Faouzia & John Legend - Minefields (Official Music Video)


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Directed by Kyle Cogan
Produced by Emma Buerklin
Director of Photography: Justyn Moro
Production Company: SIMIAN.LA
Production Manager: Joshua Rowen-Keren
Head of Production: Zack Stauffer
1st Assistant Director: Cody Burdette
2nd Assistant Director: Robert Main
1st Assistant Camera: Octavio Estrada
2nd Assistant Camera Day 1: Jen Pawlowski
2nd Assitant Camera Day 2: Amber Lane
Drone Pilot: Mike Yutkin
Aerial Camera Operator: Mila Yutkin
Camera PA: Justin Stacks
Gaffer Day 1: Pierre Habib
Gaffer Day 2: Albert Gonzalez
Best Boy Electric Day 1: Justin Sadler
Best Boy Electric Day 2: Mike Villa
Key Grip Day 1: Pablo Ruff-Berganza
Key Grip Day 2: Gerardo Paz
Best Boy Grip Day 1: Michael Moore
Best Boy Grip Day 2: Angel Villareal
Swing: Marco Gonzalez
Hydrascope Operator Day 1: Steve Miller
M7 Remote Head Tech Day 2: Garrett Dunn
Hydrascope Techs: Adrian Santa Cruz, Jesse Hinojosa Jr.
SFX Coordinator: Scott Harrison
SFX Techs: Dan Fetterly, William Rolick, Shane O'Ragalliag
Production Assistants: Leah Butcher, Jacob Falberg, Olivia Hytha, Linden DeGurian, Manny Liotta, Sara Kulas, Spencer Shipman, Beau Clarke
BTS:Trenton Barboza,Jason Pundt
BTS Edit: Trenton Barboza and Spencer Shipman
COVID Compliance Officer: Frankier Orr, Bluedoor
COVID Compliance Officer: Wendy Fisher
COVID Compliance Assistant: Aline Estrada
Set Medic: Bluedoor, Steph Mock
Location: Alejandro Prado, Rob Frank, Max Stockstad
Rigging Grips: Chris Keli, Victor Barrera, Antonio Saldivar
Trailer Drivers: Mathew Clark, Sergio Vargas, Mike Green, Pedro "Pete" Gomez
Boat Captain: Chris Papajohn
Water Truck: Chip Nissen
FSO: Raymond Padaoan
Faouzia Hair: Josh Liu
Faouzia Makeup: Samia Ouihya
Faouzia Styling: Rachel Haas
Faouzia Management: Tim Jones and Samia Ouihya
JL Grooming: Ron Stephens
JL Makeup: Darcy Gilmore
JL Styling: Dave Thomas, Matteo Pieri
JL Management: Taina Nieves, Whitney Collins
Head of Post Production: Logan Powaski
Edited by Kyle Cogan
Colored by Loren White
VFX Artists: Kyle Cogan, Logan Powaski, Logan Hennessy, Julian Clark, NOA Graphics Studio
Commissioner: Andrew Reid, Atlantic Records
APG: Emily Simon
Director Rep: Jen Herrera of Las Bandas Be Brave
Thanks to Alan Gordon, Chapman Leonard, CAM Lighting & Grip, Camera On Wings, Accurate Staging, Special Effects Unlimited, Sunset Supplies, Wheelhouse, Bluedoor, Bonelli Park, Dunia Films, Dadco, and Layout Locations.
Now this might be a mistake
That I’m calling you this late
But these dreams I have of you ain’t real enough
Started bringing up the past
How the things you love don’t last
Even though this isn’t fair for both of us
Maybe I’m just a fool
I still belong with you
Anywhere you, anywhere you are
These minefields that I walk through
What I risk to be close to you
These minefields keeping me from you
What I risk to be close to you
Close to you
I didn’t notice what I lost
Until all the lights were off
And not knowing what you’re up to tortured me
Now this might be a mistake
We’re broken in so many ways
But I’ll piece us back together slowly
Maybe I’m just a fool
I still belong with you
Anywhere you, anywhere you are
These minefields that I walk through
What I risk to be close to you
These minefields keeping me from you
What I risk to be close to you
Close to you
Close to you
Now this might be a mistake
That I’m calling you this late
But these dreams I have of you ain’t real enough

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  • Faouzia
    Faouzia3 hónapja

    i am so thrilled that the Minefields video is now yours 🖤

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    Omg this song speaks to my soul

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