eva Jekewitz19 napja

    Q: what about combined shipping? When I win an auction but also want to get a print. I wouldn't want to pay shipping twice when the items can be shipped together.

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna20 napja

    Plant .get plant

  • Marco Cardoni
    Marco Cardoni20 napja

    Loved the HUbasers as chairs video, it was gloriously awkward

  • page mumpower
    page mumpower20 napja

    You sound like Batman

  • Bubberiffic
    Bubberiffic20 napja


  • RandoMangoYT
    RandoMangoYT20 napja


  • pawsplay times
    pawsplay times21 napja

    This video is so wholesome.

  • Joel Josiah Lockridge
    Joel Josiah Lockridge21 napja

    Jazza's art is just so fantastic! I am so inspired by all of what he does, and that he just loves doing it!

  • Maquia
    Maquia21 napja

    I guess you took down the 3mill dots

  • valdemar sørensen
    valdemar sørensen21 napja

    cant somebody just start a fundraiser for him so he dosent need to do this '

  • makinlee stiltner
    makinlee stiltner22 napja


  • makinlee stiltner
    makinlee stiltner22 napja

    Can I hav stitch

  • makinlee stiltner
    makinlee stiltner22 napja

    These are amazing

  • Malika Ann Noyez
    Malika Ann Noyez22 napja

    Glad you don't sell the dots... don't like it if you would sell my dot to somebody else. I want to hang in your studio. I know I am only a dot, but I feel honored that I stay in your and your crews neighborhood and not gone to be at somebody I don't know his/her wall. Far away from you and fe Jeremy... who is getting loser and happier by the minute...

  • gnova7
    gnova723 napja

  • Nat Ford
    Nat Ford23 napja

    Do you have a link to your tabletop channel?

  • Oraanu
    Oraanu24 napja

    30:26 Thank you Jazza :)

  • Allan
    Allan25 napja

    Oh Jazza! I can't imagine the pain, but your courage and your dedication will be acknowledged. I am happy that the dream of the 12 year old YOU is already becoming reality. The ways you incourage your viewers, the emotions you have shown us and the love to art you live everyday makes me smile and believe that I can make my dreams come true. So keep up the good work. Stay healvy and stay as you are

  • jurjan kolthof
    jurjan kolthof26 napja

    anyone else thinks that sick jazza sounds like gordon ramsay

  • Carina Francis
    Carina Francis26 napja

    Someone please buy the stipple artwork and donate it back so it can take its rightful place in the new Jazza Studios! If I could I would!!!!

  • Epic
    Epic27 napja

    15:38 "I'm really glad I got a cold and my throat was bleeding" -Jazza 2021

  • Albert Khim
    Albert Khim27 napja

    why won't you try to repaint vincin van gogh painings

  • bruhify
    bruhify27 napja

    U can hear the pain in his voice when he comes to somthing he really likes but has to get rid off. Judging by the new videos it went well congratulations.

  • Delvin Tacheny
    Delvin Tacheny27 napja

    Jazza u don't need to give away ur 3 mil subscribers picture. But if I could, I would undoubtedly put 100,000 towards it❤️

  • Crazy For Coloring
    Crazy For Coloring27 napja

    Wow, what a trip down memory lane! Makes me realize how long I've been subscribed to you, first with another channel, now with this one. I love following you on your journey. You always chase your dreams and never give up. If I could I would participate in the bidding but I don't have the finances nor the appropriate space to give those works the love they deserve. What I'd love seeing, though, is some kind person buying the 3 million dots piece and gifting it back to you. Wishing you good luck for the new studio and all your new arty adventures!

  • Nadeane R. Cowley
    Nadeane R. Cowley27 napja

    Omg!! I want, no I NEED lot 85!!!!

  • MEL_0
    MEL_028 napja

    I hope to get the He-Man, but I don't know if I can. I've been watching the original He-Man DVDs since I was 4--even before I started watching Transformers. My dad used to watch He-Man too. We both would love this, but whoever it goes to, treat it with care!

  • MEL_0
    MEL_028 napja

    DUDE. I would NEVER EVER be able to do this with all my art. This is huge! Its sad but at the same time, congrats Jazza! Edit: I actually remember most of these! I've been watching your videos since '13! (Haven't been subbed since '13, but I've viewed your vids for that long!) Edit 2: I wish KFP was still up--I wish it so bad. I was going to actually frame it and hang it up in my room

  • Nick Nelson
    Nick Nelson28 napja

    Leonardous looks like he has a huge ummmm.... appendage.

  • Anna K
    Anna K29 napja

    I wish I could have bought “what’s kraken”. I so love that piece.

  • JAP Pentinio
    JAP Pentinio29 napja

    That printed face of yours will fetch a ton of bid

  • Nguyet Vuminh
    Nguyet Vuminh29 napja

    Just impressive!

  • Traven Sim
    Traven Sim29 napja

    What the crud I just got 2 skillshare ads with Jazza in it while watching this video

  • Chenoa Patton
    Chenoa Patton29 napja

    KFP.....yes....so much yes!!! Lol

  • Bl4cklainer
    Bl4cklainer29 napja

    RIP jazza voice

  • Claudia Fabiano
    Claudia Fabiano29 napja

    I can't believe that you are giving most of your artwork away, I don't think that I would be able to do that with my artwork. I'm supporting you Jazza!

  • Christian McDannell
    Christian McDannell29 napja

    I cant begin to explain how much I cried watching jazza get emotional.

  • Andrew Galaviz
    Andrew Galaviz29 napja

    I can’t believe you feel okay selling these horrible drawings

  • Taytrice Richeme

    Taytrice Richeme

    29 napja

    they aren't all terrible

  • Alteruis

    I would pay for him to keep Lot 118

  • Albeen Ramirez
    Albeen RamirezHónapja

    It would be sweet that some of the memorable artworks were given back to him but probably know one will

  • Comsing8

    This is the most painful video! 1. He is selling so many unique works that should be with him. 2. Something more personal, but I bet I'm not alone.

  • Gabriella R
    Gabriella RHónapja

    O-o woah and could someone please confirm that i'm not crazy and the first peice he showed has the Mind Flayer in the backround? bc it really looks like it and i don't think its a coincidance Edit: ok i found the origanal video and it is lol

  • Legendary Potato
    Legendary PotatoHónapja

    I got the highest bid for one of the paintings but i have a question, when does the painting start shipping?

  • Lucian Ryczkowski
    Lucian RyczkowskiHónapja

    Dam is so hard to let go to artworks and if you spend a lot of time god it’s hard.

  • Bee Mints
    Bee MintsHónapja

    the REAL question though can you try out the digital art app " Ibis Paint X " and give your thoughts about it? I draw on it alot and i think you might like it ( yes very weird coming from a 9-year-old )

  • Trinity Barnett
    Trinity BarnettHónapja

    How do you set it up to auto bid?

  • fancey CHEESE
    fancey CHEESEHónapja

    I really like a lot of the peices, like A LOT. They’re super cool and I would love to own some of them, but unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to purchase any of them. But again, love your work and I wish you the best of luck with the moving 👍

  • Professional Commenter
    Professional CommenterHónapja

    I think it's a mistake to sell all of the originals.

  • Jacob Gray
    Jacob GrayHónapja

    Few more days that Old Man Chisel Piece is MINE JAZZA. MINEEEEEE

  • Brent Lewis
    Brent LewisHónapja

    Oof, right in the feels. Here's to your dreams coming true art bro.

  • Isaiah Hanson
    Isaiah HansonHónapja

    I can't wait for your new studio to be done so you can do a character design again

  • Riley Bishell
    Riley BishellHónapja

    Please don’t cry jazz’s we all love you very much

  • velascoろい


  • Alberthe Willert
    Alberthe WillertHónapja

    HELP!! Hey i have to ask what is it the first thing that he says in the intro, cause im from Denmark and it sound like he says "og nu er det" and that doesn't make any sense, in english.

  • Jasmine Parris

    Jasmine Parris


    He says 'are you ready?' :)

  • Jay Kxnt
    Jay KxntHónapja

    Please do a print of the rainbow deer!!

  • Pink rose
    Pink roseHónapja

    Why are the Yoububer chairs prints, but not the Kraken or the Coffee art? Kraken and Coffee Art as prints PLEASE.

  • Northwind

    asked my dad to bid for the Watchdogs art! I really loved it and cant wait for it to release

  • Victor The Collector
    Victor The CollectorHónapja

    God, I wish I had the money to get the thrift shop dragon one, it makes me so happy!!!

  • Scarlett pecl
    Scarlett peclHónapja

    Jazza got the same humour as my grade eight brother 💀

  • Darkhellia DarkFire
    Darkhellia DarkFireHónapja

    Sorry but Stan Lee actually stole some of the characters for his comics from another artist and profited off of them.

  • Victor The Collector
    Victor The CollectorHónapja

    The bluest artwork isn't all blue because you used cyan in it smh, imagine using yellow in a greenest artwork drawing

  • René

    The one who gets the face mask owes it to the world to create an alter-ego of Jazza with a HUbase channel and twitter profile to match. And just be very negative or something lol So, basically I just convinced myself to put everything into this mission.

  • Brady Lisle
    Brady LisleHónapja

    Hear me out, I really want to take the resin pour circle and give it a modern wooden base, mail it back to put In the studio.

  • Delvin Tacheny
    Delvin TachenyHónapja

    Bruh. Forty four minutes of Jaza? Frickin score. But the title🥺 I liked the video while the beginning ads were playing ❤️

  • Blackat Chemical
    Blackat ChemicalHónapja

    Food for thought, for anyone who buys the iconic and/or sentimental pieces can send them back to jazza. He has worked so hard to get to where he is now. Itd be great for him to still have those pieces to look back to.

  • Casey Black
    Casey BlackHónapja

    I can't wait to see what becomes of this sacrifice! Good luck Jazza!

  • Jefferson Rodriguez
    Jefferson RodriguezHónapja

    some of the prices are kinda ridiculous

  • J P
    J PHónapja

    I was wondering if you're going to have a donators wall with all the names in the new studio? 🤔

  • Startagainfully

    all of its so beautiful i wish i had money to contribute unfortunately I am very poor one day maybe

  • Zuras

    Jazza is a journey 😭

  • Rachael Walton
    Rachael WaltonHónapja

    This makes me feel so sad for some reason. 😭 Im proud of you Jazza. 💝 I'd like a video of things you kept. 🥰

  • Em Dove
    Em DoveHónapja

    15:32 I was really confused about why RGB would be wrong, until I realised that in German, that’s correct (yellow -> gelb). Some German could buy it and only wonder why Yellow is painted in green 😂

  • Rene Randvoll
    Rene RandvollHónapja

    I just want the Cybertruck

  • MihaiROYALE

    Imagine if Mr.Beast will buy everything and give him more money so he can be able to buy everything he needs

  • Noise Hippo
    Noise HippoHónapja

    his cracky voice us cute :3

  • John Newhouse
    John NewhouseHónapja

    Jazza is living the dream of every dead artist lol

  • Marco Brunacci
    Marco BrunacciHónapja

    WHAT!? I had no idea Shad was your brother! I've been watching you both for years and the fact you were both surnamed Brooks never crossed my mind.

  • Elvin Miller
    Elvin MillerHónapja

    3:21 hormone monster voiced jazza

  • MR_FaKe-Potato

    kfp has and always will be my favourite jazza artwork

  • Juffrou Corri
    Juffrou CorriHónapja

    Goodluck, you deserve every bit that comes to you. You are inspiring and made me pick up my pencil and brush again after 3 decades. Thanks for all your hard work 💚💛 I would've been proud to own one of your pieces, but as a neighboring country (South Africa) rugby rivals and proudly southern hemisphere, our Rand currency will not allow it. Sad but I will keep supporting you!!!!

  • Emma Young
    Emma YoungHónapja

    :0 jazza has covid 0.0

  • Juko007

    Selling your past for a better future. That's the right way, man.

  • Prithvi Manoj
    Prithvi ManojHónapja

    sculpt darksied

  • SickBanana

    I forgot this legend exists, used to watch him a long time ago, really happy to see how much his channel has grown, he really deserves all of the support.

  • Leona Paglinawan
    Leona PaglinawanHónapja

    Loveyou jazza, goodluck🌸