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People in this vid:
@Bryce Hall

Outro song by
Simon Rex

Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva

Nathan Speiser

Christian Guiton
@Christian Guiton


  • Eduardo Cardona Gomez
    Eduardo Cardona GomezNapja

    Whos here after he lost the fight 😂😂

  • I break u
    I break uNapja

    POV:your watching this after Bryce got knocked out

  • Jocee Vspx
    Jocee Vspx2 napja

    After Jeff’s Story, you can see how Jonah has been treating him wrong

  • ChiefBeefSalsa
    ChiefBeefSalsa2 napja


  • caolan m

    caolan m


    I was thinking the same thing

  • Elliott Martín
    Elliott Martín3 napja

    Fat dude in the sofa, absolute legend!

  • Trokitas Suelo
    Trokitas Suelo3 napja

    Anyone here after he got his ass beat

  • Dakota


    3 napja


  • Chonky Marston
    Chonky Marston11 napja

    He’s actually a scumbag

  • deer
    deer11 napja

    Anyone here after the press conference of tiktokers vs youtubers fight

  • Jaen.神 父
    Jaen.神 父11 napja

    I miss this show☹️

  • Matthew Knapp
    Matthew Knapp13 napja

    It feels like there's no sense of self awareness with this guy. He acknowledges that other ppl think he's an asshole without actually thinking he is one

  • JokerOnline
    JokerOnline13 napja

    Bryce hall on the show and Jonah is still the most unlikeable person in the room

  • another Bigfoot with internet access

    another Bigfoot with internet access


    Nah Bryce is more unlikable

  • joshua sanchez
    joshua sanchez14 napja

    Why are tik tok boys crusty?? No fade

  • Natalia Rivera
    Natalia Rivera14 napja

    omg they literally wanted to kill everyone when they turned on that generator

  • V. Smith
    V. Smith14 napja

    30 year olds are not boomers lmfao we are millennials

  • Jeon Junquan
    Jeon Junquan14 napja

    I honestly don't like this Jeff guy. He's an antagonistic and honestly the guy on the couch is annoying too

  • UI Goku

    UI Goku

    13 napja

    Is this a joke?😂

  • Keith Griffin
    Keith Griffin14 napja

    As a Boomer i find this hilarious! I wish more peeps had my sense of humor and easy to relax attitude.

  • Diego D
    Diego D14 napja

    Why do white boys wanna have bangs so bad

  • H & H
    H & H18 napja

    He has little T-Rex arms 🦖

  • up comming
    up comming19 napja

    Cut my hair

  • Jake Bertie
    Jake Bertie19 napja

    Bryce will blow for clout

  • Sopa Hot fire
    Sopa Hot fire19 napja

    Bryce hall just came out of the closet 😮😮😂😂

  • Eviatar Fields
    Eviatar Fields19 napja

    Introducing Bryce and then having him come out of the closet is low key the most brilliant part of this

  • PinkUzi
    PinkUzi20 napja

    All jokes beside this video is funny asf 😂

  • Seleti Fotu
    Seleti Fotu20 napja

    Guy looks like he's cosplaying as skuntank from Pokemon lol

  • TheAvellaization
    TheAvellaization20 napja

    Bryce: why dont you go babyface and shave beard? Jonah: Im not a dumb tiktok fuckboy... hahahahahaha so true

  • Tyrese Harris
    Tyrese Harris21 napja

    Wait he’s from MD

  • Lazy_Owl-X
    Lazy_Owl-X22 napja


  • Tyris Newton
    Tyris Newton24 napja

    7:35 he’s cooking Jonah💀💀💀

  • luisa bundy
    luisa bundy25 napja

    What the heck am I watching?

  • Christoph James
    Christoph James25 napja

    he has the kind of haircut that makes you mad. How does he even see through that mop lol

  • Merrian Webster
    Merrian Webster25 napja

    Honestly I can’t tell if this fucked up or was going according to plan

    RAPGENIUS0926 napja

    Id smack the adams apple outta that guy wtf haha

  • Marcu53
    Marcu5326 napja

    Bryce saying "i don't get physical" didn't age well

  • skyler hu
    skyler hu27 napja

    The illegal slime rapidly live because geranium pertinently remind beneath a like sidewalk. telling, burly millisecond

    GREEN OUT28 napja

    What’s with the puff ball on his head

  • cecilia gonzalez
    cecilia gonzalez28 napja

    you look the same man you're gorgeous

  • Mr_Esondidas


  • Jackie Espinoza
    Jackie EspinozaHónapja

    how are yall not talking about that Beaky Buzzard comparison to Hall's adams apple. LMAOOOOOOO

  • Britney Sawulski
    Britney SawulskiHónapja

    I cannot believe that Jeff is thirty he looks so young

  • Courtney

    Why is Jonah here ? Because who else will give us facts like pelicans swallowing rocks to help break down food.... that’s why Jeff has Jonah 😂

  • Fatazo 1997
    Fatazo 1997Hónapja

    Do girls actually think that he is good looking? I mean he has a bit of abs but his face is just a 3-4 maybe a 5

  • Michael Scott
    Michael ScottHónapja

    Bryce is definitely on Fucking steroids

  • Rachel B
    Rachel BHónapja

    "you like to attack people, threaten them with violence" sounds like a certain someone we know Jeffy

  • Kane Degenstein
    Kane DegensteinHónapja

    This show gives me major eric andre vibes

  • alejandro armendariz
    alejandro armendarizHónapja


  • SarahGHilton

    Watching this after Jeff's doc about his injury and watching it is so sad cause people were giving him such a hard time for his appearance :( Poor dude was in pain

  • Purple Stars
    Purple StarsHónapja

    i miss Jeff's old hair i don't like the mullet

  • Adoy Shoots
    Adoy ShootsHónapja

    6:22 Here Bruce

  • Blake Evans
    Blake EvansHónapja

    7:26 when nobodys listening to your joke so you turn to your only friend to make sure at least hes laughing

  • Brandon White
    Brandon WhiteHónapja

    Bryce talks like he has a little frog in his throat

  • misol soup
    misol soupHónapja

    did he just say some of his inspiration comes from the paul brothers ....

  • William Brown
    William BrownHónapja

    He called him Bruce when he shown him the results

  • Luke

    First video I’ve ever seen with this Bruce dude.... He stinks, what a tosser

  • Isaias_miramo 07
    Isaias_miramo 07Hónapja

    Should’ve gave him a taper

  • Joseph Ragosta
    Joseph RagostaHónapja

    What if you just have a generator and a ton of bottled water or your own water system ?

  • kittypurrykat

    I think Bryce tries to overcompensate to be manly and masculine because he grew up without a father.

  • Ksj Dudh

    Ksj Dudh


    Did he actually?

  • Bobson Bobbers(not bob marley)
    Bobson Bobbers(not bob marley)Hónapja

    3:00 "who broke up with who?" haha it flys right past his head

  • qkata

    wait why does Bryce look like phineas from Phineas and ferb

  • pink pegasus
    pink pegasusHónapja

    Jeff is literally the finest man I have ever seen. he makes all these tiktok stars look like normal people

  • Teresa Pugh

    Teresa Pugh

    11 napja

    True dat.

  • Lucille M.

    Lucille M.



  • Jasmin




  • Miriam Ochoa
    Miriam OchoaHónapja

    Ok this is my favorite episode 🤣 it’s hilarious 😂!!

  • 3SYDtheKID3

    Jeff is literally so handsome 😍🥺

  • K9 Revenge
    K9 RevengeHónapja


    LIFE II LENSHónapja

    Why does Bryce Hall remind me of Sid the Sloth

  • Irish Potato
    Irish PotatoHónapja

    Is it just me or does he only ever shape up the sides 😂 he never cuts the top


    Damn 6 months ago his face was messed up. Didn’t notice until his new series

  • Grim Daddy Dog
    Grim Daddy DogHónapja

    1:18 that was just embarrassing. Also, that's the look he went with? what a fuckin clown. genuinely looks like a kid who'd be like 'u wanna talk shit to me huh? wait here, lemme get my black friends!'

  • Grim Daddy Dog
    Grim Daddy DogHónapja

    Try comfronting the guy who almost killed you about all the bullshit he does. Not just including to you.

  • Chayo Guevara
    Chayo GuevaraHónapja

    Is there a rock in ur throat 😭😭😭😭 Jonah got me dead

  • JokeRmakesPie

    "Mistakes" huh?

  • p4uli

    that's the most uncomfortable looking haircut I've ever seen. can he even see?

  • Km flips
    Km flipsHónapja

    “I won’t talk about Addison through all of this... who broke up with who?” 😂

  • Chiaki Nanami
    Chiaki NanamiHónapja

    Bryce kinda look like my middle school science teacher

  • crbox`TV

    Eric Andre vibes?

  • p4uli



    yeah he used to joke about how he copied him lol

  • William Poles
    William PolesHónapja

    Jonah is hilarious 😂😂

  • - Runic
    - RunicHónapja

    Why did he bite his lips when he saw Jonah raise his shirt up?

  • Ricardo Pro
    Ricardo ProHónapja

    After seeing this dude I kinda started liking Jake Paul.

  • vanesa h
    vanesa hHónapja

    YALL his name is Nick not Jonah


    this video is so intense

  • Tdr94 19
    Tdr94 19Hónapja

    This guy really needs a new haircut 😂

  • April Dixon
    April DixonHónapja


  • April Dixon
    April DixonHónapja


  • April Dixon
    April DixonHónapja


  • jay ess
    jay essHónapja

    Can someone tell me....WHO TF IS BRYCE HALL

  • Cat Brash
    Cat BrashHónapja

    the way Bryce bit his lip when Nick took off his shirt was hella cringe 9:08

  • lil pudi
    lil pudiHónapja

    This tik tokers personality is 💩

  • Em Pac
    Em PacHónapja

    Banana being the safe word

  • Chad Games
    Chad GamesHónapja

    Danny Duncan, Jake paul, Nelk boys, explains why hes so fucked up

  • Katherine 906
    Katherine 906Hónapja

    Its crazy how much Jeff is attractive compared to bryce

  • Sebastian Flores
    Sebastian FloresHónapja

    Bruh this Bryce Hall guy has some small ass hands

  • hope abraham
    hope abrahamHónapja

    no one: jonah: if you try to hit me i will eat you dude i wil fcking sit on you and eat you 💀

  • Katapila J
    Katapila JHónapja

    I can't even tell anything is wrong with his eye I thought this was an older video that it hadn't happened yet he's super handsome I feel sad I really hope he's not in any pain anymore and everything's okay with it

  • Sam Bailey
    Sam BaileyHónapja

    Should have danny duncan

  • Good Bye
    Good ByeHónapja

    Listen Brice, I know you can’t accept it bc you’re a bit young for it, but the gross unkept toupee isn’t fooling anyone about your receding hairline, bud.

  • Sweney

    Johna made his hair a bowl so he could eat more food

  • Henrique Dias
    Henrique DiasHónapja

    A minute in and I don’t like this guy already and I’m not biased because I had no idea who he was lol

  • Orionpk

    what jeff did to his face? fillers?

  • Ciz82



    @A Nxmb::. this was a while ago when he got into a different accident

  • A Nxmb::.

    A Nxmb::.


    @Proud how long ago was it? Bc Jeff really knows how to cover up a missing eye lol I’m curious

  • Proud



    David almost killed him

  • Josh

    Major douche energy on this episode...

  • salma al-shaoily
    salma al-shaoilyHónapja

    Bryce is problematic.

  • 914mas

    Is there a rock in your throat?