LET THE DICE DECIDE - Epic Random Character Design Session!

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  • BoredGamerGurl
    BoredGamerGurl3 napja

    You have amazing ideas and art! Hope you achieve all of your dreams and goals 🙂🙌🏽👍🏽

  • Lyra lou
    Lyra lou9 napja


  • Solron&Seabass
    Solron&Seabass12 napja

    I LOOOOVE DND!!!!!

  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed20 napja

    that first " 9 " was a 6

  • Lee Villarreal
    Lee Villarreal23 napja


  • Matthew's Corner
    Matthew's CornerHónapja

    I just got a Jazza specific Skillshare ad before this video started. I love that.

  • BahamutEx

    her ingame character looks a lot like mercy from overwatch

  • 42BCreative

    "Would obviously be largely housebound." Jazza, my friend, not a great choice of words. For anyone reading this: Yes, I'm in a wheelchair and no, I don't think Jazza's a bigoted person at all. In fact, I'm pretty convinced he's a truly wonderful person. Just one that might need to rethink a certain perspective. Much love to everyone!

  • A Whole New World of drawing and art Donkers
    A Whole New World of drawing and art DonkersHónapja

    Can you do more roll a dice and drawing games ?

  • A Whole New World of drawing and art Donkers
    A Whole New World of drawing and art DonkersHónapja

    Wow i love this drawing . You have over done youre self Jazza this is so cool

  • A Whole New World of drawing and art Donkers
    A Whole New World of drawing and art DonkersHónapja

    I played this game today for the first time. Its so mutch fun. I have never thought that. I love you,re drawings Jazza

  • Lucais Romo
    Lucais Romo2 hónapja

    This reminds me of Ready Player One

  • FireDragon3dc1
    FireDragon3dc12 hónapja

    I tried this and put 1 for female to 20 to male and I thought whatever half of the dice it rolled I would do that. It landed on a 10...

  • Brenda Sassin
    Brenda Sassin2 hónapja

    Wow! So cool!

  • MerlinAmbrosius17
    MerlinAmbrosius172 hónapja

    Also for good and evil I put good first and evil second and I will the 19 and my character was evil

  • MerlinAmbrosius17
    MerlinAmbrosius172 hónapja

    I tried to do this and two of them that I got rid of was short and tall skinny and huge technology and skin colour because I'm not that good at making goodart but I still think it was pretty well

  • ꧁Zing Zapper꧂
    ꧁Zing Zapper꧂2 hónapja

    *bad pun time* *the dice dice-ides*

  • Incandescentiron
    Incandescentiron2 hónapja

    I'm floored by all the comments. I think you've invented a winning character.

  • Incandescentiron
    Incandescentiron2 hónapja

    Very clever. I'll need to try this with my son.

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee3 hónapja

    Any chance that this is going to make it into your current print sale? This is one of my favorite pieces you have done and I would love to own a print of it.

  • Kacper Dadoś
    Kacper Dadoś3 hónapja

    i think you forgot that this is in future i am sore no one just walks around with pong tatoos.

  • Dylan B-B
    Dylan B-B3 hónapja

    Never realized he made sombra and mercy in vR

  • Klara Art
    Klara Art4 hónapja

    I love this character. She has own story thank to you. This is really good idea.

  • janketh1
    janketh14 hónapja

    jazza do you realize if she is in the future the medical equipment is going to be futuristic as well lol.

  • Jeemeli
    Jeemeli4 hónapja

    I absolutely love this character design, its probably my favorite one out of all he has ever done.

  • Cassandra Huth
    Cassandra Huth4 hónapja

    At the table game that I play is 20 the badest number that you can have XD

  • Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen4 hónapja


  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson5 hónapja

    Hermes staff is what I think of when I see doublevsnake staff

  • Sesha Peraro
    Sesha Peraro5 hónapja

    Got my infusion this morning, I kept thinking about this piece...

  • Ichee COTC
    Ichee COTC5 hónapja

    Sina ken toki seme e toki pona?

  • Sam A
    Sam A5 hónapja

    If that’s a 9 on skinny-big what’s a 1??!?

  • Evan Allaire
    Evan Allaire6 hónapja

    Do this agien

  • TheFoxSocks
    TheFoxSocks6 hónapja

    8:14 when Zelda is still relevant in the future :D

  • DrkShadowlingers00
    DrkShadowlingers006 hónapja

    Well done, Jazza. Being wheelchair bound, this beautiful art made me smile. Thank you.

  • A. Alzate
    A. Alzate7 hónapja

    Jazza, this video is outstanding on every aspect! 😁👍 I play D&D and you just gave me a wonderful idea where I can design my D&D character illustration and practice character drawing at the same time. I was having trouble on where to start with designing my characters but I needed help on creating unique characters. This method you used in this video is exactly what i was looking for. Your videos has helped me a lot, thanks!

  • Marly101
    Marly1017 hónapja

    You should do this again

  • captain_ of_the_crunch423
    captain_ of_the_crunch4237 hónapja

    caduceus The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around an often winged staff. It is often used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius, especially in the United States.

  • FA Chicky
    FA Chicky7 hónapja

    Every video you bump your elbow

  • Aadit Mehra
    Aadit Mehra8 hónapja

    This guy is so underrated he deserves more fame and respect

  • Regina Jackson
    Regina Jackson8 hónapja

    Terrific depiction choices😍

  • marialiyubman
    marialiyubman8 hónapja

    I’m currently undergoing treatment and this inspired me so much... ❤️ Thank you.

  • Pixel Cat
    Pixel Cat8 hónapja

    Who only clicked on this video because it had a D20 on it?

  • SwiftclawArt
    SwiftclawArt9 hónapja

    am I the only one who heard the robot unicorn attack 2 music?? No? Just me?

  • Rachelle Harper
    Rachelle Harper9 hónapja

    I guess there orange, I mean, the president is

  • Reynard Grimm
    Reynard Grimm10 hónapja

    She's beautiful.

  • TornanBlade
    TornanBlade10 hónapja

    this was released on my birthday

  • TornanBlade
    TornanBlade10 hónapja


  • Creativity Stream
    Creativity Stream10 hónapja

    I think she is totally famous like as famous as ninja but not such a bro moment

  • Drakkon Scythe
    Drakkon Scythe10 hónapja

    While I think that her in-game persona being a healer is interesting, I think realistically she would be tired of being shoved to the sidelines her whole life, and would hate the very idea. Just a thought

    ARJ THE BEAST10 hónapja

    This reminds me of the movie Avatar.

  • Libby Tucker
    Libby Tucker10 hónapja

    Pls do another one!

  • Akunne Jameson
    Akunne Jameson11 hónapja

    Her avatar looks a lot like Mercy from overwatch.

  • Ângelo Madeira
    Ângelo Madeira11 hónapja

    545 dislikes Feminists after Jazza said very human and boring and also after taking 17 on the feminin side. He triggered a few feminists

  • Samriddha Chatterjee
    Samriddha Chatterjee11 hónapja

    don't know what a wendigo is......but i really liked the artwork

    EXO ØBSĖSSIØN ØXĘ11 hónapja

    I love these character designs sessions especially when the characters get a story

  • Kuma Starlight
    Kuma Starlight11 hónapja

    I do a roll dice but my friends who decided that and get 4 set nowww

  • Tom B
    Tom B11 hónapja

    Now reverse the numbers... 20 = 1 , 15 = 5 ... or just swap the sides of the spectrums.... but yes the disabled persona and second being the powerful healer type is fitting... you should do more of those!

  • Aaron Misquith
    Aaron Misquith11 hónapja

    This reminded me of yuuki from sword art online

  • patches


    11 hónapja


  • JustAnArtDoof
    JustAnArtDoof11 hónapja

    Its pronounced cah-doo-see-us. Its hermes staff and a symbol of healing

  • Random._.Rebel

    I love that ur into dnd. Dnd is so amazing, i cant even begin to describe how awesome it is.

  • Malinasa

    Definitely one of my favorites. Great character concept! ❤️

  • Zachary Mello
    Zachary MelloÉvvel

    Lol nat 20

  • Xx_ForestWolf_xX Streams
    Xx_ForestWolf_xX StreamsÉvvel

    The healer reminds me of Mercy from overwatch

  • Auj DuBois
    Auj DuBoisÉvvel

    Wow she has such a cool stand

  • Strixer

    Been watching some vids back to back. Noticing a trend of female characters having purple hair lol. I did that alot when creating female characters in games. There's just something 'bout that purple hair.

  • beatriz

    why did i teared up while watching this

  • clumzie dodo
    clumzie dodoÉvvel

    I'm getting 'Ready Player One' Vibes

  • AnneikaPlays

    its funny watching this.. im am disabled myself and in mmorpg i ALWAYS pick a healer first time playing. didnt really looking at my whole situation as to maybe why im so keen to play a healer. awesome art work jazza x

  • Plushy Apples902
    Plushy Apples902Évvel

    I’m confuse how do you get all these ideas

  • Judicus

    Is it just me or does this character remind me of Ready Player One?

  • Elev8

    her virtual self is technically mercy from overwatch

  • Null_DoesNothing


  • SuzySnoo

    I cried. I know you're unlikely to read this, and this is a really old video. This is really moving. Thank you for a beautiful piece. I'm chronically ill and housebound and I too find freedom through gaming. Thank you for this powerful art, and for making me feel seen and understood. Much love.

  • jethro lismano
    jethro lismanoÉvvel

    but that's the Rod of Hermes, not the Rod of Asclepius....

  • Pandora TheClay
    Pandora TheClayÉvvel

    3:35 I rolled with you and got a 1 on introvercy and monstrousness

  • kelly moon
    kelly moonÉvvel

    Jazza=gets 20 Me playing dnd for 5 hours with friends.= 6 1's in a row. Dungeon master pitied me and kept giving me chances to roll till i got a 12 at least.

  • Not Telling you
    Not Telling youÉvvel

    Wait so, what year would you get if you rolled a 20? You can’t count the future.

  • MusicloverQueen

    I love DND!!!! I actually have my own campaign Im running on wednesdays with my friends across the country!!

  • Happy _est
    Happy _estÉvvel


  • Samira B.
    Samira B.Évvel

    I feel like he designed a slightly upgraded version of Felicity Smoak (Arrow) Like a parallel universe where things are similar but nor quite the same

  • Mai

    This is a sad art....

  • Ramze

    Do you actually play DnD? 'Cause if you do..... good.

  • brooks Eddy
    brooks EddyÉvvel

    Jazza: I like the idea of a main hero in a wheelchair Johnny Joestar:(happiness noises)

  • Sreeja Nambiar
    Sreeja NambiarÉvvel

    You should try drawing Percy Jackson character

  • Ruhee B
    Ruhee BÉvvel

    “Winged snake medicine logo thing” **Hermes and Asclepius have left the chat**

  • PikkosDungeon


  • Christian Mulombo
    Christian MulomboÉvvel

    5:33 Araki’s thought process when making Johnny Joestar

  • Kakyoin Noriaki
    Kakyoin NoriakiÉvvel

    “I can’t Evan win when I’m hosting my own frigging dnd game!” Me: you don’t win dnd. You know that right?

  • MetallicYamato

    1 year in the future: saw a pretty more recent video in which people said that he is bad at drawing. His drawing sucks and etc. Man, this thing... this artwork is exceptional. He is a pro for sure. Might not be the best and his art might not be the most realist out there, but damn if he doesn't know how to manipulate colours and how to shape contrasts. Look at the fact that the real life char is a pretty sad-looking woman, with great health problems, the fact she is less saturated in contrast to the in-game character who is a healer who aids people in battle, she can fly and she is a beautiful young woman. Funny enough, even his whole, though carefuly shaped, still kind of spontaneous idea is a beautiful contrast that left me speechless. Great job, master. I am also an artist and from my artistic point of view: you do a great job at what you do and you are one of the boldest HUbase artistic faces out there. Keep up the good work, gentleman, you deserve the highest support and respect!!

  • MrGeko Lizard
    MrGeko LizardÉvvel

    Mercy is that you...

  • Scribbles TheCat
    Scribbles TheCatÉvvel

    I used a magic 8 ball OWOOOO

  • Anhad Sharma
    Anhad SharmaÉvvel

    Jazza, as you said the year 2040 a slightly futuristic, I think at that time a new kind of wheelchair may appear, some kind of it with new technology. I just saying that because you used the current wheelchair. Maybe it makes more like what you have to make

  • Cyphon Gamezr
    Cyphon GamezrÉvvel


  • ColorMeQuirky

    By far my favorite art work that I've seen you do so far 😍😍 the feels from this.

  • Gone Ghosted
    Gone GhostedÉvvel

    Her vr characyet is mercy of overwatch lol

  • Londe LP
    Londe LPÉvvel

    lmao thats mercy from overwatch

  • The Waffle God
    The Waffle GodÉvvel

    Is it just me or her necklace is the legends of zelda symbol

  • Marcus

    7:27 golden servant

  • Purple

    How long did it take you to roll that 20

  • Keynetics