Is this REALLY the World's Best Pencil? - the Legendary "Blackwing"

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  • Travis Schreiner
    Travis Schreiner11 órája

    Would really sign up for that skill share class if I wasn't working full time and going to RMCAD full time. Though I'm really loving what I'm learning at RMCAD regardless.

  • unicörnpig
    unicörnpig12 órája

    Why did I think there was a paint brush at the end of them…?

  • Vincent DiPrima
    Vincent DiPrima2 napja

    I got jazzas skill share ad before this video

  • Dave Stearns
    Dave Stearns2 napja

    how can someone watch the tail teller . and congrats on that completion .GOOD S#!T

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way4 napja

    I was watching… and then an add came up… and ist was skillshare… and it was jazza’s skillshare thing…

  • Commander Beta
    Commander Beta6 napja

    U should use the kolinsky sable series seven

  • Morgan Ray
    Morgan Ray6 napja

    I just wanted to mention that the add I got on this video was for Jazza's character design skillshare course

  • Jimmer Seiber
    Jimmer Seiber6 napja

    These aren't even the palomino blackwings...

  • Jimmer Seiber
    Jimmer Seiber6 napja

    Palomino blackwing ftw

  • Leftover Default
    Leftover Default6 napja


  • Baumiger Baum
    Baumiger Baum7 napja

    Hoh didn't know that Jazza can actually sing to a certain degree? 😂

  • ente-duck
    ente-duck7 napja

    I literally just got the add for the skillshare class

  • Βασιλική Καλιαμπάκου
    Βασιλική Καλιαμπάκου8 napja

    Yo are YOU wrighing M.Jacsons lyrihcs

  • Flynn Cressy
    Flynn Cressy8 napja


  • Deetya
    Deetya10 napja

    idk why but he looks like charlie puth 3>

  • bailey kanosh
    bailey kanosh14 napja

    @jazza have you tried clutch pencils or lead holders it’s a mix of mechanical and wooden pencils?

  • Draw With Drew
    Draw With Drew15 napja

    It is literally a pencil🤯🤯🤯

  • iGotta Grevolver
    iGotta Grevolver16 napja

    lmao I get a jazza skillshare ad when the video ended

  • Yk1llitr4lphx
    Yk1llitr4lphx17 napja

    jazza “my hand writing sucks” me ye definitely not like it looks super cool and smooth

  • Djinn Gaming
    Djinn Gaming17 napja

    Man, I've been watching your videos for years now. And I still love how much passion and enthusiasm you demonstrate. Love it, thanks Jazza!

  • Josey Fetters
    Josey Fetters17 napja

    Jazza, are you absolutely and in love with every single art piece you do? If I was even a little bit as good as you, I'd be so proud every time.

  • Izzy Whizz
    Izzy Whizz18 napja

    Is no one gonna acknowledge how good his voice is

  • Babloo Babloo
    Babloo Babloo18 napja


  • StormRaven
    StormRaven18 napja

    Thought the green pencil with gold lines was a reference to Kintsugi

  • sean jones
    sean jones19 napja

    funko pop do some plain 'D.I.Y' designs. could be really fun to see you do a video on painting them

  • Galeo Cerdo
    Galeo Cerdo19 napja

    Please change the title to Skillshare add.

  • Dierian Simpson
    Dierian Simpson19 napja

    I have those

  • CosmoJ3ff
    CosmoJ3ff19 napja

    You haven't seen bad handwriting till you've seen mine 😅 yours is like the writing of an angel compared to mine 😂

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna20 napja

    Plant .get plant

  • Kilobyte Ashley
    Kilobyte Ashley20 napja

    "Skillshare" "skillshare" "skillshare" bold of you to assume I have money to afford Skillshare

  • Bianca Castafiore
    Bianca Castafiore25 napja

    Why do Australians subtract Rs when they are there, and add them when they are not?

  • Ashido Tayo
    Ashido Tayo25 napja

    I love The Tale Teller ❤📖

  • JokeGaming
    JokeGaming26 napja

    The Tale Teller!!!!!!

  • Monstergirl inc
    Monstergirl inc26 napja

    and then theres me who uses my collection of cheap mechanical pencils that i found on the ground at school.

  • Doim
    Doim26 napja

    Great... Just because of the list of people who worked with these pencils, now i want one 😂

  • Morgan Dean
    Morgan Dean26 napja

    I actually saw the skill share add of you on one of your videos! It was a bit funny

  • ersu

    how about a collab with How Ridiculous, see if you can paint from 44m up?

  • Julia Cruz
    Julia CruzHónapja

    Does he have a video with advice for coming up with our own character?

  • Mark Kottelenberg
    Mark KottelenbergHónapja

    @Jazza you handwriting is awesome

  • leca zo
    leca zoHónapja

    how do you have so.many.talents.

  • ThisIsDK

    To Jazza's surprise the snoby pencil ended up being the surfer one.

  • ThisIsDK

    13:16 LMAO

  • Naomi Nathanson-Parry
    Naomi Nathanson-ParryHónapja

    12 of these is literally over £30

  • Nope_Nope 666
    Nope_Nope 666Hónapja

    I have those pencils! I bought one today actually!

  • Fathima Cassim
    Fathima CassimHónapja

    Hi jazzza u make me happy every day

  • Arkaprabha Chakraborty
    Arkaprabha ChakrabortyHónapja

    My Nataraj go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

  • Tomislav Matic
    Tomislav MaticHónapja

    These have nothing on Mars Lumographs

  • Jeramie I Vy
    Jeramie I VyHónapja

    What mechanical pencil do like the most?

  • Anna Kochanek
    Anna KochanekHónapja

    Bought his skillshare class... 11/10 worth the money! ❤️ He clearly put lots of time and effort into it and my art is already improving!! (Not sponsored lol but Jazza if you’re reading this..... 😂)

  • Moonlight Groove
    Moonlight GrooveHónapja

    2:42 I loved it ❤️nice handwriting

  • Moonlight Groove
    Moonlight GrooveHónapja

    2:12 thriller 🥰🎵🎶

  • The Art of Soul
    The Art of SoulHónapja

    I love using Blackwing Pencils. However, the one downside is obviously the price. If you’re serious about art, then sure, buy them. Although, if you do art as an inconsistent hobby, these won’t be for you. - I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy them, but there’s other much cheaper pencils that would suit you just fine:

  • علی رحمتی
    علی رحمتیHónapja

    I don't know why , but I find you very annoying 😂

  • B_0771

    It's like I watch two youtuber with the same content in different languages... Who know who Fraffrog is?

  • Tainted Daisie
    Tainted DaisieHónapja

    SHREEEEEIIIKKKKKKKKKKKing in HORROR at the violent attack on the Blackwing with an electric sharpner.................get a HØVEL pencil plane!!!

  • John Gregory
    John GregoryHónapja

    now draw thicc anime girls with the blackwing

  • SpaceX 69
    SpaceX 69Hónapja

    I used this thing once, it ran out quickly

  • Ethan Scott
    Ethan ScottHónapja

    My art teacher gave me one of those

  • Snow axe
    Snow axeHónapja

    When Jazza sings it feels like I am watching a 2000s music video, backstreet boys or something

  • Nina Turovskiy
    Nina TurovskiyHónapja

    What happened to Jazza intro? ☹️

  • Amani Al Hajjar
    Amani Al HajjarHónapja

    0:41 Can we see any character design tutorials on HUbase?

  • Claire Truasheim
    Claire TruasheimHónapja

    Anyone else notice how his female characters often end up resembling his wife 🥰😭

  • Ali Al khamis
    Ali Al khamisHónapja

    Is the Tale-Teller left handed? If he is, then I love that detail!

  • Betta Blue
    Betta BlueHónapja

    When using art pencils like this, you should never sharpen them with an electric sharpener. Of course, this depends on how much money you have to buy pencils. You want a high quality, old-fashioned, finger sharpener. Bring an envelope to catch the debris.

  • LK. Pawz
    LK. PawzHónapja

    Wow.. ok, maybe I haven't been paying attention, but for whatever reason I genuinely thought his real name was Jazza 🤣 but it's Josiah. #FeelsStupid

  • sandra johnson
    sandra johnsonHónapja

    I bought a box of Black Wing pencils (black) a few years ago and I really like them. I'm more of a painter than a sketcher but have to sketch my images before I paint so these pencils do the trick.

  • Vicious

    “Thirsty for the Blackwings” made me so uncomfortable 🤣😂

  • Elena ADDIS
    Elena ADDISHónapja

    I visited jazz as old videos and a lot of the comments were super childish, or very adult like. I’m happy he found a middle ground for all ages and all his audience

  • Patrick Thompson
    Patrick ThompsonHónapja

    jeez - enough of you selling me stuff - just tell me if the pencil works. this video could have been 3 minutes long.

  • Kierra Hannon
    Kierra HannonHónapja

    So I paused this to go watch the Tale Teller, and Jazza, I'll say I did not expect to be so emotionally wrecked by it But it was a great animation though **bravely holds back tears**

  • AL studio - Arthur Lima
    AL studio - Arthur LimaHónapja

    Wise old man i love it

  • Xin Light
    Xin LightHónapja

    I would sketch and details with my mechanical pencil but the blackwing black, for getting value and shading fast in an art class is honestly amazing. I was actually introduced to the blackwing by my seat partner in my sketch for design class when he saw I was struggling for value with my mechanical pencil.

  • luka bain
    luka bainHónapja

    I love the Easter egg well doing the tail teller

  • Steve R
    Steve RHónapja

    Artist myself so thats why I was asking

  • Steve R
    Steve RHónapja

    Jazza what is the blue pencil you have used for your under drawing?just curious since I can straight answer from any artist

  • Thone X
    Thone XHónapja

    surfing, drawing AND singing :D what a talent :D

  • Janusz Matlok
    Janusz MatlokHónapja

    advertising the product ... ok ... but it is known that it is not a "pencil" that makes the drawing better or more interesting. with anything and however it is not made

  • P10

    Japan Anime characters is cool and relax

  • Rose Crooks
    Rose CrooksHónapja

    I love these pencils so much. :)

  • L.O.V.E

    Oh my God. R u a fan of Michael Jackson? Plzzz say Yessssss😭😭😭.

  • Scarlet M
    Scarlet MHónapja

    I have the scrawler box edition of the blackwing :] I adore the eraser, i no longer have to try a sharpen the eraser end of a pencil to get as much life as possible out of it.

  • mr veggie burger
    mr veggie burgerHónapja

    At the start you forgot to mention walt disney lol

  • Michael Hamel
    Michael HamelHónapja

    when I'm stressed, I just crank up some music and watch Jazza (:

  • Legendary Pink Milk
    Legendary Pink MilkHónapja

    I saw the title and felt jazza is going to do eyeliners ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Kristan Benson
    Kristan BensonHónapja

    Black wind do tributes, not really random, they done tributes to the fender Strat, librarian, basically anything which has had a positive impact... I’m same as you though, I’ll stick with the clutch pencils. Can you review rotring?

  • Kay Tracy
    Kay TracyHónapja

    Duke was also known as "The Big Kahuna".

  • elephant burgalur
    elephant burgalurHónapja

    Jazza’s handwriting is the best I’ve seen



  • Aron Balgemino
    Aron BalgeminoHónapja

    You go to collage?

  • Khawla Sn
    Khawla SnHónapja

    I thought from the video picture the pen had a brush 🌚

  • MrRepublicking

    Been using these branded pencils and I will NEVER return to other pencils such as Faber Caswell. Just perfect quality, shading contrast controls, long pencil barrel, shiny outcome on certain paper, and finally looking premium. My drawing kit includes the Matte, Pearl and the 602. I used them all three in every illustration, giving me a wider range of shading contrast. I have not tried other 2, but will consider if I can get hold of them. I say these are one of the BEST pencil brands in the world you can get.

  • Charles Connolly
    Charles ConnollyHónapja

    7:25 " feel how the pencil feels (...) which felt pretty cool" - noyce. 😊

  • Michael Hamel
    Michael HamelHónapja

    Hey Jazza, I've been a longtime fan of your youtube channel. I just wanted to tell you that more people might be able to get and use your drawing course if you put it on Udemy. Udemy is much like skill share, people can make different courses and post them. I personally use Udemy and really enjoy it. Just wanted to tell you about it, Keep up the great art. (:

  • A DI
    A DIHónapja

    This boy learns calligraphy in ONE day, and cries that his handwriting is bad. ITS A CHOICE, BOY!!!! Mwaaah.

  • michael walsh
    michael walshHónapja

    Jazza you can write in legible cursive, in this day and age that's a mastery on it's own

  • clell asher
    clell asherHónapja

    Make a grocery list with the writing one... & face it, you could use a soft over sized pre-schoolers pencil & turn out an awesome drawing, having great fun while you did it!!

  • Pat Fete
    Pat FeteHónapja


  • gajendra joshi
    gajendra joshiHónapja

    Very nice

  • Lavender Carsonn
    Lavender CarsonnHónapja

    Therapist- how u feelin? Me- jazza Therapist- what? Me- jazza is a artist that is mentally unstable Therapist- oh ssme

  • MonkeyJedi99

    My favorite feature is the eraser ends. They solve the problem with the traditional yellow pencil, allowing you to use more of the eraser and replace it when it gets too short.