i love doing these tbh
my tiktok account is lavendertowneyt and everyone thought I was impersonating myself because of that budget username :(

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  • Emma Wikkander
    Emma Wikkander4 órája

    If you put the video to 60 sec you will have way more time (sorry for my bad english)

  • Moon Is Bae
    Moon Is Bae19 órája

    okay but can we talk about how beautiful Lavender is?

  • Claire Grace
    Claire GraceNapja

    Lol I'm just marking this so i can draw it tomorrow 5:33 just ignore this :v

  • Adriana

    It infuriates me that u didnt do 60 seconds on the first challenge..

  • P u n k ' s  s l e e p !
    P u n k ' s s l e e p !Napja

    Am I the only one that just saw her face? She’s so pretty! 🥺

  • Kaye Onalaja
    Kaye Onalaja2 napja

    You can put on 3 mins now

  • Perianna Terran
    Perianna Terran3 napja

    *somebody please tell her that there's an option for 60sec videos*

  • Sakura_ Blossum123
    Sakura_ Blossum1233 napja

    LavenderTowne LavenderTowne LavenderTowne Hope it works!

  • ItsCookieCruz
    ItsCookieCruz6 napja

    How do you use the ink drawing filter on the tiktok or how do you find it

  • Pebbles
    Pebbles6 napja

    Her: there’s not enough time Me:you know that you can put it on 60s 👁👄👁. (Not to be rude)

  • Fadza
    Fadza7 napja

    You can change the time to 60 seconds on the first challenge if you don't use the og sound I think (just wanted to let you know for future stuff)

  • Beatriz Mendes Ferreira
    Beatriz Mendes Ferreira9 napja

    I completely understand what you said about DTIYs! I still haven't found my own art style so now I'm drawing some characters of mine in my idol's art styles so I can see what I like the most and even mix some aspects of each style to create my own.

  • tsuyu asui
    tsuyu asui13 napja

    "Look at ur birthmark and decide the shape" Me: WHAT, BU MINE IS A ROCK

  • Alicia Kozume
    Alicia Kozume13 napja

    1:15 lav using 15 seconds instead of a minute and wondering why it's hard is mood

  • Blackwolf Starlove
    Blackwolf Starlove16 napja

    you do realize you can change the time to 60 seconds (1 minute) on the videos right???

  • Rainy Ruan
    Rainy Ruan18 napja

    You can change the amount of time you use! Look at the bottom

  • Hanna Loree Päll
    Hanna Loree Päll18 napja

    Me just first time seeing her face be like:OH MAH GOD YOUR SO PRETTY!

  • Screamsong
    Screamsong24 napja

    "No do-overs" Lavendertowne: *does it a billion time*

  • Eliza Deda
    Eliza Deda25 napja

    you can change the time of video to a min (at the bottom where is says 15) i feel so bad you didnt know

  • Tommyinnt. Lol
    Tommyinnt. Lol25 napja

    i feel so bad for her LOL theres a 60 sec thing but it too late LOLLL

  • what the dog doin
    what the dog doin25 napja

    8:18 I DIDNT KNOW SHE DID A FACE REVEAL???? SHES SO PRETTY sorry i didnt know i was living in the same world with a GODDESS

  • • ᴀ ʙ s ᴇ ɴ ᴛ •
    • ᴀ ʙ s ᴇ ɴ ᴛ •26 napja

    the most painful thing was it being on 15 seconds and not on 60 seconds

  • idioticpaperclip
    idioticpaperclip26 napja

    5:32 I just got My R flashbacks so hard hearing that music box cover. I was not prepared for that

  • Danny Devito's Sexy Nostrils
    Danny Devito's Sexy Nostrils28 napja

    2:05 "I barely had any ti-" *puts time to 15 seconds instead of 60*

  • moon pie the cat
    moon pie the cat28 napja

    if any chance could you help me draw lip's? please

  • Deneen Gorassini
    Deneen GorassiniHónapja

    Them legs💀 3:44

  • Aiden

    ive been trying to look for the name of your style LavenderTowne. Could you tell me how its called? Thank you.

  • Fred The duck
    Fred The duckHónapja

    Their is a 60 second one

  • Sunrise Studios
    Sunrise StudiosHónapja

    The top comment has 69 replies and 6.9 likes. Don’t ruin it.

  • Anti Scocial
    Anti ScocialHónapja

    rightunder the record button u can switch the time limit to 60 seconds hope this helps TwT

  • Blue.-.bxrry._.

    Press 60 seconds or if you have 1k press 3 minutes! Hope this helps😄

  • sophia

    bestie you can change it to a minute lmao

  • LeafTheViking10

    I Love Jim Henson Movies!!!

  • Sareena Tea
    Sareena TeaHónapja

    hey! It’s lavender town! ------------------ 🧡just makes my day better🧡

  • Minecraft Food
    Minecraft FoodHónapja

    She didn’t know there was a 60 seconds on tiktok

  • Professor Spout
    Professor SpoutHónapja

    I was yelling at the screen to put the video on 60 secs instead of 15

  • Connor Bunn
    Connor BunnHónapja

    For the first one you can set the time to 60secs at the bottom

  • TealSkater 🛹🌙♾
    TealSkater 🛹🌙♾Hónapja


  • nilaokperiodt

    At the bottom where it says “15” you can click “60” and the video will be longer so you can draw longer for the first one (btw I only watched that so far)

  • 0hbunnii

    The 60 second option is located at the bottom of the screen and probably would have made your experience with the first jack a lot easier


    This entire comment section is just: Me: Some other random shiz:

  • local baby bear
    local baby bearHónapja


  • Ella Harris
    Ella HarrisHónapja

    If you look on the bottom of your screen you can see it says 60s, 15s and templates if you click 60s your video will be a minute long instead of 15s

  • Andy White
    Andy WhiteHónapja

    8:10 isn't the song a music box version of Watashi no R??

  • Luna Blogs
    Luna BlogsHónapja

    My god her face so cute uwu

  • Tasha Laing
    Tasha LaingHónapja

    Put the recording time at 60

  • 7 Err 0 r 2
    7 Err 0 r 2Hónapja

    On the bottom of the screen before you start recording, it says 15 seconds and 60 seconds. I automatically puts you on 15 so I understand that you just didn’t realize you could choose a minute

  • Jacqueline Jamesøx✨💕
    Jacqueline Jamesøx✨💕Hónapja

    I don’t know if you know this at the bottom you can change it to 60 seconds so you have more time

  • omilur

    Do 1 minute

  • pickle rick
    pickle rickHónapja

    She’s like the only HUbaser who has the same birth month as me

  • Chaotically Living
    Chaotically LivingHónapja

    this is amazing! I love your drawing style- I wish I could draw as good :') my drawings irl: goodish my drawings in ibisPaintx (my drawing app): trash

  • dance cookies
    dance cookiesHónapja

    lavenderTowne: AHHH this time limit is so annoying! me looking at the 60 second timer wondering if she will click it

  • Girl w the vintage 2020 mask
    Girl w the vintage 2020 maskHónapja

    bro you're so pretty

  • Emily C
    Emily CHónapja

    11:00 Lavender Towne: Don't worry no one will notice you pick your pencil up after drawling the nose

  • Muffin Head
    Muffin HeadHónapja

    "use your birth month to decide the theme" *Looks at seven and saw food* How am i gana-

  • ¿Bubble°Tea¿

    What app do you use..?😅

  • justin B
    justin BHónapja

    You know that on tictok you can put the time to 60 seconds so you dont have to worry about the time being to fast 😁

  • Zereen Shah Syeda
    Zereen Shah SyedaHónapja

    I don't like when you give art advices and tutorials, but I like your challenges... :D

  • Funtime_IcedTea

    11:03 "Let's see what you come up with on your first try. No do overs!" LavenderTowne: "Let's just..." * d o e s i t o v e r 2 0 0 t i m e s * "There!"

  • JD - 07CD 790904 Thomas Street MS
    JD - 07CD 790904 Thomas Street MSHónapja

    Where did the expressive poker face go?

  • JD - 07CD 790904 Thomas Street MS
    JD - 07CD 790904 Thomas Street MSHónapja

    Lavender: drawing someone else’s oc in ur style makes it more you! Me: dude when I draw someone else’s oc, its their oc. There is no “my style”

  • Drawing-Kya :P
    Drawing-Kya :PHónapja

    1:15 Turn the time of 60 sec instead of 15 sec c:

  • tearry_

    god u are so pretty wtf /pos /p

  • Cooki wolfi 1290
    Cooki wolfi 1290Hónapja

    the 60 secs: lavendertowne: who are you-

  • Fleur Rose
    Fleur RoseHónapja

    i feel bad that she didnt know about the 60 second time think

  • Gacha Yandere _YT
    Gacha Yandere _YT2 hónapja

    8:39 HA! Already did that in my art class! It's called Contor Lining and mine looked like crap!

  • Shemi Plays
    Shemi Plays2 hónapja

    Lavender having problems with the time Me:put it on 60 seconds

  • Your_l0cal_gacha_bratz
    Your_l0cal_gacha_bratz2 hónapja

    1:56 if you want next to the 15 sec timer on the bottom, there’s a 60 sec

  • Flxffy_Teady
    Flxffy_Teady2 hónapja

    All of your drawings are so good keep doing what you love :D

  • 『Lxefy』
    『Lxefy』2 hónapja

    There was a 60 seconds next to the 15 seconds while you’re doing the TickTock thing gurl

  • Shiny Yveltal
    Shiny Yveltal2 hónapja

    9:28 "How would you rate your pain from 1 to ten?" -LavenderTowne Baymax

  • Payton_Playz
    Payton_Playz2 hónapja

    Ok I just want to make sure you know that you can make your TikToks 60 seconds. Your art is so amazing I love your channel btw ❤️❤️

  • Spookie Dookie
    Spookie Dookie2 hónapja

    You play dbd? Dude that’s like my favorite game!!! If you haven’t already you should totally do a dbd art challenge!!

  • Fofo 94
    Fofo 942 hónapja

    8:19 is that really you 😱

  • Tokoro -トコロ
    Tokoro -トコロ2 hónapja

    1:23 on the bottom, you can record 60 second (minute) long videos.

  • Amanda :D
    Amanda :D2 hónapja

    8:18 h o l y m o l y you are so beautiful aAAA

    QUINCY DEAN - STUDENT2 hónapja

    What app do you use for your drawings?

  • • Galaxies Deer •
    • Galaxies Deer •2 hónapja

    If you can't draw fast enough put the video on 60 sec!

  • Nim Sherpa
    Nim Sherpa2 hónapja


  • Nim Sherpa
    Nim Sherpa2 hónapja

    uhh she does know that in the drawing filter you can look at the bottom and you'll see that shes on the 15 sec one go to the 60 sec one

  • Pink Sunshine
    Pink Sunshine2 hónapja

    What app do you use to draw?

  • DonaldDuckie
    DonaldDuckie2 hónapja

    Does she know you can change the thing to 60 seconds? That way it it’s Easter if you wanna do it again!!

  • Sᴏᴀᴘ
    Sᴏᴀᴘ2 hónapja

    What do you use for the month themr

  • Crystal Alr
    Crystal Alr2 hónapja

    At the start gurl just take multiple clips dang

  • BunnyMan-🏳️‍⚧️
    BunnyMan-🏳️‍⚧️2 hónapja

    6:20 this is a time stamp for me lol

  • olivia martin
    olivia martin2 hónapja

    On the one continuous line challenge notice of she said no do overs show it on your first try?

  • This account is gone 🍑
    This account is gone 🍑2 hónapja

    Just press 60 sec

  • electric discharge
    electric discharge2 hónapja

    u could have put it at 60 seconds

  • Smooch Mellow
    Smooch Mellow2 hónapja

    i like my green witch girl,

  • Xxalana-playzxX
    Xxalana-playzxX2 hónapja

    When she does the first challenge, she could’ve put 60 seconds 🤦‍♀️

  • Vica minecraft
    Vica minecraft2 hónapja

    You can put it on 60 seconds on TikTok 😁

  • len
    len2 hónapja

    i am literally in love with her art style

  • Peachy.Anime.Weeb011
    Peachy.Anime.Weeb0112 hónapja

    Do it on 60 secondsssss

  • Malfunction
    Malfunction2 hónapja


  • Rosie Z
    Rosie Z2 hónapja

    Someone tell her about her screen there is how much time you want there’s a higher time I’m still walking out I like girl that but I can’t because I cannot break into my house that’s illegal

  • Itzcute Kitty
    Itzcute Kitty3 hónapja

    You can charge to 60 sec, You know?

  • Short Legs
    Short Legs3 hónapja

    I bet you that the draw this in your style’s legs are inspired by Yashiro Nene.

  • Mystery Soloman
    Mystery Soloman3 hónapja

    why does no one talk about how the art in the intro's of these have absolutely no elbows?

  • Twi Watches Vocaloid Stuff
    Twi Watches Vocaloid Stuff3 hónapja


  • Poppy 123
    Poppy 1233 hónapja

    hey i know you didn’t know but i just wanted to tell you for the future that in the tiktok about the magical girl if you post a video that has that sound again please put a tw or make that part silent the song is about a girl committing suicide and can be very triggering for some people