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Dolan Twins


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Simon Rex

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Joe Vulpis


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    I love set & flow yoga center

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    Jeff burns


    Hey my name is Jeff too. I fight people for money so HMU .

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    Nicole Lotti

    2 hónapja

    @John Foster ax Asda

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    K L

    5 hónapja

    Well, the bank account is Scam. :(

  • Alec Stanley
    Alec Stanley16 órája

    Jeff for president

  • KaTazTrophY
    KaTazTrophY3 napja

    ahaha. cancel nerf for underage that shit was classic.... NERF NEEDS HIS OWN EPPY....🤔

  • Morena Acosta
    Morena Acosta8 napja

    Everyday I am going to watch his videos they are entertaining.

  • Shane Gignac
    Shane Gignac8 napja

    Fk no they say im not trying to braggg

  • Shane Gignac
    Shane Gignac8 napja

    Well hes a chance for u to make it look lije u actually help ppl out help me get my leg prosthetic. U should no how it is to habe no money u no how hard world be to come up with lije 20 25k think u youtubers would gelp anyone

  • Abdulrahman Osama
    Abdulrahman Osama10 napja

    Apparently, he shattered his "Jaw"

  • kai


    6 napja

    he was, they had to put few metal plates on his mandible and lower cheek area

  • OZZY xKC
    OZZY xKC12 napja

    Never cut your mullet !!

  • OZZY xKC
    OZZY xKC12 napja

    “look at me I’m a big successful guy” 😂

  • heather Ettleman
    heather Ettleman13 napja

    When you said your sister was going thru a hard time right now bc your mom named her Karen I almost spit my drink out 😂

  • Joe Abou Assaly
    Joe Abou Assaly14 napja

    Man you're a national treasure 😂😂. I could watch ur videos all day stay strong ull overcome the shit you're going through now.

  • Fuzzipiffen
    Fuzzipiffen14 napja

    That dude just wiped the piss on himself...

  • Helloworld
    Helloworld16 napja

    I've watched this muted because Jeff's humor is depressing, sorry Jeff lol

  • D D
    D D18 napja

    who is Cody ko

  • Victor Alcantara
    Victor Alcantara19 napja

    What about Zelle, it’s all about Zelle

  • Lachie
    Lachie22 napja

    Who else just noticed that this is why Jeff’s barber shop is ending :( (the Jonah bit)

  • Please Back Up

    Please Back Up

    15 napja

    I noticed it the first time I saw it. I'm sorry but Jeff seems like a total asshole here.

  • Traci Kaz
    Traci Kaz24 napja

    I love your Karyn and our Jay.🦩💋💋

  • luisa bundy
    luisa bundy25 napja

    Haha Karen that was funny

  • Martin Pros
    Martin Pros25 napja

    Thanks david

  • Cassandra Quezada
    Cassandra Quezada27 napja

    Jeff could never stop being attractive, he still looks good even with his injuries.

  • maggie zuniga
    maggie zuniga29 napja

    You should think about laying down some runner rugs throughout for the senior dog.

  • Lora Rubio
    Lora RubioHónapja

    I’m unsubscribed from DD channel!!!! I’ve always loved your hair!!!! Also, your laugh is contagious!!!! Good luck to you!!!! Keep making your videos!!!! 💪

  • Krystin T
    Krystin THónapja

    _When's the last time somebody hugged you_ *Stand back don't touch me* Lmao 😂🤣 I freakin love you

  • Amanda Mendoza
    Amanda MendozaHónapja

    The closed sing proportionally count because myanmar modestly buzz except a wakeful bike. odd, crabby adult

  • jasmine cote
    jasmine coteHónapja

    Despite whatever happened to you, you lowkey seem like a sociopath also, (like David)we will never know, maybe its just the trauma. But thats also not a excuse and plus stop picking/bullying the weakest links

  • taylor


    20 napja

    idk if ur joking or not but he plays a character in his videos so him acting like a “sociopath” is just a joke and majority of the things in his videos are sarcasm or again just a joke but in reality he’s a rlly sweet dude

  • Sassattack

    Okay don’t get rid of the mullet but “get rid of itttttt” 👀🥵

  • Sassattack

    David should buy you that house to live in tf

  • Camielle Parent
    Camielle ParentHónapja

    Love how Nerf has a room equipped with party lights etc

  • Larissa Reyes
    Larissa ReyesHónapja

    i love the mullet. it makes jeff look hotter. and i hate mullets 😂


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  • Michael Murphy
    Michael MurphyHónapja

    "I use my tears as lube." - This Guy 😭😭😭

  • Junior _
    Junior _Hónapja

    Can we show the camera crew🙂, that shit got me idk why😂

  • Samantha Shearer
    Samantha ShearerHónapja

    So With your logic, if I say I don’t want you to sleep with me you will?

  • Damien

    This video didn't age well

  • Sophie S.
    Sophie S.Hónapja

    I like ur mullet 💰

  • Colton Painter
    Colton PainterHónapja

    You really need to address that you never accepted this from David after the accident

  • buggy627

    Did he really wipe his hand in piss??? Wtf jeff

  • Ash Robbie
    Ash RobbieHónapja

    If you need a roommate lmk

  • Alwin indu
    Alwin induHónapja

    How much did you rent for?

  • Day

    Name a person funnier than Jeff bro lmao maybe Bill Burr , but nobody else

  • Rachel B
    Rachel BHónapja

    if you guys don't want something and tell me to remove it, i will grow it longer *just to spite you*

  • Aly M
    Aly MHónapja

    "Ya, I can't buy a gun..."

  • Zombie Jesus
    Zombie JesusHónapja

    Please keep your mullet Jeff! Keep the mullet please !!!

  • Alehanjro Tamasar
    Alehanjro TamasarHónapja

    4:02 wassup with edp

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  • Evgui

    Super cool!! Watching from 🇬🇧!!

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    David is the reason you are famous buddy

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  • Em & Em
    Em & EmHónapja

    I lost it when he wiped that dog piss with his bare hand.. and then wiped it on his shirt lol he was attractive all the way up until there. then I forgot about it again for a minute haha

  • Em & Em
    Em & EmHónapja

    sad I didn't watch Jeff sooner. he actually seems cool and I like his sense of humor.

  • Suzanna Swanson Johnston
    Suzanna Swanson JohnstonHónapja

    He makes a boring ass house tour fucking funny and actually entertaining content

  • Denis Koka koka
    Denis Koka kokaHónapja

    The accident is almost a year ago u kept it a lot

  • Seamus G
    Seamus GHónapja

    4:02 EDP looks different in this video

  • Altamash Javed
    Altamash JavedHónapja

    @daviddobrik should buy this house for him

  • Coop

  • Carolina Herrera
    Carolina HerreraHónapja

    We need to transfer all of david’s clout to Jeff. This man can entertain without using other people

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    @Tyler Parrett nah, jeff da goat

  • Tyler Parrett

    Tyler Parrett


    okay calm jeff is great but also david

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  • Sofia Bianchini
    Sofia BianchiniHónapja

    "your name doesn't define you... actually that's exactly what it does" this is why i subscribed

  • Rachely

    Hi Jeff I love you

  • Natasha Chiotelis
    Natasha ChiotelisHónapja

    Omg when he pulls the puppy out omg I died. “ this one looks underage Nerf” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • joshentertainment 2

    joshentertainment 2


    Does nerf have a kid

  • Ari King
    Ari KingHónapja

    Lmfaooo Camera guy: “bro when was the last time someone hugged you” Jeff: “stay back don’t touch me” MOOOODDDDD

  • Brittany Nicole
    Brittany NicoleHónapja

    your bedroom furniture is fire. love the dark color contrast with the mirrors.

  • Shay Lee Smith
    Shay Lee SmithHónapja

    I want to meet you so bad

  • Swimnrescue

    I get why Jonah left tho

  • Annabelle

    That’s a nice refrigerator

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    Keep the goddamn mullet.

  • Rezor_snipes

    no one talking about the thumbnail--(minecraft) shh

  • Tasia Graham
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    U have no food in the house Jeff????

  • Ava Johnson
    Ava JohnsonHónapja

    nice weights bro HAHA how much you lift

  • reptar_blues

    I feel bad for Nick. He has so much hate and negativity in his soul, I wish he could just find some peace and happiness.

  • Jay Chadwick Rugby
    Jay Chadwick RugbyHónapja

    Trap houses look a lot different in 2020 :P

  • pink pegasus
    pink pegasusHónapja

    his humour is so elite im certain so many people just dont get it

  • THICC bunny
    THICC bunnyHónapja

    David better have played paid for it

  • marina elena
    marina elenaHónapja

    2:57 .... makes sense now


    You talk a lot of saving the environment and stuff like that but in the fridge you had a lot PLASTIC water bottles

  • hatersgotohell

    Watch out felons I believe can't even have replica guns i could be wrong depending on the state

  • Jeff burns
    Jeff burnsHónapja

    Hey big dawg

  • Tola Ukash
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  • jungwon is the worst leader in kpop.
    jungwon is the worst leader in kpop.Hónapja

    Making your dog often is he abused????

  • jungwon is the worst leader in kpop.

    jungwon is the worst leader in kpop.


    @Nixon Khandare you're evil

  • Nixon Khandare

    Nixon Khandare


    Shaking a dog is not abuse goddamn

  • Safiya Mohsin
    Safiya MohsinHónapja

    I have been so anxious and this video is like keeping me hanging

  • Hana Haruno
    Hana HarunoHónapja

    Yeah I can't buy a gun, I'm a felon lol

  • Cosepi

    Well now we know who paid for the house after the new episode

  • brainrot



    nah he always been planning to move, few months before the accident he alrd putting his down payment for new place but everything got delayed bc of the accident and surgery. david only pay for the hospital bills not the apartment

  • Norma Viveros
    Norma ViverosHónapja

    Nerf and Tony Lopez are the same

  • David OBrien
    David OBrienHónapja

    I always associated Jeff with the vlog squad so just naturally disliked him, but this dude is hilarious. Underrated comedy for sure. I'm definitely a fan now.

  • Shereen Batra
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  • Hisham

    hes injured

  • LS EH
    LS EHHónapja

    Oofff, some jokes that didn’t age well. Need to chill on the underage jokes.

  • Kouzina Sophia

    Kouzina Sophia


    Calm down Karen

  • Jack Bravo

    Jack Bravo


    That was hilarious. Get a life.

  • Lily Downing
    Lily DowningHónapja

    David at Jeff after the accident: 8:49

  • Forrbi

    Watching this now is almost painful..

  • Fallon Moore
    Fallon MooreHónapja

    I'm someone who has never been a fan of David's so his whole group has never registered with me but recently I'm discovering Jeff's content and... quite frankly this man is a bit of a comedic genius.

  • Adrienne Marcz
    Adrienne MarczHónapja

    U legit look so sexy with that haircut... just enough to run my nails through ;)

  • Amanda Dardis
    Amanda DardisHónapja

    I actually kind of love this space- good choice Jeff!

  • Lexa

    I'm so glad I rewatched this! So damn funny

  • Mete Gokalp
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  • Mete Gokalp
    Mete GokalpHónapja

    music in 4:14 ?

  • Mollie Saunders
    Mollie SaundersHónapja

    The weights in the middle of the room 🤣 dead

  • Maddie Williams
    Maddie WilliamsHónapja

    Jeff your mullet is so hot