slowed songs to make you feel like a baddie


enjoy the tunes :)

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  • Todoroki's Gf
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    ⫷✨Time Stamps✨⫸ ⇢ s&m: 00:00 - 4:37 ⇢ gimme more: 4:37 - 9:22 ⇢ boss bitch: 9:22 - 12:07 ⇢ mr. saxobeat: 12:07 - 16:03 ⇢ poker face: 16:03 - 20:20 ⇢ womanizer: 20:20 - 24:58

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    Am Aquarius thanks 😂

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    My lil bro has a girlfriend? *CONFUSED DABI*

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    That one scorpio who isint naturally a badass: me being that one scorpio:

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    How to be a baddie first,err

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    Sagittarius be like :😻

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    Nobody: nothing Me: Infront of mirror doing this 💃🏻😏😈

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    *buying 400 bobux be like*

  • Love Life Lyrics
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    Nobody: Me acting like I'm in an edit: 💅🏾👄💃🏾

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    No one: Me: thinking I am good at singing

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    not me thinking im in a edit lmaoo-


    cancers asf

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  • Tianna Godinez
    Tianna Godinez19 órája

    if you need it...... Song# : Song name: Artist: 1. S&M Rihanna 2. Gimme more Britney Spears 3. Boss B**** Doja Cat 4. Mr.Saxobeat Alexandra Stan 5. PokerFace Lady Gaga 6. Womanizer Britney Spears

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  • Hi, I'm Jacob if you don't mind check out my video
    Hi, I'm Jacob if you don't mind check out my video22 órája


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    Géminis 💫💫💥💥👄🖕🏻💅🏻

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    How to be a badey horwww 💋🖤

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    7 year old me: Moooom! Why can't I listen to Poker face anymore?? Mom:... Because.... Because I said so! Me many years later with my ✨educated✨ brain: oh. WELL THEN.

  • [I DONŤ CAR]
    [I DONŤ CAR]23 órája


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    Pov: vc e a única brasileira aq 💃

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    i am a dude but feel like a baddie 💅💅

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    it did not but i stil love the music

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    when did zodiac signs have to do with any of this-

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    Me being a Capricorn ♑

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    No one realises that capricorn isn't that nice. We are bad ass in person

  • Aura

    I dont half to feel like a baddie i am one in my own world and everyone who watches this or reads my comment is to 🍀

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    Me turning this video on every time I read wattpad idk why but it just fits so well

  • Buse Karataşer
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    This my fave playlist

  • Rachael Tarr
    Rachael TarrNapja

    s&m u.u i knew immediatley my dad had it turned all the way up on volume in his truck since i was 4 i might as well know it by heart

  • Tooru Oikawa
    Tooru OikawaNapja

    that moment when you realize gimme more sounds a little to much like the monster high intro..

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    Am I the only ♋

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    *Este conjunto de canciones grita Slytherin a todo pulmón*

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    Virgo,Scorpion,Capricorn and Aries be like:

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    @Aizawa's_Secret_Love_ChildXD y3s

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    All the zodiacs are baddies sis,, we all are baddies 💅🏼

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    Well i think my neighbours are worried cuz all they seeing is me looking like im going down a cat walk 🥲

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    Somebody come get her she's dancing like a stripper

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    Me: feeling like a baddie while going to sleep 💅🏼

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    Huh supporting other support ya self Me Libra gang huh dont mess with me 😉

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    Me😏🙄😏🙄 other people🙄🙄🙄🙄😏😏😏

  • Baz Baz
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    Personne ne connaissaient les musiques avant et après il font ouais c ma music préféré

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    Ugh, too bad I already was a baddie.

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    i am now a baddie ok

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    damn, i feel bad af lmao

  • Dicia Goodsell
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    when me and my cousin heard the nah nah nah nah nah come on with fliped our heads back and fourth

  • Samuel
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    The boss bitch chorus at 0.75x is just *chef's kiss*

  • Jade Patterson
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    Scorpios, libras, virgos, sags be like:

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    🌌Even better than the original ones✨

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    you indie

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    lit no one : me lip syncing pretending that im at a concert

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    What’s your fav song mines gimme more and poker face💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

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    Leo, capricorn, aries, scorpio be like 😩✨

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    These songs makes me feel absolute badass

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    A música é boa e linda 🤩 amei vou até salvar na minha playlist 😍

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    Not me dancing around my room while meant to be doing homework ☠️

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    honey every astrology are baddies, just unleash its because its being kept im there love 💋

  • Jude Harper
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    actual fine people are Libras Scorpios and Taurus maybe even Leos

  • Leana Rigal-keo
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    Plot twist : you didn’t find this video , this video found you - Aquarius ,Leo ,Gemini ,Aries ,swagitarius,Scorpio ,Virgo

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    Showering never felt so badass~

  • Gacha person
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    me dancing to mr. saxobeat: 12:07 - 16:03 my sister be like 0_0 telling her she don't know that vibe it gives me Lmao

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    These song are sooooo powerful😫😫😫

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    Nobody: Me feeling the confidence in me

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    Bro the poggito is confirming this and if yt ever takes it down im nuking the country 17 times per square inch try me i will call the russain centers and i will bring it to ash if this is ever taken down it is now a playlist within my playlist and i need to hear it play 50x per day.

  • •¡Fox Ramen!•
    •¡Fox Ramen!•3 napja

    I just kind of wanted to post this: I am a Pisces so here are some unknown facts about them! (You might know this, but some people don't, okay?) -Pisces are incredible at sensing evil/bad energy. -Pisces can tell if your lying. -They get really attached to their significant other. -They are EXTREMELY hard to manipulate. :) This is for all my fellow Pisces out there. 😁😁

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    whats the first song called

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    wtf is this hsit

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    I really wanna dislike this video but I’m not an asshole

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    Scorpio 👑

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    pov:you are scrolling the comments to see smt intresting

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    What the shy and quiet kid listens in class 😳

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    HAHA that's me

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    I just woke up and i am twerking to this like gay baddie

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    It’s literally 3:55am and I am dancing so much I am scared to wake someone up😂

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    My Snap content about to be lit lmfao

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    The songs : were slowed Nobody: Me : * turn 1,25x speed on *

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    *powerful twerking*

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    These comments are fax’s

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    nobody; me pretending to be in an edit:)

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    Its 2 am but I am dancing in my bedroom... my neighbors be like :💀🤌🏻 (I live in French )

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    New title idea - 𝑄𝑢𝑖𝑒𝑡 𝐾𝑖𝑑 𝑃𝑙𝑎𝑦𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑡

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    Pov: you are scrolling through a comments comments

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    strPPER muSic

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    How to be baddie 1.Say ERR 👁👄👁 2. Play the video 1,000 times 👁👅👁

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    @Lucy's Life lol

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    Not me putting my led lights the color red 👁👄👁

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    i feel like a bad a's b-'ch

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    Tris bonne la musique

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    The fact that this has 3m views is awesome

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    These are not the original songs. Why?

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    @Leonie Schneider np luv ( i am British and we call nice peoples luv)

  • Leonie Schneider

    Leonie Schneider

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    @Elise JamesThx :-)

  • Elise James

    Elise James

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    Coz it is better slowed coz it makes you feel like the baddest b

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    listens to while cleaning room :p

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    Nobody: me: *twerking like a baddie*

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    ok this is fire i got motivated like crazy!

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    damar gg

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    Aries, virgo, sagittarius, cancer , scorpion be like :🔪🕷💋👑🍸💵

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    Okay leo's not on this list but that doesn't matter. We're on another level anyway

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    Libra be like:I ain't seeing me in here somewhere (btw libra's are usually the chill ones but not this one,im a monkey)

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    What about leo? 😔

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    This is how to be a baddie baka

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    I love this keep going MS.GURLL

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    Rock m sakura D:

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    I really love this music playlist! Tysm for making this video, this was soo helpful!

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    not me knowing all the songs

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    No one, Really no one: Me: WHY IS THIS PLAYLIST SO GOOD?! (Me too): Listen this Playlist to same time as walking to my next School Lesson😂