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Nelk Boys

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Simon Rex

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Oscar Alva

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Nathan Speiser
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Joe Vulpis


  • WM Sylo
    WM Sylo4 贸r谩ja

    if we ever need a solid snake

  • breezey

    I got smokes for the kids they're probably stressed out 馃槄 STEVE

  • Josh Byrd
    Josh Byrd4 napja

    The guy in the chair is a tool

  • adhro bhuiyan
    adhro bhuiyan7 napja

    bro the guy at 5:37 is mr garrison from south park

  • Crystal Ramos
    Crystal Ramos10 napja

    yeah after knowing what actually went down last year and seeing this. i feel for jeff. but god damn he is so fucking good at keeping his composure and using it as humor but lowkey being affected crazy. and still hot as ever fuck them eye comments foh. love you papi

  • P O

    P O

    8 napja

    When did the eye accident happen? I thought it was only a few months ago

  • N-word Heelflips
    N-word Heelflips11 napja

    nelk bois suck

  • Speedy Deedy
    Speedy Deedy11 napja

    Nelk are cringe. Bunch of late bloomer dorks trying to be cool

  • Sebastian France
    Sebastian France14 napja

    Did Jonah know the truth when he was making the eye jokes?

  • Nagy Brayden
    Nagy Brayden20 napja

    The wary mouth perioperaively scratch because coach intralysosomally gather failing a tacit replace. limping, splendid bugle

  • Raul Ornelas
    Raul Ornelas23 napja

    Damm he was being deadass

  • Dallas Draviczki
    Dallas Draviczki23 napja


  • Roland Deschein
    Roland Deschein24 napja

    are the nelk boys really from the steel city?

  • Roland Deschein
    Roland Deschein24 napja

    so very video starts with jeff coming out of the closet.....hmmmm

  • V 2trill
    V 2trill24 napja

    No vibe

  • Tucker Pearce
    Tucker Pearce25 napja

    I dig Jeff but the Nelk boys are some of the biggest tools out there.

  • City Of Vandals
    City Of Vandals27 napja

    When did Eric Andre have a barber shop ??

  • Hristijan Stevanoski
    Hristijan Stevanoski28 napja

    the dor is a green sckreen like the coment

  • juck shukc
    juck shukc29 napja

    Brooo lmao the taser used on bradley

  • Riley Cobb
    Riley Cobb29 napja

    You're walking out of a fucking closet lol

  • Gunk MasterFlex
    Gunk MasterFlexH贸napja

    Jeff is just naturally gifted

  • Xavier

    Fuck these guys you鈥檙e above this Jeff

  • Max Beazt
    Max BeaztH贸napja

    Damn seeing this just surprises me that Jeff didn鈥檛 flip out whenever they were talking about his eyes since he wanted to keep that injury quiet but damn he can keep calm at any time

  • Anchor


    29 napja

    They didn't go far it's just jokes 馃槀

  • Jackson Silva

    Jackson Silva


    They play around.

  • juliazwei

    09:13 this face!

  • Goatqueen

    Why is the red door a green screen and nothing else is PLEASE EXPLAIN IM SO CONFUSED Never mind, the fridge answered it for me

  • Wolf

    all the pranks are fake 馃槻

  • Wolf

    lazy eye 馃槀

  • Hugo Garcia
    Hugo GarciaH贸napja

    so this is when your eye was still recovering from the dobrik accident?

  • Austin Davis

    Austin Davis


    obviously?? lmao wtf?

  • Charlie Beene
    Charlie BeeneH贸napja

    says they all have cancer lol

  • elena stewart
    elena stewartH贸napja

    well jokes on them now

  • Taylor Schabell
    Taylor SchabellH贸napja

    Okay I鈥檓 not a genius but why is it that there is a green outline around Jeff, aren鈥檛 they on a real set? Genuinely confused Edit:okay never mind I鈥檓 really slow lol it鈥檚 just the red/green door

  • Deucewayne

    It鈥檚 funny how Jeff thinks he鈥檚 hard

  • brainrot



    it called acting man. he and jonah always play character everytime camera is on. you're lame

  • alejandro armendariz
    alejandro armendarizH贸napja


  • Eric Knowles
    Eric KnowlesH贸napja


  • Everett Curry
    Everett CurryH贸napja

    Jeff almost died, also Jeff, I can milk it

  • Hustle Allday
    Hustle AlldayH贸napja

    Shit was awkward af

  • Riley Coldiron
    Riley ColdironH贸napja

    I love how Pat's always with them! Definetley part of the brand at this point

  • Joseph Ragosta
    Joseph RagostaH贸napja

    Bro the nelk boys just seem like such a fun group to be around

  • Young Sno
    Young SnoH贸napja

    I have an lazy eye "Which ones lazy?" "They both look lazy" That shit killed me馃槀

  • Nicholas Queen
    Nicholas QueenH贸napja

    Steve asks to rip a butt no matter where he goes inside lmao

  • caash9k

    is he green screened

  • gundam

    Idk why people say jeff got a lazy eye i see both his eyes normal

  • Chris Harris
    Chris HarrisH贸napja

    The boys where alittle dry with the comedy huh

  • kylee Rose
    kylee RoseH贸napja

    Jeff is me when im hurt like when i burnt myself being sarcastic and shit helps so much when anything is going on. Im the same way. I get it. This was def different. Both sides seemed a little out of place haha.

  • ChrisFrmBX

    They really seem like dicks SMH

  • 1UP Preach
    1UP PreachH贸napja

    damn prayers go to jojoeo馃檹

  • karl wilson
    karl wilsonH贸napja

    Do I have a lazy eye No it's just a little tired 馃槀馃槀

  • Nine Inch Rails
    Nine Inch RailsH贸napja

    What an awkward duo.

  • Ash 脝ika
    Ash 脝ikaH贸napja

    All the eye jokes hit different now lol

  • M K

    M K

    7 napja

    4:16 ...

  • Mr. 626
    Mr. 626H贸napja

    Jonas jokes are way too personal towards Jeff鈥檚 accident. After hearing the truth it鈥檚 sick to see that Jeff still has patience for these clowns. F David Dobrik too for not being there for Jeff like a real friend would.

  • Ellis Piper

    Ellis Piper


    You realize that that's their sense of humor? Very dry and seemingly mean but they both know their nasty jokes are just that. Jokes. You either laugh or cry

  • hector.r




  • Emanuel Fick
    Emanuel FickH贸napja

    I feel so sorry for jeff after the accident hes still going strong and doing great things in life respect jeff.

  • Goth boi Tittys
    Goth boi TittysH贸napja

    鈥淚 got heart problems 鈥 *smokes cig*

  • Camille Brooks
    Camille BrooksH贸napja 馃唫馃叴馃唶 馃吙锔忦焼侌焻葛焼咅焻帮笍馃唭馃叴 馃吔馃唲馃叧馃叴 .馃憣 浠婂緦銇皸銈掋儵銈ゃ儢閰嶄俊銇啀绶ㄣ亗銈娿亴銇ㄣ亞銇с仚锛併亾銇棩銇儵銈ゃ儢閰嶄俊銇併亱銇倝銈娿倓銇般亱銇c仧銇с仚銇紒锛戜竾浜恒倰瓒呫亪銈嬩汉銇岃銇︺亜銇熴倐銈擄紙绗戯級銈勩仯銇便倞浜哄弬鏈楂橈紒銇俱仌銇嬨伄銈儭銉╁垏銈婂繕銈屻仹銈勩倝1銇嬨仐銇熴伄銈傘儔銈儔銈仹銇椼仧, 馃敟 鍦ㄦ暣鍊嬩汉椤炴鍙蹭笂锛屽挤鑰咃紝瀵屼汉鍜屽叿鏈夌嫛鐚剧壒璩殑浜烘崟椋熼儴钀斤紝姘忔棌锛屽煄閹紝鍩庡競鍜岄剦鏉戜腑鐨勫急鑰咃紝鐒'瀹堝拰璨х鎴%鍝°傜劧鑰岋紝浜洪鐨勭敓瀛樻剰椤樿揩浣块偅浜涜鎷掔禃锛岃鍓濆オ鎴栨懅姣鐨勫熀鏈渶姹傜殑浜哄戞壘鍒颁簡涓绋敓娲绘柟寮忥紝涓︾辜绾屽皣鍏禗NA铻嶅叆涓嶆柗鐧煎睍鐨勪汉椤炵ぞ鏈冦. 瑾埌椋熺墿锛屼笉瑕佷互鐐洪偅浜涜鎷掔禃鐨勪汉鍙悆鍨冨溇銆傜浉鍙嶏紝浠栧戝鏈冧簡鍦ㄨ蹇借鐨勮倝椤炲拰钄彍涓皨鎵剧嚐椁娿備粬鍊戝鏈冧簡娓呮綌锛屽垏濉婏紝瑾垮懗鍜屾參鐕夋參鐕夌殑閲庤彍鍜岃倝椤烇紝鍦ㄩ鍝佸競鍫翠笂琚拷鐣ョ殑閮ㄥ垎瀹剁敤钄彍鍜岃倝椤烇紝涓︿笖瀛告渻浜嗕娇鐢ㄨ姵棣欑殑鏈ㄧ厵 渚嗚鍛砱椋熺墿鐓殑鏅傚 馃拫

  • Steven Brousseau
    Steven BrousseauH贸napja

    Why鈥檚 that fat guy always chillin he needs to go

  • Jorge Ruiz
    Jorge RuizH贸napja

    Damn looking at this video after he released what happened to him feels different

  • Raul Ornelas

    Raul Ornelas

    23 napja


  • Anthony


    29 napja

    @Rutger R枚der who ever was in charge of that equipment is probably to blame (legally at least) for letting David, an unlicensed and unexperienced operator, drive it. Or if it wasn鈥檛 David driving the operator should be familiar with that machine and what its capable of.

  • Rutger R枚der

    Rutger R枚der

    29 napja

    @Anthony it was indeed jeff's and david's idea but jeff had no idea that david would have swong him with 60 miles per hour wich is so fucking dangerous.

  • Anthony


    29 napja

    @Rutger R枚der explain to me then how its Davids fault Jeff got hurt

  • Rutger R枚der

    Rutger R枚der

    29 napja

    @Anthony You clearly havent know what happens or you didnt give it any attention

  • T7 Dollaz
    T7 DollazH贸napja

    2nd smoke is just a conspiracy

  • Cleetus McBitties
    Cleetus McBittiesH贸napja

    This was cringe

  • Nobody Move
    Nobody MoveH贸napja

    The energy with NELK is always weird with Jesse around let鈥檚 be real.

  • HobbesGaming

    I鈥檓 so confused is he on a green screen? He has that weird outline around him or I took to much acid

  • T7 Dollaz

    T7 Dollaz


    The door is green screened馃槀

  • Akz Camo
    Akz CamoH贸napja

    Nelk were so boring n ruined this

  • DriftingThroughClouds

    anyone watching this now and feel terrible?

  • joe kolep
    joe kolepH贸napja

    How is jeff 31

  • Fourstundent 8086
    Fourstundent 8086H贸napja

    After the new videos his cry for an end to the pain really hit hard

  • Prod Alex Saibot
    Prod Alex SaibotH贸napja

    You look like hoss Delgado with the eye patch bro 馃槀

  • Andrew Humphreys II 777
    Andrew Humphreys II 777H贸napja

    Pual whiettest dies

  • Andrew Humphreys II 777
    Andrew Humphreys II 777H贸napja

    Red bowling ball

  • ExZ

    Never seen nelk so dry

    CAM BONEH贸napja

    I鈥檓 so bored at 2 minutes

  • Monke Man
    Monke ManH贸napja

    kyle looked like a little kid in the end

  • copernicus vanstruselclit
    copernicus vanstruselclitH贸napja

    Jesse is a douche

  • Taylor Bean
    Taylor BeanH贸napja

    Pat half sent that shotty though......

  • Bryce Smith
    Bryce SmithH贸napja

    Dave prolly never wanted to come clean about Jeff鈥檚 eye

  • Neir Loki
    Neir LokiH贸napja

    Being them back man

  • Cb

    lol the pineapple

  • eckles

    Theses episodes are so funny haha

  • eckles

    4:23 why is there green around your head?

  • Justin Frederiksen
    Justin Frederiksen2 h贸napja

    This video felt wrong in so many direction's

  • Agustin Aguero
    Agustin Aguero2 h贸napja

    Why dose it look like a green screen?

  • platinum hunter

    platinum hunter


    His door is actually green but they edited it red

  • Spencer B
    Spencer B2 h贸napja

    This guy seems like such a major douche

  • shush



    too bad you dont have a sense of humor to know that he's joking.

  • Lilmoney O
    Lilmoney O2 h贸napja

    Why is there is green screen?

  • Antonio Kincaid
    Antonio Kincaid2 h贸napja

    鈥淎sk more questions about his eyes鈥 Jonah and Jeff work so well together lol

  • X Xx
    X Xx2 h贸napja

    Have to smoke a couple cigs for this video lmao

    JOSHUA OH2 h贸napja

    Jeff 鈥淟eft-Eye鈥 Wittek

    ACE PROPHECY2 h贸napja

    He鈥檚 eye is fucked

  • MsJupiter
    MsJupiter2 h贸napja

    Man those guys suck and can't have fun worth a shit. Lot of judgement going on it seems.

  • luce strega
    luce strega2 h贸napja

    I get he's trying to be funny but is not working and Jeff is just awkward and looks like he makes everyone in the room uncomfortable . And jonah covering his nose when their smoking lmao just leave or is he stuck in the chair

  • Luke Chilvers
    Luke Chilvers2 h贸napja

    How is that telly tubby Jonah even famous.

  • Collyn Graff
    Collyn Graff2 h贸napja

    It's a green screen

  • Collyn Graff
    Collyn Graff2 h贸napja

    Wintertime I thought that was a real backgrounds

  • UKX Bridge
    UKX Bridge2 h贸napja

    Nelk boys awkward aff, and I鈥檓 a fan of them

  • Everything Unique
    Everything Unique3 h贸napja

    Jeff kinda letting himself go huh

  • Samb Bailey
    Samb Bailey3 h贸napja

    Guess I'm the only one who thought it went fine

  • BoiKash Records
    BoiKash Records3 h贸napja

    so cringe

  • Sebastian Thompson
    Sebastian Thompson3 h贸napja

    Ngl the fridge looks good m8

  • CS Experiments
    CS Experiments3 h贸napja

    holy shit I can see the botox

  • redffy
    redffy3 h贸napja

    im not gay and I never thought guys looked attractive but jeff is a pretty sexy guy

  • Brayan Flores
    Brayan Flores3 h贸napja

    lmao 鈥渟top steve i have cancer鈥


    Nelk can ruin anything they touch

  • J R
    J R3 h贸napja

    I still watch ur videos but still don't know exactly what happened to your eye bro. Let the people or me know lol

  • Brayan Rodriguez
    Brayan Rodriguez3 h贸napja


  • Chip Douglas
    Chip Douglas3 h贸napja

    i love the jason nash roast where youre like "theres no way madison beer is not your type"