old songs that bring you back to summer '16


do you remember those songs ? Tell me on the comment 😀
⇟ Tracklist ⇟
00:00 Closer - The Chaismokers
03:37 Cold Water
06:37 Let me love you
10:11 Cheap Thrills
13:34 Don't let me down
17:08 Work
21:09 In the name of love
24:29 Firestone
28:18 Heathens
32:26 What do you mean?
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Closer (Nomad Remix)
This is what you came from - Calvin Harris
Dont let me down
Cheap thrills - Sia (remix)
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Cold Water (Jupe Remix Ft. Giant Spirit)
In The Name Of Love - Martin & Bebe Rexha
Instagram: @martingarrix
Instagram: @beberexha
Let Me Love You (Sean Paul Remix) [feat. Justin Bieber]
Firestone - Kygo
I own none of the music, all credit goes to its respected owners.
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  • Julia Ibrahim
    Julia Ibrahim11 napja

    i love how these playlists just collect us all here and shows the one thing we all have in common even though we are all strangers.

  • Munich and Me
    Munich and Me18 napja

    I wanna Go on a Roadtrip so Bad listening to this..

  • Dulce Mondragón

    Dulce Mondragón

    15 napja


  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown26 napja

    2016 was such a vibe

  • Satria Buana
    Satria BuanaHónapja

    who still listens to the song in 2021?

  • Matty Braps

    Matty Braps

    3 órája


  • V1rtual_ Beetle

    V1rtual_ Beetle

    7 napja


  • XxHanna_GamerinxX


    28 napja


  • Girl 2003
    Girl 2003Hónapja

    musically vibes 💕💕

  • Kelli Joy

    Kelli Joy

    4 napja

    when times were easy, not every song was made famous buy it

  • Matty Braps
    Matty BrapsHónapja

    I listened to ‘What Do You Mean?’ In Summer 2015...

  • MyLifeAs _Maya
    MyLifeAs _MayaHónapja

    I was 8 then and still loved these songs that was a good summer

  • korN



    Enjoy the upcoming years of your life they'll fly in no time

  • Maya Asaad
    Maya AsaadHónapja

    “We aint never getting older” we did so fast like 2016 was yesterday 😭😭😭

  • Kelli Joy

    Kelli Joy

    4 napja

    yep i miss 2016 honestly

  • Nebulatix



    it feels like 2016 was yesterday

  • Steve55



    it feels like it is 2016 too!

  • Rizky Bauty
    Rizky BautyHónapja


  • Sarah Chiyo
    Sarah ChiyoHónapja

    2016 was the last good summer....

  • Pega S.
    Pega S.Hónapja

    11:22 anyone hear that puffer fish meme...?

  • Orbitez



    fuck it'

  • Kim Tuomola

    Kim Tuomola


    you have watched one too many pufferfish memes

  • Jilian Mae Lindong
    Jilian Mae Lindong2 hónapja

    My fav year 2016

  • Janie LaPage
    Janie LaPage2 hónapja

    This really does bring me back to 2016 tho.

  • Thomas Liam
    Thomas Liam2 hónapja

    The six dog outstandingly film because buzzard intuitively love at a ruddy cloud. addicted, plant carol

  • Lorna Watson
    Lorna Watson2 hónapja

    yass luv this!!!!!!!

  • Kenny Heron
    Kenny Heron2 hónapja

    nostalgie trip on another level

  • paige Anderson
    paige Anderson2 hónapja

    When there is no comment but u get why because u found it on a video that was titled the same as this video.

  • Manha Mahjabeen
    Manha Mahjabeen2 hónapja

    i miss summer and these are all the classics that were on the radio

  • Lorna Watson

    Lorna Watson

    2 hónapja


  • Aubry McDermott
    Aubry McDermott2 hónapja

    is it just me or do the songs sound sped up

  • Nikaila O'Mara

    Nikaila O'Mara


    yea definitely I noticed it with Heathen especially

  • Lorna Watson

    Lorna Watson

    2 hónapja

    @Manha Mahjabeen yea closer a little bit??

  • Manha Mahjabeen

    Manha Mahjabeen

    2 hónapja

    only cheap thrills just that song nothing else

  • mislav soric
    mislav soric3 hónapja

    Dobro i super.

  • mislav soric
    mislav soric3 hónapja

    Dobro i super.

  • mislav soric
    mislav soric3 hónapja

    Dobro i super.

  • _Ashely_
    _Ashely_3 hónapja

    oml this is so underrated I think you need more likes! keep it up dude/gurl! you are amazing! This is lit!

  • Młot Thora
    Młot Thora3 hónapja

    I'm sorry but where did disappear I Ain't Your Mama?! It was my ultimate hit of summer 2016!!!! ;-D

  • Kelsie Torres
    Kelsie Torres5 hónapja

    why is there only two comments

  • LC
    LC7 hónapja


  • Karen D
    Karen D8 hónapja

    ayo first comment kinda nervous

  • Kenny Heron

    Kenny Heron

    2 hónapja

    same hahaha