I DRAW what AI 'Smart Assistants' tell me to... *Hilarious!!*

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  • Couch Protato
    Couch Protato15 órája

    ive never seen eyes so dark blue

  • Ahsoka_simp471

    Amy is based

  • J.O.S. Official
    J.O.S. OfficialNapja

    16:27 what the cow say 😂

  • Ava Mellett
    Ava MellettNapja

    jazza: do you like what i made cortana: im not really sure but i know what the cow says jazza: ......she knows wha the cow says sh..... jazza: WHAT YOUR FAVORITE COLOR WHAT DOSE THE COW SAY alexa: i dont have a answer to that one his neighbour: says silently what dose the cow say?

  • Ava Mellett

    Ava Mellett


    me very late lol

  • TouchSomeGrass

    My mom’s name is Amy and she works for amazon…😀

  • Chloe Clarke
    Chloe Clarke3 napja

    This is amazingly chaotic 😂🙏🏼

  • XxFlower_DogsxX
    XxFlower_DogsxX4 napja

    my google assistant likes to flirt with my dad when my mom isnt here

    QUEEN XD4 napja

    Please don't laugh

  • Padfoot 09
    Padfoot 095 napja

    Phucking Hillarious

  • dkae92
    dkae926 napja

    Can you please give rug tufting a go so I don’t have to

  • Tim Rizzo
    Tim Rizzo6 napja

    Lost it with Amy.

  • Emmanuel Gapud
    Emmanuel Gapud7 napja

    13:41 I laughed so hard I snorted

  • wolvesareredandblack midnight Oscar and suger
    wolvesareredandblack midnight Oscar and suger7 napja

    Can you do another of this one 😂😂🤣

  • Sophie Plays
    Sophie Plays8 napja

    His neighbour when he came out and smashed his phone be like: *what in the world is wrong with that man*

  • Lyra lou
    Lyra lou9 napja

    Kally "I don't understand" *plays random music*

  • kitten
    kitten10 napja

    "Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour" comment I nearly completely lost it. Too funny

  • PuppiesAreCute4519
    PuppiesAreCute451911 napja

    I got a jazza skillshare ad before that

  • helloworld
    helloworld11 napja

    my google home keeps going off

  • ZX81v2
    ZX81v211 napja

    The thumbs up is just for the destruction value alone lol

  • Jeske Kadijk
    Jeske Kadijk12 napja

    The patience needed for this challenge

  • Ratchet 926
    Ratchet 92612 napja

    Alexa can be Sam L Jackson

  • Just me ScøttieLoL
    Just me ScøttieLoL12 napja

    I felt stupid because I thought he was actually saying the names but I saw the lip syncing lmao

  • Florence Moldero Negro
    Florence Moldero Negro13 napja

    "thats why no one likes you Bixby" reminds me of Tomioka.

  • Chexmix6
    Chexmix613 napja

    I heard "hat on my sleeve" XD

  • Abhiram Chatla(Student)
    Abhiram Chatla(Student)14 napja

    do it again

  • julieta gazzoni
    julieta gazzoni15 napja

    This video still cracks me up

  • Jessica Wynn
    Jessica Wynn15 napja

    That was hilarious 😂

  • Hayley Wadley
    Hayley Wadley16 napja

    I have a google in my room and every time he said google it turned on !!

  • Daily Questions
    Daily Questions16 napja

    'Hey Cortana how'd that feel?' - Jazza (2020)

  • Kali Wong
    Kali Wong16 napja

    omg i am so freaked out by this because my name is kali and i would like that haircut and my favorite color is blue

  • HaxDestroyer
    HaxDestroyer16 napja

    8:36 among us

    POLANDball SEAWEED 17 napja

    use bloody instead of the f word

  • Superchick221B
    Superchick221B17 napja

    Is he unaware that Cortana is already an existing character? She is an AI from the videogame HALO, and the one in the game and the one on your device are the same... try asking Cortana personal questions about Master Chief sometimes... or waffles, she seems to like waffles. P.S. No wonder she likes space and Mars, she's from space... though not specifically Mars.

  • Tristan Vliet
    Tristan Vliet18 napja

    You killed her you monster

  • Emmanuel Francis
    Emmanuel Francis18 napja

    When he said Amy the know-it-all, the first thing that came to my mind was Amy Santiago from Brooklyn 99

  • Big Amateur
    Big Amateur18 napja

    Cortana did not deserve that, Jazza....

  • Sydney Robertson
    Sydney Robertson19 napja

    Also you look like the British version of Chrisley off of “Chrisley Knows Best”

  • Sydney Robertson
    Sydney Robertson19 napja

    This might be my favorite video on the internet

  • Maeleigh Randolph
    Maeleigh Randolph19 napja

    Look at the bottom right corner at 3:08, the editor said r.i.p.

  • Krpto
    Krpto19 napja

    I saw a jazza ad before this video

  • project sidewinder
    project sidewinder20 napja

    jazza: she knows what the cow says Also jazza: WHATS YOU FAVORITE COLOR WHAT DID THE COW SAY

  • Goerge The Awesome Ocelot
    Goerge The Awesome Ocelot21 napja

    Anybody else get a Skillshare ad with jazza in it before the video?

  • finn goreeph booty
    finn goreeph booty21 napja

    '''your a smart ares'' [music plays] that part nearly made me cry of laphter

  • Hunter Pritoni
    Hunter Pritoni22 napja

    Ohs do you your favor to do a quick call 📱 at a Roku restaurant at irwtttrr street and we w yurt I do have to do it in a lot of work but I have a lot of work done and I need a lot to work out and I can’t work until work tomorrow and then I’ll have to work tomorrow but it will work out 💪🏽 and I’ll do the same as a couple hours later if you have any time I will do that for dinner and a few of to do it all the way up there to get the stuff out of the Roku I can’t do anything for the day and the next week and

  • CreeperGirl YT
    CreeperGirl YT22 napja

    Omg iron giant brings back memories of when I was littler 🥺

  • Shan Rahman
    Shan Rahman23 napja

    whoa!!!!!! Jazza Rage Monster '

  • Arieth Ninja
    Arieth Ninja23 napja

    This was really funny! Have you shared with Twitter tagging the AI's :) Also, they have prob updated in the last year, give them another shot!

  • LydiasNightmare
    LydiasNightmare23 napja

    Does Jazza have purple eyes?

  • gabriel morgen
    gabriel morgen24 napja

    that was your best video!

  • Alondra Gonzalez
    Alondra Gonzalez24 napja

    Hi 👋 friends 🥰

  • Alexis Wilkerson
    Alexis Wilkerson24 napja

    My name is Alexis 😥

  • pizzababy 68 :3 pizza + baby = pizzababy
    pizzababy 68 :3 pizza + baby = pizzababy25 napja

    Every single time that the camera zooms in I say a wild jazz has appeared and I've said it so many times hahahaha

  • Random Fun 007
    Random Fun 00726 napja

    Try Samsung's Samantha :3

  • LizzybellGaming
    LizzybellGaming26 napja

    you activated my google and it blared music...help

  • Stella Mosca
    Stella Mosca27 napja

    You should ask Siri to flip a coin

  • Magicorn :)
    Magicorn :)27 napja

    Jazza: "Hey John, do you like my drawing?" John: "I didn't understand that." Jazza: "Hey John, do you like what I made?" John: "I didn't understand that." Jazza: "Hey John, I want you to make me feel good." John: "I didn't understand that." Jazza: "Hey John, do you understand this? 👱🏻‍♂️🖕🏻 John: *"I understand you loud and clear."*

  • San
    San27 napja

    Club penguin was the place to be letsbehonesthere

  • Max Brogan2008
    Max Brogan200827 napja

    I could just imagine being in my room and here a door violently open and someone runs out and screams “I DON’T CARE WHAT THE COW SAYS”

  • Teal Mahogany
    Teal Mahogany28 napja

    Did you seriously just smash a phone?

    NATEBUCKO28 napja

    Jazza: I’m going this close to losing it Me: well they aren’t watching you all the time…

  • Levis stop motion videos
    Levis stop motion videos29 napja

    "I Understand you loud and clearly."

  • Joseph
    Joseph29 napja

    Woah, Siri has a different response to the “favorite color” question now? I just tested it, and I’m really surprised. Who else remembers when it was a “sort of greenish color, but with more dimensions.”

  • Mobile Master
    Mobile Master29 napja

    10:09 if your on mobile and you flip the screen, the subscribe button is exactly where his head is 😏😉

  • Chancina Kilburn
    Chancina KilburnHónapja

    Not only are you an amazing artist that always gives me inspiration, but u also make me smile everytime time I watch one of your video's...... Thank you for just being you ! Lol and yes I did tear up a little from this video 🤣 s**t was funny ....

  • Olivia Jones
    Olivia JonesHónapja

    5:40 is my favourite bit and it gets me every. single. time.

  • HiLEL

    Me when I lose to a bot 16:22

  • cb Gonzales
    cb GonzalesHónapja

    Jazza: hey Jhon do you understand this (middle finger) Jhon: yes I understand loud and clear Me: (laughs and dies for 5 minutes minutes)

  • jef

    Wait he has purple eyes

  • chaya tarenskeen
    chaya tarenskeenHónapja

    love this video it is awsome

  • Kerry Roulston
    Kerry RoulstonHónapja

    Alexa does talk alot

  • Siel Sounds
    Siel SoundsHónapja

    I just found your channel and have watched at least 5 videos and can't wait to watch more!!!

  • Aimeegoose yo i am your biggest fan second account
    Aimeegoose yo i am your biggest fan second accountHónapja

    You did

  • Angie Muhm
    Angie MuhmHónapja

    I’m deing of laughter

  • Pitt _Boss1
    Pitt _Boss1Hónapja

    The fact the I get a skillshare AD from Jazza is just... WOW!!!

  • Julia Angeron
    Julia AngeronHónapja

    "I like movies then do with friendship of robots and humans." His favorite movie is Eden, dont ask.

  • troyg1337

    Wow....this video literally had me in tears fkin hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • KingBloxxy

    16:20 Why did Jazza go crazy bc of an cow?

  • Unicorn Dazzle
    Unicorn DazzleHónapja

    I'm not gonna lie i was watching the video and there was a skill share ad and it was yours...

  • Sugilite EX
    Sugilite EXHónapja


  • Teresa Bautista
    Teresa BautistaHónapja


  • Half A Mind
    Half A MindHónapja

    🐄 🐮 😄

  • basically I’m a potato
    basically I’m a potatoHónapja

    Courtney: I know what the cow says *angry hammering intensifies*

  • Ben10_cubes

    i was just watching until an ad about skillshare popped up and kazza was talking in it LOL XD

  • Michiel Boerjan
    Michiel BoerjanHónapja

    For Callie you should have drawn yourself eating a pie 😅

  • Kaps

    When he said alexa my alexa was like YES!?

  • Richard Draws Stuff
    Richard Draws StuffHónapja

    RIP Qortana...

  • HermitCrab9450


  • Indira Basu
    Indira BasuHónapja

    lol, i have an alexa and when Jazza called out to his, mine was like "sorry, i can't understand that"

  • Bananas _in_ pyjamas
    Bananas _in_ pyjamasHónapja

    Yesssss some one who remembers iron giant

  • Slater Hall
    Slater HallHónapja


  • alfietta


  • Colin Lawrence
    Colin LawrenceHónapja

    8:07 - 8:16 I’m dying

  • Janani A S
    Janani A SHónapja

    The dedication to this channel is incredible - Jazza sacrifices his privacy to create online content

  • Mc Groovi
    Mc GrooviHónapja

    Can’t believe these ai’s actually have some level of personality

  • Geo H
    Geo HHónapja

    They're all funny 😂

  • Alexis Mitchell
    Alexis MitchellHónapja

    I actually liked Cortana most.

  • Juniper Wait
    Juniper WaitHónapja

    Jazza kinda scares me nowadays 😕

  • Sam -Y
    Sam -YHónapja

    Did anyone notice that every drawing begins with drawing a circle?

  • Kiki_1987

    Has he got violet eyes? 😍

  • Coby Greenlake
    Coby GreenlakeHónapja

    Cortney likes the movie Marshan.