• Banks Wooten
    Banks Wooten27 perccel

    that was a good summer

  • Fatjon Sula
    Fatjon Sula31 perce

    cool songs!!!

  • Nikol Brinzey
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  • BeeeLynn
    BeeeLynn47 perccel

    I knew all of these by heart...


    esta perrón csmr saludos

  • tooru oikawa!
    tooru oikawa!Órája

    at least u can say that "we'll go down in history"

  • diana
    diana2 órája

    when i say i would do anything to go back to this year, i mean it

  • Guadalupe
    Guadalupe2 órája

    i need u in spotify!!!!!!

  • sagi
    sagi2 órája

    Such disrespectful put songs in english when the theme it's italian.

  • Gravy
    Gravy3 órája

    I miss the world😭😭

  • Sam Gyurky
    Sam Gyurky3 órája

    My mask Mandate is being lifted June 2nd :), best summer ever

  • Jhon Martinez
    Jhon Martinez3 órája

    We need part 2

  • laa._.gretaa
    laa._.gretaa3 órája

    Mi sento onorata, sono del nord Italia ahahaha

  • Ticci Work
    Ticci Work4 órája

    2021 yks çalışırken

  • Baran Bozkurt
    Baran Bozkurt5 órája

    I miss Concerts,Partys,World Cup,Matches with Supporters and i fucking cant believe i miss fucking school,I miss summer nights on beach with a beer..

  • Vasco Santos
    Vasco Santos5 órája

    Actually, '13 was simultaneously the best and the worst time of my life...I truly fell in love for the first time, felt accomplished and happy. I can still feel the warmth of the colors that painted that summer, the smell and the atmosphere. It was still a time where technology was nowhere near as alienating as nowadays and it was easier to deny it. Then, at the end of that year I had to deal with the toughest breakup, I blamed myself and was completely high on pills 24/7, I have no idea how I made it past '13 given the things I had done. As for the music...these were the songs that served as an involuntary soundtrack when I was on a date, having a meal,, even though they aren't really my cup of tea and I was only listening to 80's and 90's music myself, they are nonetheless forever connected with that time and place in my life.

  • Lelinator_dar
    Lelinator_dar5 órája

    i miss this time.

  • Lelinator_dar
    Lelinator_dar5 órája

    i'm crying.

  • Lelinator_dar
    Lelinator_dar5 órája

    memories, i'm crying

  • Darkly Plays
    Darkly Plays5 órája

    Its a good playlist and all, but can we appreciate the fact that the person who made this actually used songs that were released in 2011/2012?

  • Juna.A
    Juna.A5 órája

    Summer 21 sucks where is the cold water the clothes the pops8ckles the traveling the summer nights the musics the relaxing beaches😪

  • -HunchoSupreme
    -HunchoSupreme6 órája

    When I think of Summer '15 all I think of is Vine>Tiktok

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  • Ewa Witowska
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    Polska jak się nazywa 1 piosenka

  • Matej Adamcik
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    8:35 - Shot on iphone

  • oneinamillion
    oneinamillion8 órája

    only humans think about 2012 when its 2021

  • Moises Ranidel Torres
    Moises Ranidel Torres8 órája

    The last good year.

  • Jarmes
    Jarmes8 órája

    Do you ever just look back and think that life was so much better back then and that you took your best days for granted util they were silently ripped from you by the cold hands of time

  • J0RG
    J0RG9 órája

    POV: llegas de una larga tarde de jugar con tus primos, tu padre conduce mientras escuchan la radio, logras convencerlo de cambiar la estación a una que tu quieras, encuentras una interesante, miras por la ventana la ciudad y sus luces, como la luna "te sigue" mientras poco a poco el sueño te va ganando, la música interesante que tu encontraste te acompaña en tu sueño. para poco después olvidar esa noche.

  • J0RG
    J0RG10 órája

    pov: Vuelves a 2013, aun no sufres de ansiedad y/o depresión. miras MTV muy cerca de la tele, tu madre prepara la comida mientras te apresura a hacer tu tarea.

  • Skiyee
    Skiyee10 órája

    I was born in 2006 But this is giving me strong nostalgia that ots making me feel like i used to be an 80s teen hshsushs wtf

  • Master
    Master11 órája

    Not even 1 second in and that nostalgia hit me

  • L V
    L V11 órája

    i miss my fucking childhood 😭😭😭😭 i just wish i could go back to being happy

  • monsterjambrony
    monsterjambrony12 órája

    It’s summer 1985? So Stranger Things Season 3?

  • A Big Disappointment
    A Big Disappointment12 órája

    So happy to say I don’t regret one thing I did in my life - still feeling incomplete tho ..

  • hey ?
    hey ?12 órája

    You're lying if u said u didn't sing to any of these songs while they played

  • HipHop Spirit
    HipHop Spirit12 órája

    Bruh, just vibing to these songs hit so deeply different😔😭

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    My serotonin is currently at max

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    This is perfect

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    Anything to go back

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    The Vibe is Good

  • RexRevlerOficial
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    strange, im in 89

  • monsterjambrony
    monsterjambrony14 órája

    If it’s 1985, then why is there a 1965 Mustang in front of me?

  • Korey Suzuchi
    Korey Suzuchi14 órája

    I dont want to grow up

  • Ericata
    Ericata14 órája

    I just wish everything would be as good as back then. I was six years old..

  • Shivandra Ancona Abad
    Shivandra Ancona Abad15 órája

    2021 anyone? ):

  • Dustin Harford
    Dustin Harford15 órája

    This video is awesome, but don't forget to live in the time you were born. One day you'll be feeling nostalgic for the summer of 2021 and searching for hits from those days. Funny how we always look to the past for comfort.

  • FunkyFreak
    FunkyFreak15 órája

    This comment section is pathetic jeez.

  • 4stro
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    I just wish I could wake up and be back in 2013

  • Candy Johnson
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    Hi I'mcandy Johnson

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    What... happened 😢

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    My new favorite channel #NOSTALGIE - VIBES 😌🤩🤪😎

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    Omg 😳 Kindheit 😍🥳

  • Matt Gregg
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    I was 9 now I’m 15

  • Hello world
    Hello world18 órája

    but life isnt good

  • Hey. lol
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  • A. Singh
    A. Singh19 órája

    sitting in the back of my dads car as 6am on the motorway watching the sun rise

  • JustaGamer
    JustaGamer19 órája

    it feels like i am back in 2014

  • Harry Danks
    Harry Danks19 órája

    bro summer as a kid literally in a song

  • Banana nut Loaf
    Banana nut Loaf19 órája

    Summer 2019 and 2020 where very under appreciated

  • Nourddine Bimgdi
    Nourddine Bimgdi20 órája

    "I like it like that " the original one better than cardi b version

  • Rafaela Cassia
    Rafaela Cassia20 órája

    Essa playlist é tudo pra mimmm!!!

  • Noemi Reyes
    Noemi Reyes20 órája

    POV: You, your cousins, aunt, uncle, mom and dad are heading to universal studios on a rented van. You turn on the radio and recognize all of these AWESOME songs. You think to yourself "maybe this is not going to be a a bad roadtrip". After a while you and your cousins finally fell motivated to dance and sing. So you and your cousins sing and dance your hearts out, while your dad is driving, mom watching her phone, uncle sleeping, and aunt secretly recording to upload to facebook.

  • Niviera
    Niviera20 órája

    I just realized i listened some of these while playing GTA Vice City Damn

  • DMMD
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  • kirara2516
    kirara251620 órája

    I was born in 89, the tail end of this wonderful decade, and I officially call myself a 90's kid, but am I happy to be born in the same decade as so many amazing songs that have such a nostalgic, yet timeless feel to it.

  • _Eᴠɢᴇɴɪᴀ_
    _Eᴠɢᴇɴɪᴀ_21 órája

    1986~… Chernobyl, Pripyat …

  • Deidra Sledge
    Deidra Sledge21 órája

    this would be the best playlist ever if only it didn't have one direction-best song ever

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  • { ̊Freaky ̊Kermit ̊Frog ̊} XD
    { ̊Freaky ̊Kermit ̊Frog ̊} XD22 órája

    Remember old good days when depression wasn’t a part of our lives! I miss these days and this song playlist of 2013 made my day better and I listen to this song now in 74 days in a row every night before sleep :) everyone should do it! 💞✨Vibes ✨💞

  • Salma Merbah
    Salma Merbah22 órája

    Its giving me musically vibes🤯 I love 💗 it😘

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    Benim gibi yorumlara bakıpda anlamayanlarda burda mı 🙃🤗

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    I love to listen this when I am studying or doing hw

  • Pavel Radev
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    Why does this feel like the soundtrack to the movie call me by your name?

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  • Jessa Mae Tanjusay
    Jessa Mae Tanjusay22 órája

    this make me want my old self back from those years.

  • J C
    J C23 órája

    I went on a road trip that summer to W.D.C and my mom was driving with my aunt in the passenger side taking videos of me and my uncle in the back singing at the top of are lugs

  • J C
    J C23 órája

    it funny we all wanted to grow up and now we want to go back I remember when ever my mom and step dad got in a fight me and my mom would get in the car and drive singing on the top of are lugs or when me and my uncle would dance in the living room with my aunt on the couch

  • Chester Wang
    Chester Wang23 órája

    this is why we all love summer