Model S Plaid Delivery Event

The only thing beyond Ludicrous is Plaid

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    TESLA MODEL X10 órája

    Others be like: Lets upgrade and give people ps5 Elon be like: Lets upgrade and give people a ps5 level gaming car

    TESLA MODEL X10 órája

    For some time i forgot that this is a car Somene playing cyberpunk in a car? That is insane! I can easily spend days in this car man i love it❤️

  • Unknown Somebody
    Unknown Somebody16 órája

    One thing I know for sure, Elon did not do his hair.

  • kirito

    No ads on this event ... cool

  • Romania Films
    Romania FilmsNapja

    "Faster than any Porsche Safer than any Volvo" ❤️❤️🖤🖤 Elon musk

  • Awesome Nick47
    Awesome Nick472 napja

    I love elon

  • Extra Space
    Extra Space3 napja

    Such a loveable person, on top of that, saving the planet and humanity.. Just living at the same time as him makes us go to history!

  • siddharth Ganager
    siddharth Ganager3 napja

    Sir r u try to make a Tesla SUV 🚙 FOR OFF ROADING

  • Siim Tulev
    Siim Tulev3 napja

    This guy looks pretty much like Negan in the beginning.

  • Tjzhdicfh Getfjt
    Tjzhdicfh Getfjt3 napja

    The verdant fridge temporally burn because mallet superfamily fry within a hallowed machine. cruel, uppity magic

  • Danny
    Danny3 napja

    Elon! 🤘

  • Mr. Vile
    Mr. Vile3 napja

    How is from Russia ? Elon says that there are a lot of fast charging for Tesla around the world, but in Russia there are very few of them.You agree with me ?

  • Uttam Samanta
    Uttam Samanta4 napja


  • Laarni magbanua
    Laarni magbanua4 napja

    A 4 door car that can kick the ass of a sportscar... Thats unfair elon...

  • Laarni magbanua
    Laarni magbanua4 napja

    Thats an alien tech... Insane enginering by tesla.. Cant wait for the roadster..

  • Caygill's
    Caygill's4 napja

    When will you break the production car record at Nurburgring?

  • Clifford Chetty
    Clifford Chetty4 napja

    Hands down...This is the way to go!

  • Shakil Kadir
    Shakil Kadir5 napja

    ordering one now

  • Monster gamerz

    Monster gamerz

    5 napja

    India Mai nahi hai lórâ

  • Ricky Stevens
    Ricky Stevens6 napja

    can’t believe I have to say this, but, no, all input is not error. Input is input. It’s literally the expression of what you want to do. Suggesting that input is error suggests a lack of respect or even an outright contempt for the human beings that choose to drive the car you’re trying to sell. - Jalopnik

  • ßurst infinite
    ßurst infinite6 napja

    Lesssss go I am the 2 millionth subscriber

  • Imran Afridi
    Imran Afridi6 napja

    Every Century has a 1 Human which is extra ordinary, Elon is the One of 21st Century. I don't know If He is in real a Human or someone from Space but Unique in everyway 🤔🧐🔬👍 There should be a PHD on Elon Musk.

  • sc1338
    sc13386 napja

    USA baby

  • sc1338
    sc13386 napja

    Leave China Tesla! You’re wasting your time sucking up to a totalitarian genocidal regime. You know they never allow a western company to actually succeed

  • Rolls Royz
    Rolls Royz7 napja

    Is he ok ?

  • Vysakh Charuvila
    Vysakh Charuvila7 napja

    Long live the IC Engines..

  • Roman Schmitz
    Roman Schmitz7 napja

    11:05 What about the VW XL1?

  • DAR 9
    DAR 98 napja


  • iDinDuNuffin
    iDinDuNuffin8 napja

    Elon was literally giving them a chance to cheer on a silver platter when he concluded that Tesla has literally made the safest and fastest production car ever... on renewable energy.. ever. Mind you did I say “ever”

  • spookwave
    spookwave8 napja

    if tesla keeps up with the demand for more tesla vehicles, the earth will run out of lithium thus forcing you guys to find a way to store more energy whilst using as low batteries as possible, if you don't get what I'm trying to say here then, ok.

  • mesterrobika. mr
    mesterrobika. mr8 napja

    Dont buy xbox. Just buy a Tesla instead. Xd

  • Gopi_R
    Gopi_R8 napja

    Elon's Entry is pretty much similar to the one done by Tony Stark in Endgame. Tony in E-Tron , Elon in Model S Plaid. Same kinda track entry..!

  • Pradeep P
    Pradeep P8 napja

    Tony Stark.............

  • Robero Nozza
    Robero Nozza8 napja

    Love your tesla model s plaid

  • Sachin Fernando
    Sachin Fernando8 napja

    Elon is Humble than Nowaday insta models.😂❤️

  • Demsin Garcia
    Demsin Garcia8 napja

    Es extraño ver un video de tesla del propio canal de tesla jeje. Por si alguien se le pega las ganas de ver los contrarios, alguna vez se han preguntando que si ademas del freno de regeneración se le agrega a la suspensión alguna pieza para recuperar energía con el sube y baja de la misma, se podrían vender en latinoamericana con los "baches" que nos cargamos jeje.

  • Souvik Roy
    Souvik Roy9 napja

    3:37 entry like a BOSS!


    Elon mask sir please add solar system in your tesla cars I love tesla car model 's' ❤

  • Mudaro 222
    Mudaro 2229 napja

    1.020 HP?? Wow

  • Danimal Planet
    Danimal Planet9 napja

    There's an irony in playing a driving/riding simulation video game while sitting in a car that you could actually be driving, but paid a fortune to not have to.

  • Pati Patu
    Pati Patu10 napja

    16:58 well that's kinda scary

  • Black Owl
    Black Owl10 napja

    This guy is so smart, he should start a space rocket company

  • Noah Becker

    Noah Becker

    6 napja

    Wow ur funny

  • PlaxyVoid
    PlaxyVoid11 napja

    PS5 performance 😎

    SHREYAS11 napja

    Your intelligence is my common sense - Elon Musk

  • Simas Vala
    Simas Vala12 napja

    E.M. presentational format: content over form

  • KhaiShengYap
    KhaiShengYap12 napja

    Elon Musk need to learn how to present :D

  • Lex Lew
    Lex Lew12 napja

    Elon is back on stage again!

  • C0cA1nA
    C0cA1nA12 napja

    I hope one day Uzbekistan will see Tesla cars and Tesla products

  • A boogie Without the Hoodie
    A boogie Without the Hoodie12 napja

    He's definitely an Alien👽

  • Jeff Bastian
    Jeff Bastian13 napja

    Since the company started I have always been a huge fan of Tesla, I remember geeking out over all the tech when they show off their automated factory on one TV docu-series, a decade later it has become one of the greatest and I love it!

  • Max Man
    Max Man13 napja

    Elon we need the roadster it was promised 2 years ago. Love you😘

  • f(x)=ax+b
    f(x)=ax+b14 napja

    model S 3 X Y

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    I really do love you Elon.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    Whatever you want Elon. You had me at Tesla.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    I love you Elon. Your the best. Thank you for sticking up for me. I never had someone I don't know do that for me. Your my hero. I hope I get to meet you someday. I really want to. My name is Virginia.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    Matt Schadd, if you're looking for a lawyer who's not going to represent you and going to make your grandma piss her pants give him a call he works in New Albany Indiana when you go over there he's going to show you his dazzling tricks on the guitar what a fucking loser.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    Matt Schadd woohoo the wild West lawyer who is gonna rock the nursing home into anesthesizing themselves. Matt shack who needs that old dime with dignity when we can wait till your f****** birthday when you get up there on the stage met shed and play us that old I wish I were f****** dead music.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    Omaxe can we have my autograph please please please another old song Matt Schadd none of us knew come on please please play that s*** we were almost asleep.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    Matt Schadd dazzle us with your talent for picking. Oh my god we are so lucky we've been invited to Matt shad's birthday party the lawyer you can play us the guitar. Wonder what song He's going to play some Jimmy Buffett for us hey Red shed really rocking it out.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    Come on that s*** play us a song what song you going to play for us on your guitar Rockstar?

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    Woohoo matt Schadd the king of police Nazi surveillance state so he can underhand some pass-up pic in a you know me two types of society because he wants to play the guitar his birthday and he's hoping you wear your red dress.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    Hey if anyone's looking for a lawyer who won't do his job give Matt Schadd in new Albany Indiana a call yeah.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    If we become a police state with no sustainable energy except for big dirty government the whole world can thank Bart Betteau Matt Schadd and David Lapsey from New Albany Indiana way to put them on the map, Losers.

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    Nice job Bart Betteau. You still think it's the prosecutors job to back up the police. Hey and how much money did you make off my old Scorpio Booker stock tip I gave you did you tell everyone about that cuz I just did

  • Elmer Glue
    Elmer Glue14 napja

    If Teslas become police cars I will blow my brains out.

  • nagibator112
    nagibator11215 napja

    So so so so so so

  • Yash Shah
    Yash Shah15 napja

    The debate over the pronunciation of plaid has gone on for many decades. However, if elon musk says plaid like plad, its plad. Its not playd. Debate over.

  • AUgameplayz
    AUgameplayz16 napja

    One day, I am going to have one, I just know it

  • Ahmad Zainudin
    Ahmad Zainudin16 napja

    Every what he's thinking always out comes so meaning full for us and around, I like his how to change the future

  • Slava
    Slava17 napja

    Не хватае русских субтитров

  • nagibator112


    15 napja

    So so so so

  • 215Gallagher
    215Gallagher18 napja

    There needs to be a cull of billionaires. The best way to cull these monsters is to tax them. Rather than giving Musk $3 billion to build a Moon rocket or half a billion to SolarCity, a bankrupt non performing basket case, Tesla and SpacX should be made to face market forces to see if they are actually viable entities. Tesla also needs to start paying dividends. As a student of economics and other financial balderdash (a long time ago in the late 1970s) I learned that the real reason to invest in corporations is to receive a stream of dividends, As it stands the only value of Tesla shares is their potential for speculation which is just a fancy form of gambling. I enjoyed your video, Why Elon Musk Won't Save Us , Jul 17, 2021. I have recently joined the growing cohort of Musk Haters and what you had to say only confirmed my misgivings about everything Musk is involved in. The upshot of all this is that Elon Muck has to do time is prison, he is a psychopath leaving a trail or destruction and ruin in his wake. He has directly disrupted the lives of thousands of people including the actual founders of Tesla, the exploited workers in his factories, the poor folk of Boca Chica who only wanted a quiet retirement is a small town by the ocean, and the patsies who bought his lithium ion batteries on wheels. PS I think I will copy this and past it on the comments sections of the Musk-rats and see if I can stir up these braindead sycophants who hold him up as a quasi religious figure who gives meaning to their lives, silly twisted people that they are.

  • Harsh Dua
    Harsh Dua18 napja

    1000 HP !!!

  • Webbiergoose
    Webbiergoose18 napja

    Now give me one for free

  • Nuno Maia
    Nuno Maia18 napja

    Elon reminds me of Josh Baskin, the character interpreted by Tom Hanks in the movie "Big" back in '88... He is a gownup kid, creating a product that everyone wishes for christmas!! 😄

  • Pablo Damon
    Pablo Damon19 napja

    the guy is a tool of our owners. they use him on us.

  • 上帝是部電腦 John yu yu
    上帝是部電腦 John yu yu19 napja

    A great professional poker player but not that good explaining how he plays

  • 上帝是部電腦 John yu yu
    上帝是部電腦 John yu yu19 napja

    I like how he present about his car, it seems to be so genuine and down to earth. No sales talk

  • Nice person
    Nice person19 napja

    I recommend putting the screens behind the seats to improve user experience. Other than that this thing looks like it came from a more advanced alternate timeline

  • chiranth B V
    chiranth B V19 napja

    a billionare who doesn't care to anyone what they say

  • Lucian Mihai
    Lucian Mihai19 napja

    Once upon a time was a "wroom-wroom" era when the cars smelled bad and made a lot of noise. The German and Italian arrogance was super high,they though they were the best in the world and no one can compete them.they offer what they wanted to the marked,even cars with engines that used to blow up (see bmw). Out of nowhere appeared Tesla and and made them all KO,forcing them to invest in electric cars and to COPY Tesla ( see new Mercedes S class). Due to Elon Musk ambition Tesla introduced Model S Plaid and this if works well,will destroy them all once for ever.God job Tesla!

  • HeeSub Song
    HeeSub Song20 napja

    ... i mean even radar workd fine when you don't move ... front moves slow, side moves fast

  • HeeSub Song
    HeeSub Song20 napja

    ... i mean u have side cameras, to park, not drive ... in speed, side cameras become blurry

  • edward ortiz
    edward ortiz20 napja

    My daughter know all lot about Tesla and wants that Tesla she has been tell me

  • Radu Cristian Dumitrescu
    Radu Cristian Dumitrescu20 napja


  • KCA
    KCA20 napja

    Very Cool 🚘

  • David Luther
    David Luther23 napja

    I invested in Tesla back in 2013, I was very much a bear. My reasoning was simple: Tesla was trying to do what no American automaker had done so far: Develop and sell a mass-market electric vehicle. It was trying to do what no American company had done in nearly a century: Start up a successful new auto manufacturing business. To take it a step further, I bought 40 shares from Tesla miners, investing about $1,800 in total with part of the proceeds. from a 401(k) rollover. At the $908 per share price I sold at, that's a realized profit of almost $35,000! It's may not be life-changing money, but it's an incredible return nonetheless, Now i am working with 3 asset Gold silver and crypto all are good, but Crypto Investment is the mother of them all, Crypto has followed this pattern for sometime now; It dips and gets everyone scared then after retesting an old resistance several times, we wake up one day to see it is bullish. This period is the perfect time to buy the dip and accumulate irrespective of the bulls being under pressure. Bitcoin moving up is inevitable and would see the price of bitcoin surpass it's all-time highs. The reversal was imminent because obviously, the bitcoin market needed a correction to gather the right momentum to give the bulls more steam and this just makes it the perfect time to invest and accumulate as much as possible. I'd strongly advise any newbie/traders to buy the dip for traders who are still wondering whether to enter the market or old time traders who are Holders to seek help from not just any trader but an established trading expert with at least 89% trade accuracy. I underwent a series of trading losses I'd best not talk about before I was introduced to trading analyst Mrs Carol Dale My contact with him has been the Hallmark of this year for me, under his careful guide and his signal service I've been able to recover my losses and even grow my trading portfolio massively from 1.2 btc to 4.6 btc in just 5 weeks. I will advise traders esp newbies to have an orientation of trading before they get involved in it. Mrs Carol makes you learn daily while you make profit with his signals. He can be contacted VIA whatsapp +15513173777 OR TELEGRAM @Carolann_Dale for inquiries into profitable trading strategy.

  • HeeSub Song
    HeeSub Song23 napja

    ... focus in and out the camera ? ... fast = c far, slow = look around

  • Lebo Mtsweni
    Lebo Mtsweni23 napja

    I'm a fan of Tesla I watch cars a lot

  • Rich Morgan
    Rich Morgan23 napja

    How much does a new set of batteries cost when it comes time to change them?how many kms do they last?No one wants to answer those ones. The cost of the vehicle is an investment not just a form of transportation.

  • odisy64


    16 napja

    @Rich Morgan hands on experience on what? Battery systems? Cars? I already do. You have done nothing but disregard what i say based on your limited 30 year experience in one job, you automotive guys get complacent on this stuff and end up looking ignorant as hell when criticizing systems you think you understand based on what you know not realizing you dont know enough.

  • Rich Morgan

    Rich Morgan

    16 napja

    @odisy64Talk is cheap, go to work and get some hands on experience. No one cares about the point you are trying to make here.

  • odisy64


    16 napja

    @Rich Morgan wow, your electronics guy was shaking his head? i wonder what experience he has designing battery systems on cars. I go over this stuff with an electrical engineer i know, he seems to agree with what i say. You may have a good reputation as a mechanic but a bad one as a battery expert.

  • Rich Morgan

    Rich Morgan

    16 napja

    @odisy64 At this point you are looking disrespectful. I have a good reputation as a mechanic and my electronics guy is shaking his head at you. In the eyes of professionals does matter. This is where HUbase comments end.

  • odisy64


    16 napja

    @Rich Morgan dont get cocky, time spent doing something is a pointless measurement if you stopped applying yourself after the first few years. I have taken classes on small engines and learned the basics of how they work but i also took training in comercial and residential electrical installation, there i learned a great amount about our power grid and the physical properties of meterials and devices. I also just had a general interest in science and that lead me to learn about battery cells since i also use thousands of dollars worth of batteries in my job and hobbies. How much time have you spent learning about batteries and their components?

  • Leniel Maccaferri
    Leniel Maccaferri23 napja

    Love Tesla and everything you're doing... Come to Brazil man! 🇧🇷 It's a huge market with plenty of space for EV. We're in need of revolutionizing the car industry in this country.

  • Leniel Maccaferri

    Leniel Maccaferri

    6 napja

    @sc1338 resellers you mean... it'd be awesome to have a gigafactory here to serve South America.

  • sc1338


    6 napja

    They sell them there already

  • FlowJohnny
    FlowJohnny24 napja

    Musk: "High Framerate... so it'll do 60FPS" Crowd: *Cheers* sweet car and 60FPS is perfectly fine, but shit that's the bare minimum FPS by any gamer standard

  • Chikomborero Chigorimbo
    Chikomborero Chigorimbo24 napja

    Hearing a genius like Elon Musk stutter, reminds me that a stutter doesn't define your intelligence. In fact it may be an indication of a brilliant busy mind. I may not be as socially awkward as my hero there, still am abit but that's something I'm improving on. There are moments when you have beautiful things to say but your mind moves faster that your frontal cortex can articulate (Or wherever the speech area is). So to whoever needs to hear this, you aren't alone 👍🏾, stay true to yourself brother/sister 👊🏾

  • Dappy Doop
    Dappy Doop25 napja

    He is like taking a physics class 😂 but the thing is I was listening it(now that's breaking laws of physics)

  • Tesla Photographer
    Tesla Photographer25 napja

    POV your watching this late

  • Wham Baam Teslacam
    Wham Baam Teslacam25 napja

    Thanks for the invite. *sad noices*

  • Gabriel Mandizha

    Gabriel Mandizha

    4 órája

    @ZedKGaming yes

  • ZedKGaming


    5 órája

    @Gabriel Mandizha cool

  • Gabriel Mandizha

    Gabriel Mandizha

    7 órája

    @ZedKGaming he does tesla crashes and stuff you should watch him

  • ZedKGaming


    20 napja


  • Mo Medea
    Mo Medea25 napja

    He made this car to make money 💰, not to make life easier or better.

  • Alex303bd
    Alex303bd26 napja how tesla is hijacked

  • Angel Matos
    Angel Matos26 napja

    SpaceX & Tesla seem to be the new 'Area 51' when you look at the technology coming out of there.

  • MkS1000 Straus
    MkS1000 Straus27 napja

    Elon kocham Cię

    OROCHI - YT27 napja

    May Pakistan Gov also buy and let them open their company here so that the load shedding might end lol 😂😂