When Your Phone Is Worth More Than Your LIFE!

When Your Phone Is Worth More Than Your LIFE!


  • Wavy Boats
    Wavy BoatsHónapja

    Scary situation... How could this have been avoided? 😳

  • Spooky_RX


    9 perccel

    Life jacket

  • Tyler Martin

    Tyler Martin


    Not using a bow rider, and don’t be stupid

  • david Arnold

    david Arnold

    2 órája

    @Cash Johnston hahahaha, ok.

  • Cash Johnston

    Cash Johnston

    2 órája

    No way to avoid being thrown from a boat. It happens every boat trip at least once.

  • daily tarot card

    daily tarot card

    8 órája

    A better boat driver

  • Bad Twin
    Bad TwinÓrája

    I’m like 75% certain the rapture happened like 200 years ago and we’re just the idiots that are left behind.

  • bobby ray of the family smith
    bobby ray of the family smith4 órája

    The two dudes driving the boat don't give a FK she's gone flying 😂

  • bobby ray of the family smith
    bobby ray of the family smith4 órája

    Her tinder matches are gonna drop drastically after this

  • Antonia Tselepi
    Antonia Tselepi7 órája

    It's not about her phone. Most people know that when you are in danger in the sea you raise your hand in order to be noticed by someone. Whoever does not know it should better shut his mouth.

    SHADOWNINE798 órája

    We gonna Livestream to the bitter end 📳

  • Gavin Lawley
    Gavin Lawley9 órája

    When stupid meets stupid

  • Gregory Parker
    Gregory Parker12 órája

    Should have bought a Samsung....

  • magic carp
    magic carp12 órája

    Looks like she has an IQ of 10

  • RogueLife
    RogueLife13 órája

    Seatbelts would have worked nicely.

  • Diana Dominguez
    Diana Dominguez13 órája

    They are all idiots

  • Pink Rose
    Pink Rose15 órája

    Darwin's law!! Doesn't she realize she fell into the water with her phone, so her phone got wet!!

  • M. Oliver
    M. Oliver15 órája

    Did she drown for her iPhone? 💀🍿

  • California Ford Raptor
    California Ford Raptor16 órája

    Life is more important than a phone 📱 that can be easily replaced

  • Trenton Gustafson
    Trenton Gustafson16 órája

    So most new phones are waterproof right?….

  • Sad Trophy Wife
    Sad Trophy Wife16 órája

    That's why you don't ride the waves of bigger boats. You get drowned or your boat sinks.

  • Mick America
    Mick America18 órája


  • Shaun Vipperman
    Shaun Vipperman18 órája

    The biggest question is…why did you focus on her and not the topless one on the bow!!!!

  • Gangsta Vic
    Gangsta Vic20 órája

    Wtf did i just watch

  • Spike 365
    Spike 36520 órája

    Bro she don’t need no phone is she gonna do this

  • Sharksfan81hj
    Sharksfan81hj21 órája

    She’s pretty fk stupid because I’m pretty sure that boat had metal rails to hold onto for when stuff like this happens.

  • Qwalay
    Qwalay22 órája

    so you never been pushed in a pool or water with your phone and tried saving it? Shit phones are expensive

  • Игорь Анатольевич
    Игорь Анатольевич22 órája

    Правильно,главное спасти телефон.

  • Troyphy
    Troyphy22 órája

    Girl is lame as fuck.

  • Michael Overton
    Michael Overton23 órája

    This happened. When she forgot to figth for her own life trying to SAVE her iPhone 0.....SAD!!

  • Thedoc 88
    Thedoc 88Napja

    Tik Tock on clock don't stop

  • Devin Smith
    Devin SmithNapja

    Yah she got her phone, but she clearly fell off. Doesn’t look like she dove off on purpose. The real culprit here is whoever is steering that ship.

  • FearlessinChrist -
    FearlessinChrist -Napja

    It looks like two people went overboard. I hope everyone made it safely.

  • boneco de posto
    boneco de postoNapja

    Salvem meu celular

  • The Republic of Rayno
    The Republic of RaynoNapja

    How pathetic. That stupid phone is that important to you? I wish she would of paid a bigger price for that decision

  • Donald Herbold
    Donald HerboldNapja

    This feels like that idiot Florida vibe!😂

  • Qwertworks

    ?! How is this a life threatening situation? If you’re not a bad swimmer I see no problem here

  • Damesio Jhon
    Damesio JhonNapja


  • dest151

    I lost my phone a while back then I got another one.

  • Serena del Mar
    Serena del MarNapja

    insane ... she’s brain dead already

  • Duncanator


  • Omar Padilla
    Omar PadillaNapja

    Gotta get those selfies..lol

  • Rudy Duarte
    Rudy DuarteNapja

    Was that a bikini-top that flew off first!?

  • levis calara
    levis calaraNapja

    Ti is scare to raid the but

  • Scott James
    Scott JamesNapja

    I mean.. she lived though

  • Levi Gross
    Levi GrossNapja

    Oh my gosh I just got the iPhone 28 I can’t loose it I’m so addicted to it can’t loose it

  • Lilly Gandy
    Lilly GandyNapja


  • jayknight139

    I love how her phone is above water but her head is not. Makes sense

  • antonio Peña velazquez
    antonio Peña velazquezNapja

    Este tipo deberían de meterlo a la cárcel sabe que la marejada ocaciona esto y no hizo para prevenir el accidente ,pareciera que lo hizo por diversión a costa de la chica

  • Terrence Mathews
    Terrence MathewsNapja

    Wow it’s this content right here

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose GonzalezNapja



    Jesus it amazes how people have got over the years I'm glad I grew up how I did and I will raise my kid the same way I grew up!

  • Nabil k
    Nabil kNapja

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand how her life is at risk here? I'm pretty sure she can swim and those waves are not that bad

  • sihTdaeRtnaCuoY

    These comments are trash. She did a great job. Im impressed with her ability to save her phone while in such a situation.

  • None Of Your Concern
    None Of Your ConcernNapja

    This is the end times alright, just look at the people that’s left😂💀

  • DikoMan

    Someone, tell her next time that the phone is waterproof.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron JohnsonNapja

    Me after I spend a whole months pay check on a new iPhone

  • patricio carrasco
    patricio carrascoNapja

    She got yeeted off that boat

  • The War Room
    The War RoomNapja

    modern women... a perfect representation!

  • Cheysmc

    Idiots at their finest!

  • ChrisTo Chill
    ChrisTo ChillNapja

    Whoever is driving the boat doesn’t know how to drive a boat

  • Danny

    If aliens are out there watching the humans on Earth they're going to pass our planet quickly

  • g h
    g hNapja

    everyone on the planet would have done the same thing! sad isn't it.

    RAJAT CHOUHAN2 napja


  • Sivakumar Sivakumar
    Sivakumar Sivakumar2 napja

    OMG that girl dead are you mine you very bad boy drivet

  • Gabe Perry
    Gabe Perry2 napja

    She's a beast lol

  • Amerigoth
    Amerigoth2 napja

    i need some triumphant music to go with this

  • MStar 999
    MStar 9992 napja


  • l i
    l i2 napja


  • Joseph Carroll
    Joseph Carroll2 napja

    Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to own boats

  • Simple man
    Simple man2 napja

    Natural selection

  • Justin Dececco
    Justin Dececco2 napja

    Love how it looks like she cussed his azz out as she was goin over

  • EST 1993
    EST 19932 napja

    Da models where having a blast looking pretty and relaxin and shyt untill ocean says fuck all that shyt and starts throwing waves at the boat Lmao

  • M
    M2 napja

    That's what happens when you paid thousands of dollars for a phone.

  • 1990
    19902 napja

    She was in the middle of sending Brad from I.T. a snap

  • Known
    Known2 napja

    People willing eat chemicals and poison ( tide pods ) so this isn’t surprising one bit.

  • Larry Goldman
    Larry Goldman2 napja

    Tbh I would try to keep my phone above the water as well

  • Zero0
    Zero02 napja

    Life jacket people, life jacket

  • dade
    dade2 napja

    Wtf!! Karen is on sum real shit now

  • Aaron
    Aaron2 napja

    Not too smart to be on the front hood in water like that.

  • Dr. Keith Michael Everman
    Dr. Keith Michael Everman2 napja


  • P - Mac
    P - Mac2 napja

    I ❤️ natural selection

  • John J
    John J2 napja

    Is she getting a selfie

  • PS3 Mundo Pirata by JooniDj [ES]
    PS3 Mundo Pirata by JooniDj [ES]2 napja

    Is doing a selfie into the water

  • Leighton Lawrence
    Leighton Lawrence2 napja

    When you got the number but didn't back it up.

  • OldWVWoman
    OldWVWoman2 napja

    Oh my goodness.

  • kerrmann
    kerrmann2 napja

    Can't lose all those fornicators.

  • Marly De Assis
    Marly De Assis2 napja

    Ai meu Deus 😱

  • Kirk Patrick Childers
    Kirk Patrick Childers2 napja

    Isn't that just pathetic ! She holds that phone up like it's a baby. Oh hell NO ! I'll die before my phone drowns. Seriously ?

  • Gerald MIHINDOU
    Gerald MIHINDOU2 napja

    It's okay, my phone is saved

  • J P
    J P2 napja

    Where is your life jacket pretty lady!

  • VaJay Jay
    VaJay Jay2 napja

    Adult human is worth about $3.00+- cause of the minerals etc are in our bodies(around 2010 it used to be 2.73 but with inflation and all). Phones we buy are in the 100s so yea a fone is 1000s of times worth more than we are

  • Jude Dude
    Jude Dude2 napja

    Pretty obvious that’s not what happened, why is everyone here completely brain dead?

  • Penmann
    Penmann2 napja

    Some people on here are so stupid she's clearly using the new snorkel app from google play store

  • 30 -0
    30 -03 napja

    Perfect dismount

  • Andrew
    Andrew3 napja

    She think she can use phone in the afterlife bruh

  • Ce Ce
    Ce Ce3 napja

    Stupid people 🤦‍♂️

  • dan
    dan3 napja

    Narcissism and/or Arrogancy, can be DANGEROUS. You as well as I saw the results. And he did not realize, she was overboard.

  • Kieran Murthy
    Kieran Murthy3 napja

    This would be me 🤣

  • Zhuan Zhuan
    Zhuan Zhuan3 napja

    Apple: its time to change new iphone with waterproof😅

  • Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte
    Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte3 napja

    Salt water, that phone is gone

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark3 napja

    She’s so lucky she didn’t hit her head on the windshield and then going over board she didn’t hit her face on the rail, that would have been lights out. The so called ka-pee-tan is lucky to.

  • Your Moms Box
    Your Moms Box3 napja

    When you can swim with only your legs. Or legs and one arm. Go home tourists.

  • sanaabegum
    sanaabegum3 napja

    Same boat? They take pictures don't call for help.