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  • Luke Man
    Luke Man8 napja

    What happened to fatty 😢 he’s my idle

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly Jackson10 napja

    Jonah is trash

  • Brendan Lynn
    Brendan Lynn12 napja

    Jonah had the break down on his bike while riding it

  • Alex Kelly
    Alex Kelly13 napja

    8:43 Got you good.

  • rt3 Chikin
    rt3 Chikin19 napja

    I think that this goes to show you that these people have a fundamental misunderstanding of calories in/calories out and fitness in general. It’s kind of sad

  • O O O
    O O OHónapja

    air soft shouldn’t be talking all that shit then bro

  • Definix11

    tjos os my favourite show of all time. please keep going

  • Christopher Chay
    Christopher ChayHónapja

    I need this guy, or someone like him, to help me get out of this rut I'm in. Someone to help me develop mental fortitude

  • Dana Lynch
    Dana LynchHónapja

    Jonah and his superfoods 🙏

  • Madison V
    Madison VHónapja

    Love this show ❤️

  • Jennifer Mcgowan
    Jennifer McgowanHónapja

    David's out Jeff's in❤

  • Muskaan Mann
    Muskaan MannHónapja

    "he spontaneously combusted" PLS LMAOOOOO

  • Ploom

    Airsoft is built like Blastoise

  • Henri S
    Henri SHónapja

    ac separation always sucks pain wise but the healing process is surprisingly quick!

  • Ducky G
    Ducky GHónapja


  • Headphones YT
    Headphones YTHónapja

    F u jeff, ur face is fake. Soccer is as real as ur lazy eye

  • Joscalyn Hocking
    Joscalyn HockingHónapja

    it’s honestly sad to rewatch this known nick was cheating the whole time and airsoft wanted to win

  • Ami Leopard
    Ami LeopardHónapja

    Airsoft sound like naruto. Also me and my mother were just talking about how people who don't exercise for a long time and then start to try to get healthy can actually kill them. I believe because being overweight comes with many health problems and strains on the heart and blood vessels. So when you start to exercise those weakened down muscles, like the heart, and vessels just give out. It's important for people like this to start out slow.

  • Ryan Rai
    Ryan RaiHónapja

    Pleaseee help them lose weight !! It will be so awesome

  • aMonke 2
    aMonke 2Hónapja

    Linkon: thumbs up

  • Lil Reapz
    Lil ReapzHónapja

    Jonah's been a vibe killer man, glad hes gone 🤷‍♂️ You were a comedian hanging with a Karen 🤣

  • Watkins ✔️
    Watkins ✔️Hónapja

    05:45 - posture 101.

  • Benjamin Dunn
    Benjamin DunnHónapja

    Jeff acts like an asshole but actually he is wholesome af.

  • Sydney Antoine
    Sydney AntoineHónapja

    I love Jeff he’s just the best

  • R. Lothbrook
    R. Lothbrook2 hónapja

    Fit to fat to fit?

  • R. Lothbrook
    R. Lothbrook2 hónapja

    Hope to see you back more bud. Its had to have been a rough few months, but I think your moral compass is true. Stay up my guy

  • Martin Skov
    Martin Skov2 hónapja

    This is quality entertainment!

  • Anton JV
    Anton JV3 hónapja

    More of theese with the same pople i love it so much bro!!!

  • ConVally
    ConVally3 hónapja

    Jonna is kinda thick

  • AceFx
    AceFx3 hónapja

    Can someone tell me what brand of glasses Jeff wears?

  • Djscarecrows
    Djscarecrows3 hónapja

    You got this Airsoft 😂😂😂

  • dude! thatsmycar
    dude! thatsmycar3 hónapja

    I love Jeff, its like a big fuck you to David Dobrik who acts like he's all perfect. Jeff is a genuinely great guy.

  • Millie Thomson barter
    Millie Thomson barter3 hónapja


  • nibba rooni
    nibba rooni3 hónapja

    i would do this challenge,but not for the money because it seems like a fun group to exercise with, i would gladly do it

  • kblaze4
    kblaze43 hónapja

    Damn I got the same rollin tray

  • Bmo Cola
    Bmo Cola3 hónapja

    Airsoft sounds like the English Dub version of Naruto

  • Cen
    Cen4 hónapja

    Airsoft Fatty is a literal compulsive liar and a scammer. Please do not do more videos with him. He’s a terrible sexist person too.

  • Nathan Sherman
    Nathan Sherman4 hónapja

    Nice Jeff

  • Amarildo Zefi
    Amarildo Zefi4 hónapja

    Jeff your incredible man the stuff you make keeps getting better and better you making vardan and his fat Armenian friend fight made me reminisce about old times me making my cousins fight each other lmaoooo your a legend keep up the good work!

  • Amarildo Zefi
    Amarildo Zefi4 hónapja

    Lmfaooooooooooooo joint

  • sem juffermans
    sem juffermans4 hónapja

    He is the Guy from Fortnite slurp juice

  • Ccomando0
    Ccomando04 hónapja

    Dude is not 15 bro, he's like an HBO teenager

  • Idiotic Tornado
    Idiotic Tornado4 hónapja

    I dont like jonah idk why

  • WillA
    WillA4 hónapja

    The kid at 5.19 is tragic.

  • WillA
    WillA4 hónapja

    There is no way that guy is 15... He looks like a fucking hairy man.

  • Priscilla Mai
    Priscilla Mai4 hónapja

    Is it just me or when Jeff told Vardan not to take drugs from strangers. The first thing that came to my mind was when David told Vardan “Don’t take drugs from strangers unless there free”

  • Tobey Maguire
    Tobey Maguire4 hónapja

    “I’m starting to get worried about having this guy in my house”

  • Aidan Bushe
    Aidan Bushe4 hónapja

    Vardon went from sewgull to LION with his voice

  • Butter kuchenyummyumm
    Butter kuchenyummyumm4 hónapja

    Lincolns makes no sense at all parts made me crack tf up

  • Johnny Allen Shane Prater
    Johnny Allen Shane Prater4 hónapja

    All I can say is playback speed .05x at 4:09

  • Johnny Allen Shane Prater
    Johnny Allen Shane Prater4 hónapja

    This guy made 500k in the past 2 years and hes 15.. *Pulls out phone*

  • Jackie Treehorn
    Jackie Treehorn4 hónapja

    15? Dudes at least 30

  • Mason Meier
    Mason Meier4 hónapja

    Lincoln with the rolling tray when they pull up to the Airbnb 💀🤣🤣🐐

  • Fross
    Fross4 hónapja

    This is so disrespectful. Seriously you want people to lose weight but you sit there and mock them even when they are doing everything they can.

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown4 hónapja

    Jeff you gotta teach them to cook

  • Matt Dennen
    Matt Dennen4 hónapja

    wow i wonder why LA county has all the hospitals full

  • jennyisabel_
    jennyisabel_4 hónapja

    Can you do this with vardan

  • marissa garvin
    marissa garvin4 hónapja

    I hella wanna lose weight dude I feel like dying everyday I weigh 305 pounds and I just turned 20 I NEED HELP PLEASE

  • ozzy osborne
    ozzy osborne4 hónapja

    youtube doesn’t want to see people doing good in the community. for instance, jeffs beefy boyz vlogs. fuck youtube and their censorship

  • Die Lara
    Die Lara4 hónapja

    Omg I can't stop loving bc of the preview for the next episode Jeff you are a genius :D

  • Raul Coboa
    Raul Coboa4 hónapja


  • Raul Coboa
    Raul Coboa4 hónapja

    Let me loss weight I’m fat ass fuck but I don’t give up i live in Texas tx me


    i love this show

  • The Eric Barber
    The Eric Barber4 hónapja

    As a huge Airsoft fan, I love this series. You've outdone yourself Jeff! Great work!

  • im slippykid
    im slippykid4 hónapja

    Big respect for airsoft for being a good sport all throughout. Pun not intended

  • English US
    English US4 hónapja


  • CDubs27
    CDubs274 hónapja

    Nobody: Lincoln: 👌

  • king robert Chavez
    king robert Chavez4 hónapja

    i want to do this 😁

  • NSF Nexx
    NSF Nexx4 hónapja

    You gotta help Jonah's brother no one wants to end up like Jonah's so he can hold back his temper and be calm healthy and not get shamed

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams4 hónapja


  • Cabe Masters
    Cabe Masters4 hónapja

    Vardon friend helly sus

  • Brown Recidivist
    Brown Recidivist4 hónapja

    Airsoft should fast for 30 days lol

  • Mariana Harding
    Mariana Harding4 hónapja

    Does anyone know when the next video is coming out

  • FranDaMan
    FranDaMan4 hónapja

    bro wheres the final episode

  • Lara Johnston
    Lara Johnston4 hónapja

    why are their masks?

  • MO
    MO5 hónapja

    Vardon looks like a grown man wtf

  • little lew
    little lew5 hónapja

    Lincoln (hell yeah)

  • Aiden Mosier
    Aiden Mosier5 hónapja

    Air soft is so inspirational except when he smokes

  • Drex Skywalker
    Drex Skywalker5 hónapja

    that doctor a smokeshow

  • Robert Braden
    Robert Braden5 hónapja

    its better than him getting a heart attack

  • Charlie Parker
    Charlie Parker5 hónapja

    “Do you really want me to tell the story of my friend dying last month” like wtf😂

  • George Holmes
    George Holmes5 hónapja

    Next episode??

  • Emiliano rodriguez
    Emiliano rodriguez5 hónapja

    Lincoln is a true comedy hero.

  • tyler goodman
    tyler goodman5 hónapja

    fucking love all of yall. slow and steady wins the race bois

  • luv Jaydvn
    luv Jaydvn5 hónapja

    you should get over wait

    HAHA JOKER TIME5 hónapja

    He is right dude has always been skinny

  • Austin Joy
    Austin Joy5 hónapja

    Yo I’m fucking done he asked “what does airsoft drink” I hope that was legit because he’s a homie 😂

  • Kilzz Tv
    Kilzz Tv5 hónapja

    Air soft sounds like naruto

  • American Ricer
    American Ricer5 hónapja

    Honestly I think that this has finally inspired me to do it I’m still some what skinny ig but I’ve gained 30 some pounds in a few months so I need to get down at least 25

  • CcOLaGeN
    CcOLaGeN5 hónapja

    Hey Jeff if you really want to make these guys loose weight make them smoke a pack of darts a day I can 100% confirm it do work.

  • jonathan rodimon
    jonathan rodimon5 hónapja

    Jonah physical pisses me off

  • Zee R
    Zee R5 hónapja

    How can we fight HUbase with you? The Beefy Boys' voices need to be heard. This channel is a gold mine, an untapped gold mine because HUbase is a hater and doesn't like individualism or creativity, just something that'll give them numbers. Shame on them. Love this series. Keep fighting the good fight Jeff, El Jeffe.

  • Puna Paahana
    Puna Paahana5 hónapja

    Jeff looks like John wick with those glasses

  • Cierra Youngs
    Cierra Youngs5 hónapja

    4:49 - “I just saw two women that are my type” - airsoft 😩😂😂😂

  • mason hook
    mason hook5 hónapja

    The kid died?

  • Taha Maknoo
    Taha Maknoo5 hónapja

    Jeff going all in w/ this series

  • rach3000 rach3000
    rach3000 rach30005 hónapja

    Where did the next video of beefy boys go??

  • 6RiNGS
    6RiNGS5 hónapja

    Lmao Jeff socked Vardon

  • A Random Kid
    A Random Kid5 hónapja

    RIP Airsoft

  • formallygallo
    formallygallo5 hónapja