Pop Smoke - Woo Baby (Audio) ft. Chris Brown

Official audio for Pop Smoke "Woo Baby" feat. Chris Brown available everywhere now: PopSmoke.lnk.to/Faith

Visual by: Ryan Frank @toonboi



    romantic song with dirty lyrics

  • jaylsss s
    jaylsss sÓrája


  • Jay dot.
    Jay dot.5 órája

    I love this song sm Chris voice just does something to me

  • IA Otohikilisos
    IA Otohikilisos5 órája

    So sick of love songs…

  • Zjani Telfer
    Zjani Telfer5 órája

    Woo forever 💫🤞🏾

  • Bony De Marte
    Bony De Marte6 órája

    Pop smoke is the best artist for his generation even Being dead he never ceases to impress With his hit🙌🏽

  • Goonmin
    Goonmin6 órája


  • Marvin Cacho
    Marvin Cacho8 órája

    Los invito a escuchar este tema 100% 🇭🇳 dedicado al amor hubase.info/zone/0Hubs4lpnKJynmE/vide.html

  • Davidson Etienne
    Davidson Etienne14 órája

    Best song on this album

  • Kelvin Birch
    Kelvin Birch16 órája

    So sick neyo beat

  • Ohlly_ Rayzerr
    Ohlly_ Rayzerr17 órája

    La team Française !? Pop Smoke is a legend !!❤️

  • serry ciok
    serry ciok17 órája

    Chris killed this

  • RoastrToaster
    RoastrToaster19 órája


  • Alvaro Narváez
    Alvaro Narváez19 órája

    Algún latino?

  • Isaac Fellick
    Isaac Fellick20 órája

    Pop x Chris Brown. Just 🔥

  • ACT4
    ACT420 órája

    Dope af

  • Jarel Golatt
    Jarel Golatt20 órája

    Idc we need a video for this. Some how some way

  • Alisson Cabral
    Alisson Cabral21 órája

    Dope simple, so sick neyo

  • Alisson Cabral
    Alisson Cabral21 órája

    This só fire 🔥

  • Muro Ayy
    Muro Ayy22 órája


  • Chris Howerton
    Chris Howerton23 órája

    Throat Baby or Woo Baby Which is better?

  • Marco Dika
    Marco DikaNapja

    Chris Brown 🔥🔥

  • Kid Cool
    Kid CoolNapja

    2pack of drill

  • 강도윤

    rip smoke

  • Enrico Meerzorg
    Enrico MeerzorgNapja

    Dear kids, When y'all reading this You just had to be there ! Love, Dad

  • Tori Ann
    Tori AnnNapja

    Not me pretending the woo still here celebrating these successes. You kno you made it when you still on 🔝 after you pass .. rip 🙏🏼

  • D Illusion
    D IllusionNapja


  • Manoj D
    Manoj DNapja

    Bad of this song Finish early

  • Manoj D
    Manoj DNapja

    GayBTS are in billboard top chart💩

  • Daniel Schmidinger
    Daniel SchmidingerNapja

    yes i beat my wife

  • Pesi Moata'ane
    Pesi Moata'aneNapja

    didnt this dude die???????????????????????

  • Pesi Moata'ane

    Pesi Moata'ane

    12 órája

    how this dude be making songs when he dead??????????????

  • Alvaro Narváez

    Alvaro Narváez

    19 órája

    Yes, R.I.P Pop Smoke💫

  • Marvin Cacho
    Marvin CachoNapja

    Los invito a escuchar este tema 100% 🇭🇳 dedicado al amor hubase.info/zone/0Hubs4lpnKJynmE/vide.html

  • Liston-James Foster
    Liston-James FosterNapja

    imagine POP SMOKE, Chris Brown and Roddy Ricch on one song

  • Badgaltreg


  • Quinten Robinson
    Quinten RobinsonNapja

    Who you know getting 10m in 2 weeks

  • NL X stage
    NL X stageNapja

    Rip woo

  • Lia Bee
    Lia BeeNapja

    I knew this body was too good to be true, it belongs to NOONE

  • JBL productions
    JBL productionsNapja

    too much black !

  • Zina Mangal

    Zina Mangal


    learn the difference between to and too before you say something

  • Lynae Janelle
    Lynae JanelleNapja


  • Toss It Up29
    Toss It Up29Napja

    Dam this go hard! 🔥🔥 Need a video with Breezy doing his thing and showing love to Pop Smoke! He was about to take over! RIP 🙏🙏

  • Nancy Nelsa
    Nancy Nelsa2 napja

    Miss you pop smoke 😭😭

  • Alvaro Narváez

    Alvaro Narváez

    19 órája


  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen2 napja

    RIP Woo

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen2 napja

    Chris brown part fire

  • LaTanya Sutton
    LaTanya Sutton2 napja


  • Jacopo Borghi
    Jacopo Borghi2 napja

    First time: great Second time: absolutely great Third time: I LIKE MY YUMMY YELLLOWWWWWW

  • Hamm Dawg
    Hamm Dawg2 napja

    Chris brown and pop smoke 🖤

  • Sergheyg Torri
    Sergheyg Torri2 napja


  • Elijah Tieties
    Elijah Tieties2 napja

    Its lit🔥🔥!!!

  • Cheyenne Hoskins
    Cheyenne Hoskins2 napja

    chris brown and pop smoke make life chage

  • MaNeL
    MaNeL2 napja


  • MaNeL
    MaNeL2 napja

    I love you so so much pop smok

  • Anas_2004
    Anas_20042 napja


  • Quintox Mulwa
    Quintox Mulwa2 napja


  • ayoub ben
    ayoub ben2 napja

    Null 💤✔️

  • Vandy Store
    Vandy Store2 napja

    very wonderful 💜

  • feex ghi
    feex ghi2 napja


  • senator Droxxy
    senator Droxxy2 napja

    The greatest musician i’ve ever known🔥💔

  • Lil Coolie •
    Lil Coolie •2 napja

    LONG LIVE POP#Forever🥀🕊️

  • Alvaro Narváez
    Alvaro Narváez2 napja

    Best song of the album.

  • ricky strachan
    ricky strachan2 napja

    All ways will be remembered....💯😓

  • Noah’s LEGO Creations
    Noah’s LEGO Creations2 napja

    I pray to God this song will never get overplayed, never known by tiktok, or get old this is a straight bop


    Pop smoke legend 💫 Rest in power

  • Neil Adhikari
    Neil Adhikari2 napja

    Can't deny the efforts CB put on for these🔥

  • Spectract
    Spectract2 napja

    R.I.P the Woo

  • ceant chrisnel
    ceant chrisnel2 napja

    R. I. P pop smoke 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • ceant chrisnel
    ceant chrisnel2 napja

    🎼🎼🎵🎵🎤🎤🎧🎧Pop smoke 4 life

  • وليد XB
    وليد XB2 napja


  • Keith Skitso
    Keith Skitso2 napja

    His death and success just breaks my heart. He was super talented

  • Bene
    Bene2 napja

    Woo Woo Woo

  • Dwight Williams TV
    Dwight Williams TV2 napja

    Big track dat!!!!

  • Luis Tafula
    Luis Tafula2 napja

    Beste song

  • Pedro Correia
    Pedro Correia2 napja

    Neyo vibes

  • Arthur FOSSORIER
    Arthur FOSSORIER2 napja

    Rip Pop Smoke 😭 Best Rappers I love music I am Woo baby

    ABHINAV TM3 napja

    Any one from india 🇮🇳🥵

  • Ryaxn
    Ryaxn3 napja

    My Favorite Song For Pop Smoke , Goat 🐐 amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  • Vaughn Solomon
    Vaughn Solomon3 napja

    Woo bck baby 💯

  • Leanouw_dancew🌈
    Leanouw_dancew🌈3 napja

    Il est pas mort pop smoke

  • Games4Real
    Games4Real3 napja

    this album is soo underated!

  • Raquel Belarmino
    Raquel Belarmino3 napja

    Quem em 2021 escutando esse sonzão?

  • NoahVEVO


    3 napja

    Eu tô escutando de 2036, hitzada.

  • Raquel Belarmino

    Raquel Belarmino

    3 napja

    Kkkk kkkk bom diia



    3 napja

    Boa tarde princesa, eu tô kkkkk

  • M11 Luka
    M11 Luka3 napja

    She thic

  • Yusuf Karacaoglu
    Yusuf Karacaoglu3 napja

    Rip Pop the best smoke

  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft3 napja

    Best Voice ever🕊

  • Nick
    Nick3 napja

    Chris Brown killed it NGL

  • Lucas Zendano
    Lucas Zendano3 napja

    Featuring Chris Brown is a genre in itself.

  • Chantal Ross

    Chantal Ross

    13 órája


  • Puru Agrawal
    Puru Agrawal3 napja

    i started singing so sick but then i threw 3 gang signs up

  • kid rocky
    kid rocky3 napja


  • cleo Ntuli
    cleo Ntuli3 napja

    I think this chorus was the best goodbye to Pop smoke from Chris brown👌👌...your work is Legit Mr Pop smoke

  • ali diop
    ali diop3 napja

    This is the greatest song ever this song alone gets me all the time, makes me wanna just get up and love my girl and know her worth

  • manisha nirmal
    manisha nirmal3 napja

    2 type of G.O.A.T

  • Milton-NBA
    Milton-NBA3 napja


  • kayla jess
    kayla jess3 napja

    Listen to Minefield (prod Slip) by EGO on #SoundCloud soundcloud.app.goo.gl/eVLBg

    NINJA I3 napja

    I’m not lieing

    NINJA I3 napja


  • Reclassic
    Reclassic3 napja

    This Song is way Too underrated it Needs More views

  • GlokzTv



    @Reclassic cuz they fucked it up

  • Reclassic


    3 napja

    @Trend Central Media i know but the Album does Not get enough recognition

  • Trend Central Media

    Trend Central Media

    3 napja

    It's the most viewed song on the album

  • Tay Robs
    Tay Robs3 napja

    c breezy smooth with it tho