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@Alex Warren
@Scotty Sire

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Simon Rex

Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva

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@Christian Guiton

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Nathan Speiser

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  • Daisy Eaton
    Daisy EatonNapja

    Jeff was soooo cute when he did that Christian Bale-like dance, as he grabbed the tv for the shampoo bit. As for the bit 😬so hard to watch. Scripted or not and him knowing it's coming wouldn't cancel out how embarrassing it is. He exudes such a leather face vibes... It seems like he is the type of person that has a fucking shrine in a closet somewhere..

  • Dakota
    Dakota2 napja

    8:58 you can just tell his voice is sooo forced.

  • Madi Arabella
    Madi Arabella6 napja

    Jeff is the best for exposing alex

  • Micah B.
    Micah B.7 napja

    Wow, Jeff was still being loyal to David after he almost killed him

  • Jackson Silva

    Jackson Silva

    3 napja

    he probably paid him off

  • GrizzleyWorld RP
    GrizzleyWorld RP8 napja

    He got canceled shit crazy

  • Alvin Sai
    Alvin Sai8 napja

    Hell yea! Jeff killed David's copycat 😀

  • Emily deSilva
    Emily deSilva12 napja

    Why does he say he’s 19 sometimes and 29 other times?

  • Emily deSilva

    Emily deSilva


    @alexandria which age is the joke though?

  • alexandria


    11 napja

    its a joke ma'am

  • cobalt blu
    cobalt blu13 napja

    Alex was a good sport!

  • Victor Garza
    Victor Garza15 napja

    It’s funny how Alex Wareen says fat ass friend when he’s fatter

  • Boggy_91 Svechnikov
    Boggy_91 Svechnikov15 napja

    I'm a goofy lil puss lol. His Jonah rip off friend Papper face was priceless lol.

  • Shantel Garcia
    Shantel Garcia16 napja

    How is anyone now talking about Jason and jonah. So random and hilarious 😂

  • Jack Lavelle
    Jack Lavelle16 napja

    Dude was gutting his dog

  • Jack Lavelle
    Jack Lavelle16 napja

    In my head I knew his show was seeming like Eric Andre but I didn’t hit me until he said it haha.

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo19 napja

    Love the American Psycho theme 🤣

  • TK
    TK21 napja

    I’m so confused. Jeff says he’s 19 but google says he’s 31.

  • alexandria


    11 napja

    its a joke bro

  • dictatorofneptune
    dictatorofneptune22 napja

    What if we wake up one day and he IS David? This isn’t funny. You guys need to take this more seriously and you guys also need Jesus.

  • f s
    f s22 napja

    I feel sorry for the people unfamiliar with the movie. Those references were hilarious.

  • Nathalye Alvarado
    Nathalye Alvarado23 napja

    Calvin just sitting there like 😁😁

  • Roland Deschein
    Roland Deschein23 napja

    i was wondering if he was inspired by eric andre.

  • Char
    Char27 napja

    5:00 You mean resonated??

  • Max Barker
    Max Barker29 napja


  • shannon parcell
    shannon parcell29 napja

    This is disgusting to me. Just have David on the show and have him own up to his f*ck ups. That's INCLUDING your face, Jeff.

  • Michel Covarrubias
    Michel Covarrubias29 napja

    Strong Always Sunny vibes

  • Carlee Ferguson
    Carlee FergusonHónapja

    When he said “resembled with David” instead of “resonated with David” 😅

  • Richard dean
    Richard deanHónapja

    Do you have a License to cut hair , did you go to barber college?

  • griffin Kay
    griffin KayHónapja

    Lmaooo i like how after this vid Alex dropped the David mannurisms

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob WilsonHónapja

    Love the American psycho parody at the start lol

  • viola

    so is he actually not doing the barbershop anymore or is he trolling again?

  • Erin Jude
    Erin JudeHónapja

    watching this with the context of everything that has happened is very interesting


    Bro this is genius

  • Theresa Pinpin
    Theresa PinpinHónapja

    me watching this after the doc🥺 he’s so amazing after everything he’s been through

  • Larissa Reyes
    Larissa ReyesHónapja

    he even talks like david like his even voice sounds like david talking

  • Cristina Varona
    Cristina VaronaHónapja

    "I really resembled with David." Um no.

  • Cristina Varona
    Cristina VaronaHónapja

    Jeff Wittek's videos are the only videos where I actually look forward to his commercials. THIS ONE IS BY FAR, THE BEST I'VE SEEN. EVER. 🔪🔪

  • ponyeet

    this was actually really funny

  • Ami

    The only sponsor ad I would watch a thousand times

  • eduardo mendoza
    eduardo mendozaHónapja

    Spine.... less

  • Johnathan Godinez
    Johnathan GodinezHónapja

    Hold up. IS HE ACTUALLY 19!!!

  • Isabelfak Yeee
    Isabelfak YeeeHónapja

    Jeff! the American pyscho theme was sick I lived for it BUT that blood splattered on him was hot ngl

  • VonEZ

    great video, much success

  • Mohamad Morjan
    Mohamad MorjanHónapja

    I have been saying this is obviously eric andre i inspired for a year now and im so happy it got confirmed lmao

  • Boggy_91 Svechnikov
    Boggy_91 SvechnikovHónapja

    Jeff didnt give a crap about what Alex had 2 say lol. His death stare said it all lol

  • druglords

    Bro even the sponser add is so funny

  • Madison Maestas
    Madison MaestasHónapja

    hi i love you

  • TV

    MIke’s funny asf 😭

  • BBOYY588

    Literally did copy Eric Andre

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus RodriguezHónapja

    This dude sounds exactly like David

  • Jennifer Mcgowan
    Jennifer McgowanHónapja

    #netflix give this man a role

  • Connor Coughlin
    Connor CoughlinHónapja

    I love how this kid openly admits how his whole entire personality is from youtube

  • Lydia Joyce
    Lydia JoyceHónapja

    Jeff is so fucking funny

  • Megan Pennington
    Megan PenningtonHónapja

    I can't help but think that Jeff would make one sexy horror film villain.

  • Rafey Mueller

    Rafey Mueller

    13 napja

    He kinda resembles young Jared Leto

  • Lucille M.

    Lucille M.


    IK 😩

  • Adriana



    you were thinking it, i was thinking it, we were all thinking it. 😶😭😭

  • John Michael
    John MichaelHónapja

    Jeff doing American Psycho is the best thing ever

  • alejandro armendariz
    alejandro armendarizHónapja


  • Telisa

    No joke... Remake an updated American Psycho and cast Jeff in Bateman's Lead Role. I love Jeff but he does have the cold, dead inside, scary eyes and is good looking af. It is a perfect role for Jeff!! 💕

  • Brook

    He sounds like him and talks like him. It’s so uncomfortable

  • sadie Welch
    sadie WelchHónapja

    this is the hottest you have looked jeff

  • Elyza Copeland
    Elyza CopelandHónapja

    Is this his way of saying he wish he could kill the real David bc of his eye and resentment that’s been built up

  • Idalia Jimenez
    Idalia JimenezHónapja


  • ok

    this is the perfect character for jeff

  • Brittany Thompson
    Brittany ThompsonHónapja

    This is giving me adult swim vibes

  • Matthew rivers
    Matthew riversHónapja

    The picture of David with a fat face 😭😂

  • pink pegasus
    pink pegasusHónapja

    LMAOO the attention to detail they got a skeleton of nerf

  • pink pegasus
    pink pegasusHónapja

    why is the guy on the couch blurry it's giving me anxiety

  • Meredith Nolte
    Meredith NolteHónapja

    That Alex kid seems like the rich kid that nobody likes who tries way too hard. But people hang around him for the bennies

  • Jennifer Mcgowan
    Jennifer McgowanHónapja

    Watching this now just hits different. I love you Jeff

  • Jennifer Mcgowan
    Jennifer McgowanHónapja

    Hearing him now makes me so sad for him.

  • Stephanie Tate
    Stephanie TateHónapja

    Omg he’s even copied his voice

  • Donutluver22

    I think it’s funny when they rigged the lie detector 🤣😂 to everything is a lie

  • chishoEX

    Jeff here had to cap so hard about his age lolol

  • eb

    “I really resembled with David” pls don’t use words you don’t know how to use correctly.

  • Disnetic

    Fav video on HUbase DEADASS!!

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel GarciaHónapja

    He’s not 19 lmao

  • karenn gutierrez
    karenn gutierrezHónapja

    He wants to be David but looks like jonah

  • Boggy_91 Svechnikov
    Boggy_91 SvechnikovHónapja

    How the hell did Alex agree 2 doing this video ? Lol dude was literally speechless and didn't know what 2 say lol. Nice investigation work guys.

  • Boggy_91 Svechnikov

    Boggy_91 Svechnikov


    Hey check out his recent videos. I guess jeff and jonah scared him. He totally changed his laugh and sounds Joker like lol

  • Boggy_91 Svechnikov

    Boggy_91 Svechnikov


    @F S Haircut hmmm yeah sure why not. Lol was nice seeing him cringe at those questions. He had nowhere 2 run and was exposed as a copycat lol

  • F S

    F S


    He probably didn't know they'd confront him about stuff lol

  • James Quinn
    James QuinnHónapja

    Finally! Yes you copied Eric Andre

  • moonstarcrest27

    even his voice sounds a bit like David’s.... it’s so disturbing I actually think he should seek psychological help for stealing a personality, mannerisms, and everything from another living person

  • Olivia Hamilton
    Olivia HamiltonHónapja

    why does david use swav kids shampoo.. weird

  • Olivia Hamilton
    Olivia HamiltonHónapja

    these are pretty common titles they both just shitty vloggers their all ther same david didnt creat it

  • Brian Sutton
    Brian SuttonHónapja

    ok I was like maybe this all is just really a crazy coincidence but the suave kids.... hell no this kid is actually crazy

  • Katie Lamirand
    Katie LamirandHónapja

    Your stuff is so dang cool.

  • Tomoe Kulka
    Tomoe KulkaHónapja

    Are we not going to talk about how good the sponsor bit was

  • hunterbarnes77



    And his Patrick Bateman walk!

  • warnnertaylor01

    I think this is the same guy that went to sneaker con back in 2019 and acted like a little bitch to my then “ girlfriends cousin” for his “high price shoes”. 🤣

  • Woahh Maya
    Woahh MayaHónapja

    Jeff needs a show on Adult Swim 😂

  • Mahmudul Alam Zisan
    Mahmudul Alam ZisanHónapja

    scott saying he is excited to be back in this room with jeff makes more sense after the 3rd episode of the docu series.

  • ossiferfunk

    Dude he even does the tongue out thing

  • mystery

    It’s watching not washin btw im in fifth grade

  • shush



    he did that on purpose kid. also you shouldn't be washin this in fifth grade. go play fortnite

  • mystery

    I lowkey feel bad for alex 😂😂

  • Moon Dal
    Moon DalHónapja

    The fact that they didn’t tell him to stop copying david but to copy someone cooler ☠️☠️

  • Sierra Erwin
    Sierra ErwinHónapja

    This is better than jerry springer 👏🏻

  • Question Mark
    Question MarkHónapja

    The people didn't appreciate the American Psycho intro... Edit: Unfortunately, Jeff was afraid people wouldn't know what the intro was and had to mention it. Boooooo

  • Jennifer Mcgowan

    Jennifer Mcgowan


    His true fans did❤

  • ossiferfunk

    Legit psycho. What a freak AND ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. Legit it’s disturbing. I cannot watch Alex’s videos it’s just too weird... I wonder if he will change back to normal once David is fully cancelled lol

  • Stupid Cupid

    Stupid Cupid


    David isn't going to be fully canceled as long as he keeps posting hell eventually gain his sponsors back like Logan paul did

  • JZ 38
    JZ 38Hónapja

    I can't believe this piece of shit stabbed his dog.

  • Boy Bothered
    Boy BotheredHónapja


  • Toni

    Anyone can tell me the song in the background 2:13

  • klowen29

    Ok Jeff you’re a genius...this content is freaking hilarious

  • Emily Huckaby
    Emily HuckabyHónapja

    NINETEEN ???

  • Emily Huckaby
    Emily HuckabyHónapja


  • JC

    watching a second time bcos its so gd

  • Chloe Camp
    Chloe CampHónapja

    Alex totally got busted riding david's videos, knowing the algorithm will pull similar titles can see how he's trying to come up with a response to whatever they're going to say after. And that flush though....

  • Chloe Camp
    Chloe CampHónapja

    Jeff wins sponsor ad of the decade in my book.