"D.I.WHY" LIFE HACKS - Awful or Amazing?! (Feat Mrs. Jazza)

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  • Jazza

    Give a warm welcome to my wife! She's usually extremely camera shy but I'm really glad she was willing to jump in this video with me! The more love you show the more likely I can convince her to do more videos with me! 🤣😍

  • Sam Gaerke

    Sam Gaerke

    10 napja

    She is so funny and sweet! :)

  • Izabelle Botwinski

    Izabelle Botwinski


    Stop she's gorgeous!! and she's so sweet and funny😂 love you guys for eachother!😁

  • Jennifer Jensen

    Jennifer Jensen

    2 hónapja

    Your wife is delightful!

  • Stephanie Corral

    Stephanie Corral

    3 hónapja

    Yes, more of the Mrs.!

  • sandra johnson

    sandra johnson

    3 hónapja

    Hello lovely Mrs. Jazza!! Nice to see you and I hope you appear more often on here!!

  • MizzzKitty
    MizzzKitty12 órája

    5 min crafts are the worst!... I have really tried to enjoy them but all they do is just disappoint over and over...

  • Tamara Kane
    Tamara Kane5 napja

    She's beautiful. I love her!

  • dkae92
    dkae926 napja

    Plz do rug tufting tutorials

  • Sarah
    Sarah8 napja

    I thought she was your mom! She looks old AF! Look at those wrinkles!!!

  • Some kind of Garf
    Some kind of Garf8 napja

    >Makeup and especially baby mobile shell DO NONE OF THESE FUCKERS EVER PUT THEIR PHONE IN THEIR POCKET?

  • SH00KETH.
    SH00KETH.10 napja

    Mrs jazza >>>>

  • Ryan Ortiz
    Ryan Ortiz14 napja

    your wife is absolutely gorgeous

  • gasparpm
    gasparpm17 napja

    I think she should be here more

  • Sydney Robertson
    Sydney Robertson19 napja

    SHE IS SO COOL! Love!

  • sacredlie123
    sacredlie12323 napja

    Is it to late to apply for the tablet thingy? 😆

  • Lily
    Lily24 napja

    Mrs Jazza is so pretty ! Y’all make such a cute couple !

  • Controller DeQz
    Controller DeQz25 napja

    Well come

  • Sai- Sama
    Sai- Sama26 napja

    I did the brush and my mom screamed at me

  • Harriet Spencer
    Harriet Spencer26 napja


  • Annie Bamford
    Annie Bamford27 napja

    Jazza :how would you feel if I took off our lamp shades and put on glue doe Kate: Ummm Kates thoughts: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ARE YOU INSANE+I still love him even if he did do it.

  • Pufferzsola

    i will buy this tablet in a week! So stoked!

  • Joppe Kroone
    Joppe KrooneHónapja

    just go to 0:01 and keep pushing the

  • Charlotte mcdough
    Charlotte mcdoughHónapja

    Oh please do a 5 minute craft video surrounding the idea of making an art piece with only masking tape/gaffer tape

  • abu bakar
    abu bakarHónapja

    I thought it was his mom

  • Hanako from your toilet
    Hanako from your toiletHónapja

    4:59 the fact that i immediately understand why they become quiet all of a sudden

  • PinkPonyOfPrey

    Well, that's a great wife for a jazza. They looks enough like two people with one mind to grow old just fine together! :D

  • Alisha N
    Alisha NHónapja

    Don't be so mean to her!

  • Ignatius Pang
    Ignatius PangHónapja

    Yes, yes, yes, gaffa tapes hack.

  • Retha Fourie
    Retha FourieHónapja

    Mrs Jazza is just as amazing as Mr Jazza!!*

  • Art of FE✍️
    Art of FE✍️2 hónapja

    Shesss soo beautiful

  • Samantha Jo
    Samantha Jo2 hónapja

    Y’all I’m dying with laughter! Y’all are great together! Love the content too!

  • zoie courville
    zoie courville2 hónapja

    The pale berry currently moor because robin distally suggest behind a green grey grieving latex. bloody, understood umbrella

  • Amber’s Imperfections
    Amber’s Imperfections2 hónapja

    The light thing at 3:00 was kinda cool though.

  • Sarah Van es
    Sarah Van es2 hónapja

    Diy gaffer tape

  • Cassie Lint
    Cassie Lint2 hónapja

    I know I'm a year late but omg shes beautiful! You two definitely look perfect together.

  • Rogue Wolf
    Rogue Wolf2 hónapja

    Glue teeth back on brush: no drake Make new teeth with glue: yes drake

  • Jess Valentine
    Jess Valentine2 hónapja

    mrs jazza is secretly kate winslet

  • Mickeychick
    Mickeychick2 hónapja

    I did actually paint one of my old cheap phones with nail polish but I did a beach scene. It turned out pretty good!

  • Xperaguar V
    Xperaguar V2 hónapja

    Ha.... Boomers

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy2 hónapja

    3:05 Outside: mhmm, mhmm... Inside: I would get a divorce

  • Murtaza Ali
    Murtaza Ali2 hónapja

    10:43 only if the color palette was actually good

  • Hannah Kirby
    Hannah Kirby2 hónapja

    DIYS WITH GAF TAPE!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Hiih 321
    Hiih 3212 hónapja

    2:21 this person is to glue like jazza is to toilet paper they think it can do anything

  • Themechanicaldoll
    Themechanicaldoll3 hónapja

    Aw, you two are the best! 😊 P.s. I think I may need a baby doll phone case now. 😂

  • Ian Westerhoff
    Ian Westerhoff3 hónapja

    More woman jazza !

  • Stephanie Corral
    Stephanie Corral3 hónapja

    I love the Mrs.! She's fabulous 🙌

  • stillascout
    stillascout3 hónapja

    I love how awful 5 minute crafts is. I always watch them because they're so creatively bad. Also, you two are adorable.

  • TEAM_DI0
    TEAM_DI03 hónapja

    Dear jazza, I know you are a sweet person and you make others happy

  • sandra johnson
    sandra johnson3 hónapja

    My mother was the queen of duct tape. She used it for everything. She would also use a butter knife instead of a screwdriver.

  • Alexandra Hill
    Alexandra Hill3 hónapja

    You guys are sooooo cute, I think we need to see and hear more from your better half!

  • Elsie Stoelting
    Elsie Stoelting3 hónapja

    We'd love to see more of Mrs Jazza! She's so cool lol

  • Amithist Rock
    Amithist Rock3 hónapja

    I am bummed ,sure I want to get in on this give away 😩 it was a year ago ,did u ever do a watch those entries vidio I have not seen that one I thought I had seen all of your vidios is utube playing head games with us putting the cool vidio on next .but it was really last year 😕

  • wiskyBOY123
    wiskyBOY1233 hónapja

    Such a cute video...You guys are awesome together. God bless yah both!

  • Jock Rot
    Jock Rot3 hónapja

    Mrs Jazza is awesome and funny

  • Ritika sharma arts
    Ritika sharma arts3 hónapja

    I always say love you jazza now I say love you kale and jazza

  • ElzinTheAnomaly
    ElzinTheAnomaly3 hónapja

    So are we not going to mention how smooth that ad was?

    JALEY SINGH YADAV3 hónapja

    He's been wearing that phone on his t shirt for that long 😁

  • MAXSU Coxime
    MAXSU Coxime3 hónapja

    5 minutes craft ❌ 5 minutes glue ✅

  • MAXSU Coxime
    MAXSU Coxime3 hónapja

    Probably the best name to qualify these vids

  • Chippaloo N
    Chippaloo N3 hónapja

    Must have more Mrs. Jazza lol y’all are magnificent together 🤣 I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Felix Henson
    Felix Henson3 hónapja

    Right I could see the hairdryer holder being useful for some disabled people tbh. But there are much nicer looking version on the market already.

  • Kimberly Ceulemans
    Kimberly Ceulemans3 hónapja

    10:20 Mr. Jazza: "The question I have is what's she gonna do with that door now?" Mrs. Jazza: "Make a glue handle!" I have been wheezing for 5 minutes. That was a WHOLESOME moment I love Mrs. Jazza. EDIT: At the end of the video it got better. It got so much better I am honestly quite scared for when the kids will feature his video's but GODDAMN this family must be full of giggles XDDDDD

  • feraldelight
    feraldelight3 hónapja

    This is just the sweetest!

  • Puff Puff Bacon
    Puff Puff Bacon3 hónapja

    I love how she looks so lost while jazza talks about the huion 7:32 "OH NO MY PHONE..." 😂

  • Fred Finley
    Fred Finley4 hónapja

    The white tabletop acromegaly weigh because swallow lily trace over a six baboon. ill, messy eye

  • daskraut
    daskraut4 hónapja

    dat glue hairbrush lol

  • RusJacMar
    RusJacMar4 hónapja

    7:37 best part

  • Abigail Whitmarsh
    Abigail Whitmarsh4 hónapja

    Welcome kate

  • Molly Wood the Ben drowned fangirl
    Molly Wood the Ben drowned fangirl4 hónapja

    Please give me a shout out

  • R a d s t o n e
    R a d s t o n e4 hónapja

    7:55 lorde 😳

  • shain taj
    shain taj4 hónapja

    Liking this video for her genuine smile ❤️

  • ThePoPo Potato
    ThePoPo Potato4 hónapja

    7:36 *Cyberpunk 2077*

  • Percy Roth
    Percy Roth4 hónapja


  • Liv WTF
    Liv WTF4 hónapja

    Two weeks ago got my HS611 - the best tablet I've ever had. In blue colour it's just gorgeous.

  • Haylz
    Haylz4 hónapja

    She's beautiful perfectly done guys

  • Rebecca Babin
    Rebecca Babin4 hónapja

    Ur wife is so pretty!!!!!!

  • Sarah Sheikh
    Sarah Sheikh4 hónapja

    "Cuz i see these things on the internet "

  • Lance Schneider
    Lance Schneider4 hónapja

    4:57 let’s just hope it’s not used

  • high tunnel
    high tunnel4 hónapja

    Your wife is so funny. Bring her more on the episodes!

  • DryerFryer
    DryerFryer4 hónapja

    This phone but made me actually laugh uproariously

  • _Creami_
    _Creami_4 hónapja

    I have the drawing tab that was featured in this video!

  • Grace Mortlock
    Grace Mortlock4 hónapja

    If he thinks 5 minute crafts is bad, he should see Troom troom. -Now that’s bad.

  • Dana Begody
    Dana Begody5 hónapja

    I love your wife but her hairs killing me.. given I'm a cosmetologist aka real beauty guru. She's so pretty but her hair is distracting the heck at of me.

  • Chubby Bunny
    Chubby Bunny5 hónapja

    You two are unbelievably cute, loved the endcard. It’s.. just.. perfect, I don’t even know what to add. It’s perfect.

  • Big Bomb
    Big Bomb5 hónapja

    So jazzas wife is ok with you drinking and playing games at the same time. She is ok with you acting like a child She is ok with your craziness Not to say I'm not a fan of that.. well im not a fan of the drinking or the times you act like a youtuber trying to make a video for kindergarteners.

  • no hideas
    no hideas5 hónapja

    She is so sweet, love u too together

  • Jarl Havi
    Jarl Havi5 hónapja

    Jazza and Mrs.Jazza are the best! Especially when Mrs.Jazza flat out declines his crazy antics to the point of having Shad put up with his brother when Jazza is a bad boy.

  • DarkElfDesigns
    DarkElfDesigns5 hónapja

    LOL that was awesome

  • Musicalive21
    Musicalive215 hónapja

    Five minute crafts 'oh no we are all out of diy ideas'

  • Elon Dekker
    Elon Dekker5 hónapja

    Part 2

  • Jenson Lee
    Jenson Lee5 hónapja

    Hiya Kate you look 23

  • Yarrow
    Yarrow5 hónapja

    Why did they fill the balloon with water instead of just blowing it up

  • Meowers
    Meowers5 hónapja

    i thought it said feet

  • Adrianna Sebastian
    Adrianna Sebastian5 hónapja

    When I saw it was 5 minute crafts I was like oh gosh this will be bad

  • Olivia Salvatore
    Olivia Salvatore5 hónapja

    When you make a video about crap diy but all that people care about is your wife

  • Jackie Learns & Teaches
    Jackie Learns & Teaches5 hónapja

    Omg you guys are so funny together!

  • Dustin Box
    Dustin Box5 hónapja

    Life hacks with gaffer tape please. 😂

  • Ella Mitchell
    Ella Mitchell5 hónapja

    hi kate

  • Mohammed Suhaib
    Mohammed Suhaib5 hónapja

    they are fake. they don't work.

  • moon af
    moon af5 hónapja

    Any one from valentine ?? But 2021🌚

  • Chris Wolf
    Chris Wolf5 hónapja


  • lola munchkin
    lola munchkin5 hónapja

    Pause and press this timestamp 11:50

  • Big Bomb

    Big Bomb

    5 hónapja

    For the ad 😐 Edit: nope I see what your talking about

  • Yeet
    Yeet5 hónapja

    Why not just glue the damn bristle pad back on the brush

  • Lilli Rogers
    Lilli Rogers5 hónapja

    Imagining them spending all eternity putting the ear buds into that phone case, gave me anxiety