The NEW STUDIO is FINISHED!!! - This blew my mind...

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  • DgrafXB
    DgrafXB2 napja

    Jazza you got this!!! Your only limit is your imagination!!! I can’t wait to see this next chapter!

  • SentinelTheFirst
    SentinelTheFirst4 napja

    So proud of our boy

  • Malian
    Malian7 napja

    Man this made me wish I lived in Australia havin the possibility to work with and for you. Just got hooked (and I mean REALLY hooked) on your channel a few days ago noticing I actually was watching some of your videos years back when I needed some pointers for drawing. I can totally relate to what you're feeling right now as I've been at a similar point in my life when I started not only a media agency but also an indie gamedev company with my best friends. Not as big as your thing tho but this isn't a contest :D Just wanted to share some love, some good vibes and energizing thoughts for this big endeavour!!

    -KRUSHER-11 napja

    jazza now has had 3 studios since I started watching him

  • ttv_zerO_tryhard Smart
    ttv_zerO_tryhard Smart12 napja

    Loveeeee the vidddddssssssss

  • Jack Klein
    Jack Klein12 napja

    duuuuude, the ad before this video was a skillshare ad but it had Jazza in it!!

  • Rybread 848
    Rybread 84813 napja

    As soon as he said "the dreams of a 12 year old who never grew up..." The amount of dedication and work he's put in all these years, hearing that made me both really happy, but also broke my heart. I'm so happy he's finally achieving the dreams he's had as a kid, unfortunately I don't have any money to purchase something from the auction, but I'll spend each time I'm on the channel hoping you'll get the space you never even could've imagined. Good luck Jazza, I wish you nothing but the best. All dreams can come true, especially if you have the passion and drive to make it a reality. 💗💗✏️

  • Beholder Play
    Beholder Play13 napja

    great studio por a untalented "artist"

  • Martin Nebelong
    Martin Nebelong14 napja

    It's been amazing to follow your journey on here and the studio looks beautiful! Keep up the great work.. I'm looking forward to follow this next chapter.

  • DoodyDraws
    DoodyDraws15 napja

    Dude what an inspiration !! 💪🏼🔥🔥🔥

  • Madness-InThe-Dark 2004
    Madness-InThe-Dark 200415 napja

    This being one of the moments I wish I had money

  • G7z
    G7z16 napja

    now jazza just needs his own art school

  • Emii Rose
    Emii Rose16 napja

    Naww!! That joy is contagious! I feel the positive vibes just watching him talk about how passionate he is and always has been about his art :) good on you Jazza!

  • Leslie Roldan
    Leslie Roldan16 napja


  • Czarina Cielo Santos
    Czarina Cielo Santos17 napja

    Congratulations 😍😍😍

  • Saurabh Maniyar
    Saurabh Maniyar18 napja

    2:28 ....Part 2 of this video is missing till date 😅

  • MEGA_ M8
    MEGA_ M819 napja

    Im so excited 😱

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna20 napja

    Plant . Get plant

  • Moony Whispers
    Moony Whispers21 napja

    His backdrop looks like a foot by the foot commercial

  • steven roheem
    steven roheem21 napja

    Yoooo. Them soft, feely, touchy emotions are palpable bud. Keep it tight.

  • Riv Wilson
    Riv Wilson22 napja

    This is great. Seeing dreams happen makes me so happy!

  • David Campos
    David Campos22 napja

    if from Vallejo

  • Alphin
    Alphin22 napja

    Good on ya mate

  • SillyMeanie
    SillyMeanie23 napja

    this video makes me wanna visit the new Jazza Studio! Congratulations on making your 12 year old self's dream a reality!

  • Sharayiah-Jo
    Sharayiah-Jo23 napja

    you're so inspiring, I've wanted to make a studio and start on my dream, but I haven't got their yet. Best of luck Jazza!

  • Lizeth Mejia
    Lizeth Mejia23 napja

    We are so proud of you jazza ! 😢

  • Lily Hutchinson
    Lily Hutchinson24 napja

    I love how Jazza is so passionate about art and his studio! I can't wait to see how the studio turns out!

  • intro.VERTEX
    intro.VERTEX25 napja

    Jazza is living the dream, making it life.



  • Amber
    Amber25 napja

    This is amazing I have been watching your videos for a very long time now so too see this and how excited you are is amazzzing! I'm so excited for you and too see you in your dream art studio.😊 I have just turned our spare room into an art studio and I'm so excited! I feel like to have an actual space is going to open up my creative mind so much. I've certainly collected enough art supplies over the years. I look forward to your future videos as always 😁 Amber in the UK 🇬🇧

  • Cindy Dulay
    Cindy Dulay25 napja

    I won one of the auctions, but when I try to pay to won't add in shipping to Canada so won't let me pay! It says to contact them for help but there is no contact info! Anyone know what I can do to fix this? Check out says there is no shipping method to Canada which is insane.

    FIRE- ALERT26 napja

    He is passportout

  • Anna Haughawout
    Anna Haughawout26 napja

    You are an amazing inspiration to people all over the world! Dreams really can come true, thank you for sharing your journey. I always enjoy your videos.

  • Maria Turner
    Maria Turner27 napja

    So excited!

  • Sienna Fay
    Sienna Fay27 napja

    Im in my second year of game design. Ill apply to jazza studios when i graduate :)

  • minecraftypro
    minecraftypro27 napja

    you inspired me to become a animator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drawing With
    Drawing With28 napja

    Extremely excited for you. Seriously. I'm in a similar boat where, without getting into too much detail for the sake of not making this comment about me, I'm in a transitionary period between continuing full-time work with security and taking a leap into the so called "unknown" (with a family) and hearing you discuss your project, your dream, means so much. I had butterflies in my stomach just listening to you. It only serves as fuel to take the next step even if it is a tiny one. Thanks and best of luck!

  • sophia
    sophia28 napja

    just came back go this channel after a couple of years, wow! you've gone so far i started watching 2017 and you're content is still so creative and fun. you've definitely done a lot for the art community and the youtube community in general. xoxo

  • Dănăilă Gabriel
    Dănăilă Gabriel29 napja

    You are living a lot of people’s dream right now. And I am so happy for you and that it IS you who’s living this dream. Because you deserve it. I can’t wait to see what you will do with all that space

  • Lea Seidman
    Lea Seidman29 napja

    This graphic novelist and art book author in California is in!

  • Normalzman
    Normalzman29 napja

    this is really freaking inspiring😭, I love you for this Jazza💖💕💞💘💝

  • Bryan Lax
    Bryan Lax29 napja

    I’m so happy for him like a bestfriend and he doesn’t even know me. Enjoy Jazza.

  • Techalicious
    Techalicious29 napja

    Is no one gonna talk about how the editing den looks like his old old studio?

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie29 napja

    I just wanna say this man is absolutely amazing like wow you literally inspire me he’s so talented and I’m so proud of his progress not just with his art but with him being able to grow as a person thank you for being yourself

  • wyattm gamer
    wyattm gamer29 napja

    Who else was here for the original studio?

  • Cornell Eisenbise
    Cornell EisenbiseHónapja

    Bro!!! When I was young, I used to draw the same things haha. I’d drawing studios, building plans, etc.... as an adult, I got into a trade an started designing blueprints. I was the only young kid at my school designing things like I was. It warms my heart to see someone else doing that as a child! Love it!

  • Jo Judd
    Jo JuddHónapja

    Wow you forever inspiring us and now reaching your childhood dream ❣️ and I couldn't believe it you are local to me, that blows my mind!!! and be so honoured to help you and team with your vision. I've send my application last week but if you need a hand earlier to set up give me buzz too.

  • Jarred Watson
    Jarred WatsonHónapja

    Buy his work and post it back ppl, he deserves it😁 amazing in the last 5yrs I've been subbed he has done sooooo soooo much

  • Maurice Sanchez
    Maurice SanchezHónapja

    Hello, would anyone be able to tell me where I can get the "I'm an adult" t shirts?


    Uh, I wonder what the environmental impact of this nonsense is. You clearly needed this for your art youtube channel. -_-

  • Vido Draws
    Vido DrawsHónapja


  • JayImHere

    Jazza is now one step closer to being a corporation

  • Professional Commenter
    Professional CommenterHónapja

    I'm sorry, but Jazza, your going to regret selling some of your originals. Don't do it. If you don't have the money to grow then don't do it. It's the worst business decision you can make. Art and dreams take money to achieve. I'm happy he's working towards his dreams, but every dream comes with a cost.

  • ELFAngel94

    congratulations Jazza so happy for you! Seeing this video is an inspiration.

  • Generation Karaoke
    Generation KaraokeHónapja

    5:51 0 - 100 Seriousness in 0.6 seconds. So Jazza owns that whole building now? When that studio is finished I bet Jazza will have that moment where a dream is finally reality

  • Owen Jager
    Owen JagerHónapja

    we love you jazza and we are all so happy for you and i think i speek for all of us when i say you have inspired us all.

  • Idiotic Sugar
    Idiotic SugarHónapja

    Man it's been years since I watch Jazza,I remember being 10 and submitting my art to one of the jazza art contests.Seeing my art in the videos really made me happy,and so I kept on going.Thank you Jazza for inspiring me to keep on drawing and teaching me how to draw, it's so cool to see how far you are now.

  • Beast_Face09


  • abhay hemaraj
    abhay hemarajHónapja

    Ohhh... My.....God....Sir, u are soo inspiring...😍

  • Kiera Walter
    Kiera WalterHónapja

    This is awesome

  • Fennec Foxes 4 Life
    Fennec Foxes 4 LifeHónapja

    Good job Jazza! So exited to see the finished new studio! 👍

  • Tuh Mater
    Tuh MaterHónapja

    I feel like nothing can stop this channel now. Like, what could possibly happen to make all these people lose this spirit? It’s great

  • TheBoxOfficeArtist

    This is amazing brotha! Congratulations ! I hope to come and see it in person one day :)

  • Bonnie Bubble
    Bonnie BubbleHónapja

    Congrats guys ****

  • ThisIsDK

    whoever gets that youtube million dot piece is gonna' be like Little Josh from the #2021Josh Fight

  • Holographic 80s
    Holographic 80sHónapja

    What was the point in adding windows in rooms where you're going to cover them up? Why do you hate natural light?

  • Liv

    I still can't wrap my head around all of this, and still feel like it's 2016


    5:36 I would happily spend years filling that room😛

  • CGDeluxe

    Dude check out Dave2Ds new studio for some likey the solid wall doors thingeys!!! Just wanted to say your channel has got me through some tough days and given me reason to laugh and stay positive.

  • Bitzbox

    It's amazing seeing how far you have come and the new space looks epic!

  • Wisdorin

    how does copyright in Australia work, can you sell your own pictures of some Marvel/DC chracters withouth paying anything to Marvel/DC and so on? Im genuinely interested and dont want to mock around.

  • Yonatan Sela
    Yonatan SelaHónapja

    Go on jazza! You deserve the best! I hope everything goes even better than hoped

  • Mickyk12

    “I really don’t like lawn mowers” Why is that one of the most Aussie things to say 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mia Čurdinjaković
    Mia ČurdinjakovićHónapja

    The fact that this video has 69 dislikes... tf

  • Lt. Commander Kenobus
    Lt. Commander KenobusHónapja

    His dedication is so inspiring and the emotions aswell! you go jazza we love you


    I'm so excited for you Jazza (and for your videos in your new studio!) You deserve every last bit. I can't afford to buy your art, but I will continue to support you by watching your videos (: - from a long time fan from Geelong.

  • Ezequiel M
    Ezequiel MHónapja

    I signed for the auction but didn't receive the confirmation email. Is that normal? I have the $5 receipt. Also, I commented this before, I'm so proud of you! I remember watching your flash tutorials

  • Owen Smith
    Owen SmithHónapja

    lets go jazza keep up the good work I think you and what you are dowin is amazing

  • Ben Clapton
    Ben ClaptonHónapja

    I'd love to work for Jazza. Not in a position to move to Vic, but if there's ever an opportunity for a composer/sound designer to work remotely from Perth, hit me up.

  • Edgar 92
    Edgar 92Hónapja

    So happy for you Jazza, the sellout operation seems to have paid off. However I hope and pray that soon we can see some good content, like you know art stuff? Or what "art with Jazza" used to be like? Seems like a fools hope but fingers crossed :)

  • chris thebeastly1
    chris thebeastly1Hónapja

    didnt he just get a new studio?

  • OLDandNEWGames101 ItsAlpha
    OLDandNEWGames101 ItsAlphaHónapja

    I see the old mural 👀

  • Adrian Östberg
    Adrian ÖstbergHónapja

    Should have put the fact that you are selling stuff in the title

  • Vivian Drawsalot
    Vivian DrawsalotHónapja

    do the buckets of paint thing then when it dries paint a mural on top of it of the team

  • Art of Long Lorono
    Art of Long LoronoHónapja

    Wanna join your team jazza

  • Rachael Alexander
    Rachael AlexanderHónapja

    When he mentioned job offers for camera techs and editing I was SO READY... and then I remembered he lives in Australia... well, guess where I'm moving!

  • Isaac Sylvern
    Isaac SylvernHónapja

    The auction page doesn't work :( it won't load

  • quinacridone duck
    quinacridone duckHónapja

    This is so cool! Well done! Also, please buy a daylight lamp. Seriously. Trust me, spending all your time without daylight is bad for everything. Also, it really helps you wake up in a flash.

  • Test Case
    Test CaseHónapja

    He makes me cry way too often

  • Jacqueline Turbitt
    Jacqueline TurbittHónapja

    Jazza all I can afford to send is to keep you in my prayers, I hope that all of your dreams come true with this new space...maybe ones you get it up and running you could do something for kids who have artistic talent....share your knowledge first hand....anyhow....I look forward to the new space and new content.....HUGS

  • Ernesto jose Ravera barroilhet
    Ernesto jose Ravera barroilhetHónapja

    You are great Jazza !! Following you from Chile. I am a Chilean artist, and I have been following you for quite some time. You are a inspiration!! Thank you for showing that you can be happy making art.

  • Monique

    First and foremost, I want to apologize for my rusty english. Not good at it but i will still try. 😅 So yeah.. I just can't help but to get jealous to all of the people, who will at some point in the future, will receive any of your master pieces and artworks. It would be the greatest possession any Jazza supporter could ever have.. I'm jealous but most importantly i'm very much grateful that they are doing something to help support Jazza's new studio, and receive his treasures in return 😊 I've been supporting Jazza way before million subs, and i am mega proud to be one. It was a fun journey and a great adventure with you Jazza! And I'm just super proud of you and your family, especially to your wife who never doubted your dreams and your talent. You guys rock! You both inspired me to just keep chasing my dreams. Some people will fill my head and emotions with negative opinions, but there will always be some people who will support me all the way (just like Jazza's family), people who will not have doubts about my capabilities, and people who will stay by my side along the journey. And those are the people who matters.. Your art adventure was a blast and I will always be grateful that I am part of it as your silent supporter/big fan. If only I already have the capability to at least buy a single art piece from your auction, i will gladly do so. But i'm still a student, and my parents already have enough financial issues to deal with (cant ask for money hahahaha) But yeah! Keep reaching your dreams Jazza! Help and inspire more artist out there. I'll just be here supporting you the best way i can and know to do. To keep watching your videos, enjoying all of it, being inspired by it, sharing it to other people, and by not skipping ads 😉 You provide us hope in following the path we love and doing what truly makes us genuinely happy. Thank you!!! PADAYON JAZZA! 🇵🇭 PADAYON EVERYONE! 🇵🇭

  • Shiba Inu

    Shiba Inu



  • Emma Hayes
    Emma HayesHónapja

    Hey Jazza, your channel is so big now and you’ve expanded so much. Don’t you think it’s probably time that’s you get someone to fix your subtitles because the automatic ones are terrible. Make your channel more accessible please!!!

  • Astrid Garcia
    Astrid GarciaHónapja

    Your enthusiasm is absolutely contagious ! Congratulations Jazza for your dreamed new studio !

  • Zach Woodyard
    Zach WoodyardHónapja

    That’s what she said

  • Amanda Rawlins
    Amanda RawlinsHónapja

    Keep reaching for your dreams jazza! You don't need to be accused for being emotional when your dream is within your grasp. You've worked so hard to get it and you deserve it! Me and my daughter love your videos!

  • Lilynn

    Ok so how do I apply to work there ? I'm ready to move to Australia 😂 I'm not an artist but I can be a mascot lol I have energy and good spirit. 😂 😂

  • Johannes Rugsveen
    Johannes RugsveenHónapja

    Jazza can you do more bob ross videos love your videos

  • Nickell Francis
    Nickell FrancisHónapja

    Jazza I'm so happy for you love your painting i,will buy one of your art work nice congratulations 😙😙😙💗💗💗😉😀

  • Anna-Maria Lux
    Anna-Maria LuxHónapja

    I have an video idea for you☺️🎉: You should turn extremly cheap waterbased markers into cool alcohol based markers. I tried it with some old childhood markers and some work now really good. I used some cheap parfum as alcohol, but please pick one that doesn't smell too strong😂.