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    2:57 Ex Mafia Hitman

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    drop kick jona

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    Jaxon Lawrence14 napja

    Dixie is so fucking fine

  • Jayjayyyo
    Jayjayyyo15 napja

    Jonah's gotta go, he's bringing down the vibe... why is he acting like that?

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    Jonah sucks

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    Libby Davies16 napja

    Did he purposely make jokes yk

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    He messed up her hair but she got her revanche on her show😎😂

  • Lina Ouazzani
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    Soo this is when she cut her hair, by the way I watched this because of Dixie's show

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    who is here after dix had him on her show

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    this is always gonna have the best outro music

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    Why she telling Jonah not to sing when she worse

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    Please remove jonah from the channel

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    I’m on mushrooms so I can’t tell if the set is fucked up for real or if it’s just me

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    She'd make a perfect "violet" from the "Incredibles"

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    Dixie is so stupid.

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    The jeff

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    What happened to this show the best.!!!

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    “You should write a song about your issues” HE SURE DID

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    😂😂😂😂that song had me cryinggggg

  • RKD

    After watching the documentary, i have a different view now

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    What rhe fuck

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    9:06 i can tell Jeff feels hurt when Jonah said that

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    holy shit why would he say that JESUS?

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    omg i just noticed that, the silence after is so deafening

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    Lol I grew up doing bmx is so random

  • Creators Think Tank
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    1:14 but there isn't though, and the one responsible has no official legal punishment for what really happened :/ But hey, its Jeff, he doesn't bring legal shit into things, and I respect that. And David should be worshipping him as his savior for that quality.....

  • Creators Think Tank
    Creators Think TankHónapja

    Jeff is the only one in the general related world as "The Vlog Squad" that doesn't seem like a literal robot named the Teeny-Bopper 9000. Love the dude.

  • Kitty

    Lmao when he interrupted Jonah’s story

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    I like how Jeff fat shamed that FSOB. LOL

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    Jeff u sit as long as you need to 🥺

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    not gonna lie i dont think dixie understands jeff's humor, she looks uncomfortable the whole video.

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    This hurt me to come back and see this video after what happen 😒

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    "hate comment"

  • BenBenOy

    HUbase really is stupid for age restricting this video

  • BenBenOy

    I saw this video before it looked like makeup. But the pain is real now.

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  • Seb




  • Mc MakeLove
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    9:11 now that we know what happened, that’s hits a little different considering Jeff actually almost fucking died

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    omg right

  • Fadwell

    looking back at this -- this episode is eerie

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    Says “confrontations” meant “COMPLICATIONS” 😳😳😳

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    Even someone as entertaining as Jeff has trouble making Dixie interesting.

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    this is Eric andre 2.0

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    I remember seeing this for the first time and thought it was a bit

  • Bienvenue

    I hate this d'melio family 🤦 Jeff, no more work with twats. Get that MONEY and retire, you DEFINITELY DESERVE It 💯

  • It’s me Sammy Dupre
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    Jeff you need to get Jonah a new chair it’s starting to break

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    ♪ Makina ♪Hónapja

    jonah needed to shut the fuck up in the beginning.

  • Carson Reece
    Carson ReeceHónapja

    We literally had no idea

  • cindy valencia
    cindy valenciaHónapja

    shes so serious


    Jeff’s sense of humor and his dynamic with Jonah is epic, is it weird that I find this even funnier now that I know what really happened?

  • Brandon F
    Brandon FHónapja

    Jonah is so funny... all that needs to be said.

  • umarsgoated

    Wow this man still put a show on despite being half dead

  • Nadia A
    Nadia AHónapja

    jonah's jokes aren't even funny, especially now that we know what actually happened to jeff, jonah saying stuff like 'i wish you were dead' i mean wtf

  • Chaosberry.

    "I don't really care about data" ooh boy

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    Jonah is the real Jonah from 21 jump street just doesn’t stop😭😂

  • Hitesh

    Watching this hits different now that we know what he was going through..

  • Nickcins

    now the stitches are real and the injury’s

  • T7 Dollaz
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    And we finally found out what happened to his eye he said David sent guys to kick the shit out of him I mean half of that was true😂

  • Charlie

    Ughhh 5 mins in her comment about Data is sooo unerving!! Cell phone data just surpassed oil for most valuable resource. Big tech is making BILLIONS of his exact ignorance. We need to reclaim our power or we will all be screwed

  • Autumn

    he had his whole face shattered days before this and he still looks fine af

  • Mohamed Amr
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    Came here after the documentary


    Why this video is age restricted

  • Ohad Damari
    Ohad DamariHónapja

    One year later we finally know what happened to Jeff wow

  • Alexia Barnes

    Alexia Barnes


    Holy cowww that’s crazy that it was a year ago and now we’re finding out

  • Aditya Shahi
    Aditya ShahiHónapja

    This video hits different after watching the new series😔 He was in pain but he had to continue to do his job...

  • Tremaine G

    Tremaine G


    He decided to do that stop acting like he was forced 😂

  • paper ψ
    paper ψHónapja

    Can someone tell me when did he even get hurt?

  • Andrea Rae

    Andrea Rae


    End of June 2020

  • Alexia Barnes

    Alexia Barnes


    Someone else said a year ago but idk that’s crazy it was so long ago and now we’re finding out.

  • Ayaan Soha
    Ayaan SohaHónapja

    9:09 “I wish you were dead.” Thats actually crazy now that we know that he was literally inches from dying.

  • Dionairis Soto

    Dionairis Soto


    Was looking for this comment

  • Chiken Nugest
    Chiken NugestHónapja

    Who’s here after his newest documentary episode

  • Brody Seiber
    Brody SeiberHónapja

    I’d be so mad at Jonah if I was Jeff in the beginning

  • Frank Aristizábal

    Frank Aristizábal


    Lol they both disrespect each other but it’s just an act.

  • Ashley Perez
    Ashley PerezHónapja

    i know hes joking around with jonah but some of the stuff jonah said kind of bugged me especially after hearing the truth of his injuries 🥺


    How is this guy able to say this positive?

  • Emma Clopton
    Emma CloptonHónapja

    pov: you're here after his 3rd episode about his injury

  • she

    :( love you jeff

  • IbeKellex Popz
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    The way Jonah & Jeff played it off from the beginning in nuts.

  • Saurav Uchil
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    8:20 He slipped david in there while talking about the accident

  • Spam Garbage
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    Its him saying its a hydroflask to the dad for me

  • jbo5o

    lol she was not happy with that

  • Kanak Gupta
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    Its not Jonah's fault, the song he sung was shit itself, otherwise Jonah is legendaric singer!

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    oh jonah lmao THAT WACK

  • BruhSoup

    she talks like a surfer bro

  • Yesenia Garcia
    Yesenia GarciaHónapja

    Anyone else here after Jeff’s documentary to see what he said about his accident before we knew what happened?? Or is it just me? Lol

  • Konrad B

    Konrad B


    8;30 he mentions it was david but as a joke

  • prod.owen_



    Me too lol

  • kam mason
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    "my humor's sarcasm" doesn't get any of the jokes

  • Sethsha


    12 napja

    Yeah not gonna lie, she has such a flat personality. Thats what happens when you get famous off looks.

  • lindsay nicole

    lindsay nicole


    her “jokes” are worse than jonahs singing lmaoooo

  • Pepe Frog’s Alt
    Pepe Frog’s AltHónapja

    Jonah should technically kinda be cancelled considering he knew what really happened and still had the audacity to say “ I wish you were dead “.

  • Jose Santos

    Jose Santos


    It was a bit in a video calm down are you gonna call Jeff racist for the joke abt China too? Jesus

  • T7machinimas

    Definition of a Yes-Man LMAOOOOOO

  • Selena Celeste
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    POV: HUbase put this in your recommends

  • Juliette Wahl
    Juliette WahlHónapja

    Jeff's actions lol

  • Kenneth Bone
    Kenneth BoneHónapja

    This chick is literally a fucking brick. How are these people famous

  • lindsay nicole

    lindsay nicole


    i fucking know!! she’s not even pretty lol

  • t n
    t nHónapja

    omfg now i understand the inside jokes jeff were saying related to david🙊

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth HurtsHónapja

    The beginning has an entirely new meaning now

  • Johan Rmz
    Johan RmzHónapja

    Who came here after his new video

  • Benjamin Dunn
    Benjamin DunnHónapja

    Why people not like Jonah. He is hilarious IMO

  • Benjamin Dunn
    Benjamin DunnHónapja

    Guys that conversation between Jonah and Jeff at the beginning is crazy.... like if you assume they are talking about David here as the “big corporation” you can subtly read into the whole vlog squad dynamic. Insane that it took us this long to see it but foreshadowing is everywhere.

  • Lucas



    @Baris exactly




    @Baris Absolutely not. The guy is %100 true. STFU.

  • Baris



    Yeah pretty sure ur jumping to conclusions. U can't jusz assume something and make it canon

  • Evil Spaghetti
    Evil SpaghettiHónapja

    What the fuck is this video lol

  • Fahed Aldada
    Fahed AldadaHónapja

    Jonah needs to go for sure. Cringe

  • Harshdeep Mullay
    Harshdeep MullayHónapja

    Damn Jeff really kept everything under wraps for the longest time

  • letac

    I agree with Jonah that I also believe he is also fat

  • Geanpierre Tam
    Geanpierre TamHónapja

    the amount of references he gives about his injury is crazy to look back at. He mentions david, lawsuits,

  • Carissa Valov

    Carissa Valov


    And what scam ?? Why does everyone think Jeff did it on purpose!

  • Alysia Dhalla

    Alysia Dhalla


    "i almost died"

  • Geanpierre Tam

    Geanpierre Tam


    and then jonah says start telling people the truth..

  • Jovana Kostevski
    Jovana KostevskiHónapja

    I was going back after his doc came out and the fact that he had this injury 9 months ago and its coming out just now with all of those people at the scene is BEYOND me. It says a lot about David and the people around him. He is literally running a cult, it makes me SO ANGRY.

  • Jovana Kostevski

    Jovana Kostevski


    @Justin Bloomberg I agree. But he did just tweet that he wished he told his story sooner and that he thought no one would support him. And I think that if he did that without everyone else (especially David) agreeing, the 'vlog squad' would turn on him.

  • Justin Bloomberg

    Justin Bloomberg


    He’s definitely wrong, but accidents happen in the name of fun. Also Jeff states he wanted to do things on his own time, but was also mad at david. I doubt david kept it under wraps

  • Jovana Kostevski

    Jovana Kostevski


    @Spam Garbage thank you for your opinion

  • Spam Garbage

    Spam Garbage


    Or everyone respected jeffs desicion enough to stfu and let him tell his story on his own time.

  • Mtthyman

    Ok... so I had to come back.. this is much more interesting now for some reason 🤔

  • Zach Queiroz
    Zach QueirozHónapja

    get jonah outta here

  • Nate Smith
    Nate SmithHónapja

    I'm shocked that this happened 9 months ago and everyone kept quiet about it

  • Dereck Lomas
    Dereck LomasHónapja

    Aye get rid of the talking refrigerator

  • CRYPT_Bog

    Who's here after Jeff's video explaining the injury 🤕

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    Johan Rmz



  • Noah Olson

    Noah Olson