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Directed by NERF

Produced by Nev

Filmed by Oscar Alva \u0026 Kyle Carper

Edited by Eugene Weis \u0026 Oscar Alva


  • Onyx Amish
    Onyx AmishÓrája

    You people are using David as an object for entertainment yet try to critique him for using somebody?

  • domenic parente
    domenic parente21 órája

    yoooo staten island what’s up

  • OG Bob Bob
    OG Bob BobNapja

    My mans stole your 1000 roxies and snorted half sold the other half

  • alexxeliceaa
    alexxeliceaa3 napja

    he didnt talk about his eye

  • Iskandar Ali
    Iskandar Ali4 napja

    “What the hell you gonna do ? Shoot me?” That killed me 😂

  • Aws IQ
    Aws IQ5 napja

    3:54 جاي من طرباخ

  • Kenny Benjji
    Kenny Benjji5 napja

    Your a Fucking God lmaooo

  • Niño Padaca
    Niño Padaca5 napja

    0:26 her IG?

  • Bts_ iscool
    Bts_ iscool6 napja

    I'm glad you're alive

  • Einzelgänger 666
    Einzelgänger 6666 napja

    "i'm not wearing a wire or anything"

  • Kl5fh
    Kl5fh6 napja

    الي جاي من طرباخ 😂😂

  • JCarlooss
    JCarlooss6 napja

    I love way he tells his life story. Some of the people he’s filmed with have done these same thing like visit an old school or popular stops. Comparing it to those people Jeff grew up so much more relatable to me someone that grew up in LA based areas

  • Mackenzie-Mae Smith
    Mackenzie-Mae Smith6 napja

    Off topic but this kinda reminds me of like goodfellas ya know the voice over and it low key sounds like him too lol

  • Galu Castro
    Galu Castro7 napja

    “I don’t want your fat eye in my head” LMAO

  • Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips7 napja

    His sense of humor is so meta I love it Also I’m 60% sure this whole thing is completely fake

  • Đ0Gz 3OOO
    Đ0Gz 3OOO7 napja

    Dude I just came here from a cherdleys video🤣

  • Melissa Isabel
    Melissa Isabel8 napja

    Awww I’m from Staten Island and know exactly where he is everywhere he went

  • M
    M8 napja

    Battered woman This guy is making excuses to protect his "friend".

  • georgina hart
    georgina hart9 napja

    wait was that mac miller

  • TD B
    TD B9 napja


  • TD B
    TD B9 napja

    His dad really looks like dinero

  • ghostofdayinperson
    ghostofdayinperson10 napja

    As long as money is a necessity, there will be crime.

  • Eddie's Gaming
    Eddie's Gaming11 napja

    jeff is too hot to lose his eye, god said “he’s too hot, give him his eye”

  • Lady Love71
    Lady Love7112 napja

    Looking at all videos it switches eyes

  • Kégan
    Kégan12 napja

    I’m sorry.

  • Janis Joplin
    Janis Joplin12 napja

    Straight up feel like I’m watching a movie, well done. So sorry this happened to you. David deserves consequences. Bless you & your family.

  • And rew
    And rew13 napja

    This dudes life is a whole roller coaster

  • Tommie
    Tommie13 napja

    I'm watching this once again a month later. Idfknk why it's so interesting to me!😆🤷‍♀️ I think It's bc I relate a lot to so much of his life... minus the fame.🤣 I guess... I know what it's like to go from young, crazy, beautiful and feeling invincible... To in an instant your life and looks change forever... From 1 choice outta the millions of bad choices you have ever made!?!

  • nanzia fue
    nanzia fue14 napja

    wait had a brother and sister or have?

  • Isaias Resendiz
    Isaias Resendiz14 napja


  • dezzalinaa t
    dezzalinaa t14 napja

    my respect for jeff’s paper airplane 📈📈📈

  • ♡︎madison♡︎
    ♡︎madison♡︎14 napja


  • Lucas500k
    Lucas500k15 napja

    No bs Jeff is a big inspiration for a young 21 year old drug dealer like myself

  • Drop the base WUBWUBWUBWUB
    Drop the base WUBWUBWUBWUB15 napja

    Man's gets injured at work and makes a documentary about it lmaoo

  • Tarif Rkkrkrjjkgkgkg
    Tarif Rkkrkrjjkgkgkg16 napja


  • Angela Marie
    Angela Marie16 napja

    God loves you Jeff!

  • Hoseok King
    Hoseok King16 napja

    You put so much effort on your chanel and in your life! I Hope you get more attention🙏🏻

  • Marko Pavlovic
    Marko Pavlovic16 napja

    Wtf is going on with whole story with David Jeff

  • Mariel Downs
    Mariel Downs16 napja

    But why does Jeff look better then ever 👀👀

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith17 napja

    Love our Leo’s! Especially the nypd man they are hero’s forever for running into the 9/11 buildings. I was watching mass shooting docs and I was like holy sh*t cops don’t get paid enough it’s insane the total dedication they have to save life’s.

  • Stareeelo ✓
    Stareeelo ✓17 napja

    kto od konopa? | | |

  • Sup Fam
    Sup Fam18 napja

    dude i can’t believe you were cutting mac miller’s hair. that’s amazing, i’m sure u have stories from cutting his hair and the stuff he would say.

  • Mom Salazar
    Mom Salazar20 napja

    I would love to meet Jeff!💯

  • Alexandra Angel
    Alexandra Angel20 napja


  • Night Man

    Night Man

    13 napja

    No the cops had no warrant, but still went to jail for the stuff in his pockets. He didn't get away with anything. Don't say nothing, immediately lawyer up, and know your rights.

  • brandon holt
    brandon holt21 napja

    Could have been like a man made tumble weed thats indestructible, but instead it’s limbs don’t grow anymore and the old turns to dust, but not like you, you still have your roots …. I feel like I’m running on ice and can’t get a grab on my feet to catching that damn toy

  • Nathalye Alvarado
    Nathalye Alvarado21 napja

    Her mom just Casually surviving 9/11

  • Nups Vashisht
    Nups Vashisht22 napja

    People nowadays are so phony..each and every person who are bashing David are the same person who used to praise him in the past.

  • loplo
    loplo22 napja

    Can someone give me a Short Version

  • Jonny Bandanna
    Jonny Bandanna22 napja

    It’s so weird to see your hometown on a video LOL like I know where everything is on this video 😂😂😂😂

  • Taco boss
    Taco boss22 napja

    1500 a week dam time to sell drugs 😎😎😎😎

  • Mr. Memeist
    Mr. Memeist23 napja

    wow, i can't believe I'm barley just seeing this but, this was very well put together.

  • Shanai Anne-Marie
    Shanai Anne-Marie23 napja

    1:23 secs in and I can smell the manipulation. Why on earth do people need his and his parents life story because he was injured? One word. Sympathy.

  • HQ DIY
    HQ DIY23 napja

    Says he needs to make a long video so he doesn't look like an idiot, proceeds to make a video about all the stupid shit he did as a kid

  • Never Know
    Never Know23 napja

    I was just tryna see what happen to ur eye and u go talkin bout ur whole life:/ like bro rlly

  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno23 napja

    He thinks he is all that and yet punks out on this dude who almost took his eye out

  • Ala Musa
    Ala Musa24 napja

    Lmfaooooooooo u went to Wagner fagner tooo???😂😂hell hole of a place

  • LexusVIP 400
    LexusVIP 40024 napja

    9:11 Shows some bunk herb... You need a connection? I got you bro. It comes from Florida and will reach all 50 states. It's not cheap, but, it puts those frames to shame. 😂 I'm being serious... Not even on the same level. I don't know why, aren't y'all supposed to have money? I'd be embarrassed if my top shelf was 3 grams of homegrown shit...... I can get herb that is 21+% thc... Usually better than that actually. Taste like candy. I'm just saying... These "pot" heads don't have a clue... They are just rich and dumb.... Not even true stoners. If you saw me in Highschool, I was zonked the fuck out 100% of the time.... That should be enough of an advertisement. My shit was always solid... Quit buying junk herb, it's just not right.

  • Layla Monae
    Layla Monae25 napja

    This is so sad I’m so sorry

  • Pilot _Rosario
    Pilot _Rosario25 napja

    My uncle owns a Who’s Next barbershop in Holyoke Mass!

  • Svjuggalo *OG
    Svjuggalo *OG25 napja

    Wendy pope.blackmailed.jeff wittek

  • SxltyzClxpz
    SxltyzClxpz25 napja

    Great face block hahahah

  • Joshua Elliott
    Joshua Elliott26 napja

    God coke and pill heads are the worst thanks for contributing

    DADDY WOLFY26 napja

    U where going to be a baseball player but then became a drug dealer

  • 320000 BOY
    320000 BOY26 napja

    When y’all be thinking people pussy cause they try to entertain you hahaha you viewers don’t get it wrong 😑

  • j russell
    j russell27 napja

    I am actually a bit in shock about a few of the similarities I have with jeff and his past. I never went hard on pills though, pretty much stuck to weed with bits and pieces that id have come by *wont name* but i was mainly a big link for ppl. and seeing the grow room threw me back to when I was younger I was helping out pretty big grows. fuck the amount of times id blind myself on those lights, looking up was hell.

  • Cassandra Quezada
    Cassandra Quezada27 napja

    @8:30 is that Mac?!

  • Michelle J.Velazco
    Michelle J.Velazco27 napja

    Holy shit Jeff, this is really good. It’s well made. You did good man. I’m glad you’re gettin ya story out.

  • Will Yates
    Will Yates27 napja

    Blinded by the light... ;)

  • Charlize McDaniel
    Charlize McDaniel28 napja

    this is incredibly made omg

  • Become A Phlebotomist
    Become A Phlebotomist28 napja

    Screw them and do better maybe they wanna see you fail 🤷‍♀️

  • Become A Phlebotomist
    Become A Phlebotomist28 napja

    I’m sorry for everything you’ve been thru. You deserve better ❤️

  • Lulu Weirdo
    Lulu Weirdo28 napja

    How has no one mentioned baby Jeff's Godlike cuteness yet?

  • Mike Dench
    Mike Dench28 napja

    Don’t know who this guy is but 15 mins of watching this he sounds like an absolute dick, “I went to school here now I’m a HUbaser in Hollywood” - nice one, no one cares

  • Riley Senecal
    Riley Senecal28 napja

    This is by far the best content I've ever seen on HUbase.

  • Riley Senecal
    Riley Senecal28 napja

    When he cuts the guys hair who has no hair? Lol he's one only one who was willing to get a haircut from Jeff or? Wtf happened there lol

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John29 napja

    Bruh if David actually killed Jeff I would have lost all the respect in the world for him mans best be there to support him n everything

  • jayren boyette
    jayren boyette29 napja

    I think they should reboot the show entourage and put Jeff as the main character😏

  • risara_
    risara_29 napja

    “I wouldn’t want your fat eye in my head” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 even after all that he still jokes about it 🥺

  • Angel BBVA
    Angel BBVA29 napja

    Lol Jeff’s life could probably be a movie 😂

  • Nate Lumaye
    Nate LumayeHónapja

    This is so well produced

  • 6a6y lam6
    6a6y lam6Hónapja

    He was facing life in "jail"? 🤨 Does he mean prison?

  • sl0wbutfun

    yo this kid’s childhood was amazing wtf 😂

  • Keith Gaines
    Keith GainesHónapja

    I just really like Jeff. He’s hilarious with the dry humor. I think he’s a good man too,

  • Haven Keating
    Haven KeatingHónapja

    I really liked the vlog squad it was the only vlog channel I would watch and david really pulled something stupid making that video Whoever disliked these videos you deserve a death sentence

  • Stephanie Fraser
    Stephanie FraserHónapja

    I hate that I was liking the video until he filmed someone who didn’t want to be filmed and Jeff was purposefully filming him to get on his nerves.

  • GlitchInTheMatrix

    Invest!!! $AMC + (SHIB) TO THE MOON 🚀🚀 🚀

  • hypeGrub

    But Ur at still hot 🔥

  • soul.himself

    I grew up in states island too

  • soul.himself




  • Homeslice Brice
    Homeslice BriceHónapja

    Jeff and Pete Davidson have huge life parallels.

  • Deuce lemoata
    Deuce lemoataHónapja

    Congrats on the 3 milli sub bro

  • Keropok Cheese
    Keropok CheeseHónapja

    psycho d.dobrik

  • Eddy Perez-Ruiz
    Eddy Perez-RuizHónapja

    He went from crackhead to cracked head.

  • Thalia Garza
    Thalia GarzaHónapja

    Jeff is the most amazing person but he should’ve pressed charges on him

  • efsa frausto
    efsa fraustoHónapja

    Lmao !! Jeff with this tough persona gets hurt one in davids vlog. Makes documentary. Zan #178 times getting hurt. Ooh sorry he just got hurt again #179...

  • Sheldon Schmidt
    Sheldon SchmidtHónapja

    Really good video Jeff, been a fan but got more respect and admiration for you after seeing your earlier life.

  • Jeanette Armendariz
    Jeanette ArmendarizHónapja

    David’s pendejo ass face gives me life🤣🤣🤣

  • Jacklyn WESTiihu7
    Jacklyn WESTiihu7Hónapja

    He’s so beautiful 😍

  • farah فرح
    farah فرحHónapja

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  • Annie Oops
    Annie OopsHónapja

    I was never a fan of David. He always came off like a snake in sheep's clothing to me..I won't say wolf cause wolves are kinda cool haha he seems like a user..power insecure but a huge ego..any tarot reading I have done on David was just I looked at his crew kinda the same way..there are a couple really decent people in there

  • darkenmarr

    I wanted to watch this out of curiosity... but I can't stand Jeff's personality. Why do people like this get such a large following?